Essay & Paragraph on Good Character

The greatest thing in human life is to have a good character. A person of good character is considered to be an honest and good person. If one cannot acquire good qualities then all his education, qualifications and pursuits are worthless. That is why students are asked to write articles and paragraphs on the importance of building good character in school. Below are samples of essays and paragraphs about the character.

Essay & Paragraph on Good Character
Greetings in a meeting is a sign of good character.

Good Character Essay

By: Haque, Words: 175; For class: 6-7

Introduction: Character is the noblest quality of man. Character includes many moral qualities such as honesty, truthfulness, kindness, sympathy, charity, etc. It is more powerful than money.

A Man Without Character: Unfortunately, a man without character is little better than a beast. He can do what he likes. Such a type of man is dangerous for society.

A Man of Character: Character is the crown and glory of life. It is the great instrument of power, success, happiness, honor, and trust. On the other hand, a man of character guides society. He is respected by all. Hazrat Muhammad (sm) was such a man. He was called ‘Al-Ameen’ even by his enemies.

Value of Character: Character is more powerful than any other thing in the world. It serves men better than armed soldiers. Character strengthens the mind.

Conclusion: As character means the good qualities of a man, everybody should build it up. One should remember the well-known lines–

Money is lost, nothing is lost,
Health is lost, something is lost,
Character is lost, everything is lost.


Good Character Paragraph - 100 Words

By: Haque, Words: 65; For class: 3-4

Character is life. If we lose our character, we lose our life also. A man without character is no man at all. Health and money are lost, may be recovered. But character once gone cannot be recovered easily. The education of a man is valueless if he is characterless. So, the character is the jewel of life. We should try our best to preserve it.

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