Natural Beauty of Bangladesh Essay & Paragraph

Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. Across the country, hundreds of rivers flow like spider webs. Therefore, its soil is very fertile. The beauty of the green shaded villages and the fields full of grain captivates the eyes of the visitors. The country of six seasons changes color from time to time. Here we have shared essays and paragraphs on the natural beauty of Bangladesh, which will help the students in their own writing on this topic.

Natural Beauty of Bangladesh Essay & Paragraph -
Essay & Paragraph on the Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

Natural Beauty of Bangladesh Essay, 350 Words

By: Haque | For class 7-8/JSC | 06-06-’22

Introduction: Bangladesh is a darling child of nature. Nature has adorned her with unique beauty. No other country in the world is as blessed with natural beauty as Bangladesh. She is noted for her exquisite beauty of green fields, golden crops of paddy, and evergreen leaves of trees. The six seasons of the year coming by turns have made her a wonderful land of heaven.

Seasons in Bangladesh: In summer, though we feel uncomfortable with extreme heat, we get various kinds of sweet fruits in this season. After a long spell of hot weather, the rainy season comes with showers to cool the earth. During the rainy season, the sky often remains overcast with thick black clouds that hover across the sky close to the earth’s surface. The low-lying lands go under water and look like a vast sheet of water. In autumn there is a play of hide and seek among the clouds. The sky on an autumn night is studded with innumerable stars and appears to be a dreamland to the on-lookers. In late autumn Nature smiles with the dew drops in the morning. In winter fields full of winter crops and golden paddy ready for reaping present a panoramic view. After winter comes spring with all its beautiful sights and sounds and makes Bangladesh the queen of all beauties.

Land of Rivers and Beaches: Being a riverine country, her rivers present different scenes at different times of the year. Especially the rivers in the rainy season present an unbroken view of the variety of sights, which amuses our eyes. Again the long sea beach of the Bay of Bengal at Kuakata, Patenga, and Cox’s Bazar is worth seeing.

Tourism in Bangladesh: Each of her natural regions such as Rangamati, Kaptai, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Moinamati, the Sundarbans, etc are blessed with the most enchanting natural beauty. The scenery of these places is so charming and attractive that there is always a rush of tourists and visitors to these places from home and abroad throughout the year.

Conclusion: No one can really deny that Bangladesh is a matchless beauty spot on the earth. Whoever sets foot on this land can never forget its beauty. I am proud and happy to have been born in such a beautiful dreamland.


Natural Beauty of Bangladesh Paragraph, 200 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10/SSC | 06-06-’22

Bangladesh is situated in South Asia. It is a country of gorgeous greenery on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. Many rivers, birds, forests, historical places, and above all, six seasons have made this country beautiful. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The Padma, the Meghna, and the Jamuna are the big rivers. We can see the fishermen catching fish using small boats. This scene enhances the beauty of Bangladesh. There are various kinds of flowers and fruits which have made the country attractive to all. Nowadays, people are cultivating flowers professionally. Our country takes different colors with the help us various kinds of flowers. Bangladesh has some beautiful places like Sundarbans, Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata Sea Beaches, Chittagong Hill Tracts, etc. These places have extraordinary beauties which attract the tourists from home and abroad. From Kuakata, one can enjoy both sunrise and sunset from the same place. Birds are playing an important role to make Bangladesh beautiful. There are various types of birds living in our country. We meet songs of different birds. Bangladesh is a country with six seasons. It takes different looks in different seasons. People forget the monotony of life and start their work a new with the changes of the six seasons. At last, we can say that Bangladesh is blessed with natural beauty. Many poets have written their poems on the beauty of Bangladesh. We feel proud of being citizens of this beautiful country.

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