Bus Stand Paragraph

Here are two paragraphs about a bus stand. The paragraphs depict a bus stand in simple words. One is written in just 100 words, and the other is with 140 words.

Bus Stand Paragraph
Buses stop at the bus stand and pick up passengers.

A Bus Stand Paragraph

In 140 words, for class 5 to 8

A bus stand is a place where buses stop to pick up and drop off passengers. Now write a paragraph about the bus stand. Include answers to the following questions in your paragraph.

  • What is a bus stand?
  • When a bus arrives, what happens?
  • What is the problem due to the huge crowd at the bus stand?
  • What things do bus stand hawkers sell?

A bus stand is generally a shaded place where the buses usually pray for a while for the waiting passengers. The shed protects them from the sun and the rain. Sometimes there is a long queue. When the bus arrives there is a rush to get on board the bus. Taking the advantage of this pick-pockets sometimes pick the pockets of the passengers. It is the goal of the middle-class people who have no personal transport. Hawkers, with their peculiar cries, try to sell betels, cigarettes, biscuits, chocolates, newspapers,s and such other things. A bus stand in Bangladesh is the main cause of traffic jams because buses getting in and out creates jams as they don’t follow traffic rules. This is a great threat to our smooth communication. So, a bus stand should have legal procedures to control the incoming and outgoing.

A Paragraph on a Bus Stand
A bus stand is a place where buses stop and leave from.

A Paragraph on a Bus Stand

In 100 words, for class 4 to 6

Imagine that you have seen ‘A Bus Stand’. Write a paragraph on about 200 words by answering the following questions:

  • Where is the bus-stand situated?
  • What is the necessity of this?
  • Why is the bus-stand a busy place?
  • What is the condition of an over-crowded bus?
  • What type of hawkers are seen there?

A bus stand is a place where buses stop and leave from. Usually, it stands in a town or near a city. Passengers have to reach the bus stand before boarding the bus, so it is an important place for passengers. This is quite a crowded place. A variety of food shops and tea stalls can be seen around each bus stand. Passengers sit in the waiting room to get on the bus. During this time, they watch television, drink tea, or have a light breakfast. There are many ticket booking counters at a bus stand. Since most passengers travel by bus, the bus stand is an important place.

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