Essay & Paragraph on Cinema

Here is a bunch of paragraphs and essays on cinema. They briefly highlight the history, role, advantages, disadvantages, uses and abuses of cinema. These are written in simple words, especially for secondary and higher secondary students and examinees.

Essay & Paragraph on Cinema, its advantage and disadvantage
Life needs entertainment, cinema provides that.

Essay on Cinema, Advantage & Disadvantage

By: Haque; 300 Words; For class 9-10/SSC.


Cinema is a series of moving pictures shown on the screen. Pictures of men and women are taken by a camera in quick succession. They are edited and reeled serially. The reels are then sent to the cinema houses to project and reproduce the pictures on the screen before spectators. Thus, we see the pictures and performances of the actors and actresses in a cinema hall.

Difference between Theater and Cinema

In the former days, the theater was the main means of entertainment for the people. But in the Modern age, cinema has taken its place. In the theaters, living men and women move and talk, but the cinema shows only pictures of living men and women’s movement and their talking. In the former days, the pictures would only move and they could not talk. But in the present days, they both move and talk.

Advantage of Cinema

The cinema is a great source of pleasure and amusement. It is also one of the best means of education. Through it, we can learn about the social, political, and geographical conditions of the different countries of the world. It is used for educating the people at large in advanced countries, they produce standard information for the circulation of their activities.

Disadvantage of Cinema

Bed pictures break down the moral character of the people. Some people are so much intoxicated by the cinema that they cannot do without it. It, therefore, wastes away much of their time and money.


With all its good and bad effects, the cinema has, however, come to stay. The evil effects of bad pictures cannot be denied. The production of these pictures should be controlled. It is an established truth that the good effects of good cinema are many. It can do good to us.


Essay on Cinema, Uses and Abuses

By: Haque; 450 Words; For college students.


Cinematography or cinema is a great invention of the modern age. It is a very popular source of entertainment.


An American scientist named Thomas Alva Edison invented cinema. He first showed that real-life effects could be created by high-speed moving of pictures on a screen. In the beginning, images could only move. Later on, sound and voices were synchronized with the moving pictures.


Cinema is a very popular form of entertainment. It is difficult to find an area or locality where there is no cinema hall. Cinema halls provide us with group or family entertainment. Cinema has a refreshing effect. After a hard day’s work people visit cinema halls and refresh their minds. Cinema presents us with food of thought. In cinema, we find many real-life events and matters that require serious thinking. Cinema can present social problems and possible solutions for them. Thus it can be a means of positive change in our society. Cinema is a very strong medium for creating social awareness. Necessary information and instructions can be imparted by cinema slides for creating social awareness. Thus it can be a tool for making our ignorant people aware of problems like AIDS, population explosion, pure drinking water, healthcare, sanitation, arsenic pollution, water pollution, air pollution, sound pollution, adulterations, unemployment, and natural disasters like flood, earthquake, cyclone, etc. Through cinema, we can also learn many things about our history and geography.


With the passage of time certain demerits of cinema have become evident. They have been numbered below:

  1. Cinema has become a fertile ground for sex and violence. Sex and violence have been used so blatantly that cinema is causing irreparable harm, especially to the young generation. This way cinema plays a role in spreading sex and violence.

  2. Harmful elements like cigarettes, alcohol, and narcotics are being shown in the cinema and contributing to the spread of those harmful materials.

  3. Sometimes cinema creates an unreasonable craze towards the actors and actresses. People try to follow them and do whatever they find the actors and actresses doing. This way it causes a lot of harm to people.

  4. Many people get addicted to the cinema. Then cinema does not remain confined to mere entertainment. It kills valuable time of people and makes them inactive. It has been found that many students neglect their studies to enjoy cinema shows. This way cinema harms the students greatly.


Cinema is a very popular form of entertainment. It may also be used for imparting information and instructions. Hence it is necessary to keep it clean and free from indecent and evil elements. It should be ensured that pornography, violence, narcotics, smoking, etc. are not presented in a harmful way. The government of every country has a duty in this regard.


Paragraph on Cinema, Advantage & Disadvantage

By: Haque; 200 Words; For class 9-10/SSC.

Cinema is seen in almost all countries of the world. When it was invented in 1930, it quickly gained popularity and spread worldwide. People from all walks of life, except for the strictly devout Muslims, like to watch cinema and get entertained by it. A cinema lasts about three hours. In the beginning, the cinema was silent and black and white. The wonder of science makes it better and realistic. Cinema became colorful and sonic. Film industries began to develop. With that, a new genre of art started to come into existence, acting. Many people’s favorite hobby is watching the cinema. However, the subsequent proliferation of television and the recent advent of Internet-connected mobile phones have led to the extinction of cinema halls. In addition to being entertained, people gain social knowledge by watching the cinema. But besides the advantages, there are some disadvantages of cinema. Some cinemas attract viewers to nudity and crime. Moreover, watching too much cinema can have a negative effect on our eyesight and waste our time and money. Therefore, the producers should keep in mind the moral welfare of the people while making a cinema, and the viewers should take care that they do not become addicted to it.

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