Birds of Bangladesh Essay, Composition & Paragraph

Birds are Allah’s most beautiful creation. Bangladesh is a country covered with trees. So, many birds can be seen flying and roaming in this country. They maintain ecological balance and keep our nature beautiful. Birds help our agriculture by eating insects. In winter, flocks of migratory birds from Siberia take refuge in this country. Here is a bunch of essays, compositions, and paragraphs on Birds of Bangladesh. These shed light on the categories and lifestyles of birds in Bangladesh.

Birds of Bangladesh Essay Paragraph
Haors & beels in Bangladesh are huge bird sanctuaries.

By: Haque | For class 7-8 | 20-04-’22

Introduction: Bangladesh is a country full of trees and forests. These trees and forests are the abodes of thousands of birds. These birds give us much joy and make our country beautiful.

Different Types of Birds: There are different types of birds we find in this country. These birds have been described in the following categories:

1. Some Familiar Birds: The crow is one of the most familiar birds. We find it everywhere in the country. Though we dislike it for its black color and harsh voice, it is very useful to us. It cleans our environment by eating up dead animals and dirty things. The sparrow and pigeons are also very familiar birds. They build houses in the nooks and crannies of our houses.

2. Song Birds: There are many songbirds in Bangladesh. Among them the cuckoos, the nightingale, the robin, the Bulbuli, Bau Kotha Kau, the Mayna, and the Shyama are famous.

3. Tailor Birds: There are some birds that can build their nests skillfully. They are called tailor birds. The swallow, the Babui, the Tuntuni, and the Bulbuli are tailor birds.

4. The Game Birds: The heron, the stork, the water hen, the quail, and Pankauri are well-known game birds. They are hunted for their flesh.

5. Birds of Pray: The kite, the hawk, and the vulture are birds of prey. They have keen eyesight and sharp paws. They live on flesh and fish.

6. Domestic Birds: There are also some domestic birds in Bangladesh. They include the hen, the duck and the pigeon. Domestic birds give us eggs and meat.

7. Migratory Birds: Bangladesh also provides shelter to a great number of migratory birds. Most of them come from Siberia in winter and take shelter in our lakes and forests.

Conclusion: Birds are charming to look at. They are very important for maintaining ecological balance. They eat up insects and help our agriculture. They also help in the pollination of different species of trees. So we should protect our wealth of birds.


Birds of Bangladesh Essay, 400 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10 | 20-04-’22

Introduction: Bangladesh is a country of natural beauties. It is filled with deep forests, canals, rivers, marshes, bushes and beels and haors which have made this country a happy abode of birds. Many types of birds are found everywhere in Bangladesh. They are different in size, color, and nature.

Common Birds: The crow is the most common bird in Bangladesh. It is seen everywhere in our country. It is a very black and ugly bird. Its voice is quite harsh. When it caws at dawn, we understand that the night is over. The sparrow is another common bird that is always seen in and around our dwelling places. The pigeon, the dove, the drongo, the woodpecker, the heron, the goose are some of the most common birds in Bangladesh. The magpie robin (doel) and the cuckoo are the singing birds of Bangladesh. The parrot, the mayna, and the martin are the talking birds of Bangladesh. They can imitate the voice of the people and can respond intelligently when a stranger arrives at home. It’s really very wonderful to hear when these birds speak like men or women. That’s why some of our people keep them as pets.

Birds of Prey: The hawk, the eagle, the falcon, the kite are the birds of prey usually found in the hilly areas. They usually kill small birds to feed on. The crane and the Kingfisher are very nice birds to look at. They live near ponds and water and catch small fish to feed on them. The vulture is a very big and ugly bird that feeds upon dead bodies and carcasses.

Nature: The nature of all birds is not the same. Some are gentle and some are mischievous. The crow is a very mischievous and cunning bird.

Place Where They Live: Some birds live in and around the dwelling places of the people, some birds live in the branches of the trees. Some birds live in the bushes, sanctuaries, and in deep forests.

Usefulness: Birds are very essential for a balanced environment. Some birds eat worms, dead bodies, and nasty things. They keep our environment neat and clean.

Conclusion: One of the wonderful creations of Almighty Allah is the bird. It does a lot of good to us. It gives us pleasure. Some of the birds are very useful to us. We should be kind to them so that they can live in a carefree spirit. If we want to live in this world in a congenial atmosphere, we must keep these birds alive.

Birds of Bangladesh Composition Paragraph
The nature of Bangladesh is clamorous with the chirping of birds.

Birds of Bangladesh Essay, 200 Words

In 200 words, for classes 7-8.

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) Different kinds of birds, (iii) The crow, (iv) Tailor Birds, (v) Singing Birds, (vi) Game Birds, (vii) Importance, (viii) Conclusion.

Introduction: Bangladesh is a homeland of many kinds of birds. We do not even know the names of all birds. We get up from bed at the twittering of the birds.

Different kinds of Birds: The birds of Bangladesh are different in colors, size, and habits. Some birds live on fruits and grains while some others feed on fish and flesh.

The Crow: Of all the birds, the crow is the common bird of Bangladesh. It feeds on dirty things. It is a black and ugly bird. Its harsh voice is annoying.

Tailor Birds: The Swallow, the Tuntuni, and the Babui are known as tailor birds. They live in the nests. The Babui make their nests in tall trees.

Singing Birds: The cuckoo, the Doel, the Bulbuli, the Bou Kotha Kow, the Chokh Gelo are well-known singing birds. Doel is the national bird of Bangladesh.

Game Birds: the heron, the partridge, the teal, dove, the pigeon, and the Pan Kowri are game birds.

Importance: The birds add to the beauty of nature. They also protect our crops from insects and worms. We also eat the flesh and eggs of some birds.

Conclusion: The birds are wonderful gifts of nature. We should be kind to them.


Birds of Bangladesh Paragraph, 200 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10 | 20-04-’22

Bangladesh is a safe habitat for birds, as it is surrounded by lush green forests. In this country, there are various kinds of birds living in the trees, haors, beels, riverbanks, and bushes around the houses. They differ from one another in shape, type, color, chirp, and features. People of this country wake up in the morning by listening to the songs of birds. The most famous of the birds of Bangladesh are Doyle, Shalik, Crow, Stork, Cuckoo, Shyama, Finge, Sparrow, Babui, Moyna, Parakeet, Kingfisher, Dove, Francolin, Tailor-bird, Gallinule, Pankouri, Eagle, Hawk, Owl, Woodpeckers, etc. In all, there are more than six hundred species of birds in Bangladesh. About two-thirds of them live permanently in this country. The rest of the birds come to this country for a while, especially in winter. We call them migratory birds. Birds of Bangladesh can be classified into different categories according to their characteristics. Such as singing birds, pet birds, artist birds, hobby birds, aquatic birds, nocturnal birds, birds of prey, etc. There are many more unnamed birds in this country. These birds are part of our environment. They maintain the balance of nature and enhance the beauty of the environment. Therefore, bird hunting is completely banned in Bangladesh.

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