My Best Friend Essay & Paragraph

This is a large collection of My Best Friend Essay, My Best Friend Composition and My Best Friend Essay. Friendship is important in human life. A friend can play a role in changing one’s life. So, we should keep an eye on what kind of people we are taking as our friends. He is a lucky man who has got an honest and noble man as his best friend. The texts focus on friendship, its importance, ways to find good friends, and what qualities your best friend should have. These are mainly aimed at students.

Best Friend Paragraph
I think my best friend is the best achievement of my life.

By: Haque, For Class 9-10/SSC, 18-05-’22

Write an essay on your best friend that will answer the following questions:

  • What does friendship mean?
  • Mention the characteristics of your best friend.
  • What to do to find a good friend?
  • Why is it necessary to extend a hand of love to people?

Friendship is a bond formed between people with similar interests, preferences, and attitudes. The person related in this way is called a friend. Friends are an important asset in human life. A good friend, I think, is a great blessing from God. My best friend is the one who loves me without any greed or expectation. My best friend can not leave me alone in my difficult times.

Finding one’s best friend is not so easy. To get that you have to make yourself a good friend to others. There are some special signs of true friendship. They are mutual understanding, empathy, love, honesty, and reliability.

My best friend has some good qualities. He is happy with my success, gives me courage over my failures, and wishes me in all situations. My best friend shares his joys and sorrows with me, he spends his time and resources for me. A good friend always wishes his friend well, inspires, and advises him towards success. He always tries to keep his friend away from evil deeds and harmful associations.

Human life on earth is not eternal, nor is it a flower bed. One day we will all leave. So, we can make our time happier by building good friendships with each other and choosing one of them as the best friend. By sharing happiness and sorrow with friends, we can make this life a little lighter and wider. In this way, the more good friendships will form between people, the more beautiful our life and society will be.


My Best Friend Essay, 600 Words

By: Haque, For Class 11-12, 19-05-’22

Introduction: Friendship is one of the greatest blessings of human life. Finding the best friend in life is not easy. A man who has a friend he can think of as his best friend is really lucky. True friendship with a good person helps us to live a better life.

Who is a friend: A friend is a very special person to anybody. A friend is one who stands by us in our triumphs and failures. He is always a place of strength and hope for us. Yet, he is not a yes man. He does not hesitate to call a spade a spade. He is like a mirror to us. If we make any mistake or commit any error, he corrects us.

Name and Description of My Best Friend: The name of my best friend is Farhad Hossain. He came from a traditional and aristocratic family of Chittagong. His father is a businessman and his mother is a teacher. He studies with me at the university. He is a good student. He attends the classes regularly with me.

How I First Met Him: It was when I was studying at Haji Mohammad Mohsin College. Then I was a student of the eleventh class. I had just entered the college a few days ago and had not made many friends. I was feeling a little bit lonely. One day I was sitting in the college cafeteria and having a cup of tea. I had nobody with me. Suddenly he came and sat beside me. He had a smiling friendly face which encouraged me to get introduced to him. He also ordered a cup of tea and soon we started talking. At first, we spoke about the weather and the cafeteria but soon our conversation turned to the college, our subjects of study and personal matters. That day I enjoyed his company and liked him very much. Soon we began to see each other in the college every day.

How the Relationship Strengthened: Gradually we began to share many things. We enjoyed movies and plays together. We went to the stadium to watch football games very often. Sometimes, we went to different distant places together. Besides, we helped one another in our studies. He supported me in my needs. I also tried to help him with every necessity. In this way, a bond been created between us. It is about five years and now I cannot pass a single day without visiting him or talking to him.

Why I Like Him: There are some reasons behind my liking him so much. He is a sensible and patient boy. I can always trust him and depend on him. He always extends a helping hand in my need. The mental support I receive from him is even more important. Whenever I have a downcast mood, his compassionate behavior makes me feel good again. I also seek advice from him in every bewildering situation. He is very straightforward in his opinion. He never hesitates to inform me if I make any mistake or do something wrong and to correct me. He is a brilliant and studious boy. He likes to study seriously. I have come to know many new things from him. He is neat and clean and takes proper care of his health. I have grown many healthy habits by mixing with him. We take physical exercise and jog together.

Conclusion: Farhad Hossain has had a great influence on my life. This influence is always positive and constructive. He has helped me to be a better person.


A Paragraph for Your Best Friend, 100 Words

By: Haque | 11-01-’23

I know how hard it is to find a true friend in life. That’s why I feel lucky to have you as my best friend. When no one is with me, you are still there. I love and feel you wherever I am. You have been a blessing to me. You warmed my time and made my life enjoyable. You are the only one I can open up to. Your advice guides me and makes me brave. So, I like to be with you forever. I want you in light and dark, in laughter and tears. You are my best friend. I will never let you go.


My Best Friend Paragraph

By: Haque | 11-01-’23

Friendships develop from being around each other, in the course of study or work. But not all friends last and not all are the best. A best friend is someone you trust and confide in. You can tell her everything and laugh with her. He is always with you when you are good or bad. He feels happy about your success, and never wants to leave you behind. In most cases, such friends are from classmates, sometimes from colleagues. The main qualities of a best friend are trust and reliability. My best friend is just like that. He has had a profound impact on my life. He loves me, wishes me well, and supports me through all the ups and downs in life. I feel happy and lucky to have him in my life. I know that our friendship will be a constant source of joy and inspiration for many years to come.


A Good Friend Paragraph 150 Words

By: Haque, For Class 7-8, 18-05-’22

  • What is friendship?
  • Why do we need friends?
  • What is the way to be a good friend?
  • What are the qualities of a good friend?

Friendship is a bond between two or more people. People in such bonds are called each other’s friends. We need friends for joy, companionship and cooperation. Life is lonely and miserable without friendship. Therefore friendship is a necessary and important matter. We can share many things in life with our friends. Everyone loves to be with friends. But not everyone can make good friends. To be a good friend, you have to be a good friend to others. The way to build yourself as a good friend is to build yourself up to be honest, trustworthy, kind and caring. Your good friends support you. They always respond to your calls. You can trust them. They don’t leave you in bad times. Friendship is like a garden, each friend is a flower in that garden. Together they fill your life with beauty and fragrance. So, we must always maintain a friendly relationship and hold on to our friends.

Good Friend Paragraph
Your good friend accompanies you, helps you in difficult times.

A Paragraph on Your Best Friend, 200 Words

By: Haque, For Class 9-10, 18-05-’22

Write a paragraph about your best friend answering the following questions:

  • What kind of relationship can be called friendship?
  • How does your best friend treat you?
  • What do you share with your good friend?
  • Why is it necessary to extend a hand of love to people?

Friendship is a sincere relationship formed between two or more like-minded people. A person bound in such a relationship is called a friend. A good friend is a great achievement, an asset for any person. Your best friend loves you without any expectations. Your true friend will not leave you alone in your difficult times. But not everyone finds a good friend. To get it you need to make yourself a good friend to others. A good friend is one who understands you, loves you, stands by you in times of trouble, and always gives you honest advice. The quality of a good friend is that you can share your joys and sorrows with him without any hesitation. Your true friend always wishes you well, shows you the way to success, tries to turn you away from potential loss. So, we should extend our hand of love to people, make good friendships with each other as much as possible, so that we can share each other’s joys and sorrows and enjoy our time. It will make our lives a little lighter and wider. In fact, the wider the friendship between people, the more beautiful our lives and society will be.


Your Best Friend Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque, For class 5-7, 18-05-’22

Write a paragraph introducing the life of your best friend. Mention his name, age, nature, performance in the class and his qualities.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. I have got a few friends, Fayez is my best and intimate friend. He is tall. He has a handsome figure. He was born in 1996 at Trishal in Mymensingh. His hobby is gardening. His favorite game is cricket. He is gentle and polite by nature. He is a good student too. He reads in class nine. He always stands first in the examination. His marks in all subjects are very good. He has some other good qualities. He is very intelligent, kind, sincere, punctual, truthful, dutiful, helpful, loving, and well-behaved. He helps me in preparing my lessons and doing other works.

Friendship Paragraph
Friendship is a heavenly tie of the souls.

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Friendship Paragraph 150 Words

By: Haque, For class 5-6, 18-05-’22

Write a paragraph on the utility of good friendship. Mention the features of a good friend or your best friend. State the benefit of making a good friendship.

Friendship is bliss. Friendship makes a man perfect in the sense that one can make out the realities of life. A man has to share his feelings and so he needs a friend. There are some feelings that cannot be expressed to one’s dearest mother but can be shared with a friend. So, for mental ease and comfort, the company of a good friend is necessary. A true friend stands by one’s side through thick and thin. So adversity best tests a friend. Many are fair-weather friends, so one should be careful in choosing friends. A true friend praises one’s good qualities highly, inspires in the honest endeavor but brings to book if one does any wrong. So friendship is a heavenly tie of the soul which can bring peace, prosperity, and pleasure to one’s life. It is friendship that is next to attaining divine ties. All great men had good friends who helped them to be great. So, we should be more active in this regard.


My Best Friend Composition, 100 Words

By: Haque, For Class 3-4, 18-05-’22

I am Urmi. I am in class three. Tushi is my best friend. We read in the same class. Tushi is a very good girl. She is very attentive in class. She is also very serious about her studies. He always studies according to her routine and does well in every exam.

I share my problems with her. Whenever we face any problem in our study, we discuss it with each other. We help one another. In the afternoon, we play together. Sometimes we visit each other’s houses.

I like Tushi very much. She is very sweet. We will remain friends forever.


A Paragraph about Your Best Friend for Class 3

By: Haque, Words 56, 18-05-’22

My friend’s name is Farhan. He is eight years old. He is in the same class as me. We sit together in the class. We help each other in our studies. We discuss class lectures in our leisure time. We play together in the afternoon. Sometimes we visit each other’s houses. I like him very much.

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