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Students and Social Service Essay & Paragraph

Students and Social Service Essay & Paragraph - allparagraph.com

After completing their studies, students dedicate themselves to the service of people, society, and the country. But even while students, they can do something in their free time and vacations to meet various needs of society and solve minor social problems. Here are a bunch of Students and Social Service Essays and Paragraphs that give a broad idea of what social activities students can participate in.

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Padma Bridge Paragraph

Padma Bridge Paragraph - allparagraph.com

Padma Multipurpose Bridge is a challenging construction and glorious achievement of Bangladesh. Here are a bunch of English paragraphs about this bridge for students of different classes: Padma Bridge Paragraph in 100, 150, 200 words, and Padma Bridge Paragraph for class 5-10.

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A College Common Room Essay & Paragraph

A College Common Room Essay & Paragraph - allparagraph.com

A college common room is a gathering place for the students of a college. In their spare time, they come to the common room to laugh and chat, play indoor games and read newspapers. In a common room students of a college chat with each other and exchange their views. In this way, a common room contributes to creating common minds. Here is A College Common Room Essay and A College Common Room Paragraph in English for students.

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United Nations Organization Essay & Paragraph

United Nations Organization Essay & Paragraph

The United Nations is the world’s largest and highest international organization established in the wake of the massive loss of life in World War II in 1945, with the aim of stopping potential wars. Currently, 193 states are members of the UNO. The organization allows all the nations of the world to come together on one platform to discuss and understand their common problems and thus plays an important role in avoiding possible wars and conflicts. Here we have shared An Essay on the United Nations Organization in 600 words and A Paragraph on the United Nations Organization in 300 Words for students, that highlight the history, importance, and contribution of the organization.

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Wild Animals Essay & Paragraph

Tiger Essay & Paragraph in English for Students

Wildlife is part of our life, nature, and environment. They maintain a natural balance. Bangladesh is home to a wide variety of wildlife, such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, deer, elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, bears, leopards, pigs, foxes, hedgehogs, rabbits, etc. The following essays and paragraphs written in simple English, especially for students, give details about the types and lifestyles of these wild animals.

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A College Magazine Essay & Paragraph

A College Magazine Essay & Paragraph — allparagraph.com

The tradition of publishing magazines in schools and colleges is very old. When there was no printing press, students published hand-written magazines. Some colleges and madrasas are still hanging handwritten wall magazines. In fact, a magazine is very important for college students. It arouses interest, courage, and thinking in the students and inspires them to write something creative. Here is a bunch of essays and paragraphs on a college magazine, ranging from 150 to 250 words, as examples. These will definitely help you.

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Road Accident Essay & Paragraph

Road Accident Essay & Paragraph - allparagraph.com

A road accident is an unwelcome and painful affair. In the cities of densely populated countries, such as Bangladesh, many people are killed and injured in road accidents every year. That is why the causes and remedies of road accidents are an important concern. Even students are often asked to write road accident essays and road accident paragraphs in their classes and exams. Below are a bunch of essays and paragraphs on why road accidents happen, how to prevent them, and the experience of witnessing a road accident.

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Mobile Phone Essay & Paragraph in English

Mobile Phone Essay - Smartphone and its uses - cellphone essay - girl student with mobile phone

A mobile phone essay or mobile phone paragraph is a common writing topic for students, examinees, and beginner writers. It is the wonder of science. There are a bunch of essays and paragraphs on mobile phones, often referred to as cell phones or smartphones. These talk about the importance, role, advantages, disadvantages, uses, and abuses of mobile phones. Attempts have been made to write these pieces in simple English so that they can be useful for students and examinees of different classes.

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Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Essay & Paragraph

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Essay & Paragraph - allparagraph.com

Unemployment means a lack of productive work or profession. It is detrimental to both one’s personal and family status and the economy of a country as a whole. Unemployment is a major problem in Bangladesh. Though thousands of young people are educated every year, very few of them get jobs. Therefore, the cause of unemployment and its solution is an important issue. Here is an essay and a paragraph that will help students and examinees with information and ideas in their own writing about the causes and solutions to the unemployment problem.

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