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The present age is the age of information technology. It has been possible with the help of the computer. Computer is the greatest invention of modern science. People from all walks of life are interested in computers. As part of this, school students often face the question, ‘Write a paragraph on computer’, or ‘Write a short essay about computer’. That’s why we put up a 300-words essay and two paragraphs about the introduction, importance, and uses of the device.

Write a Paragraph on Computer
Computer is the greatest invention of modern science.

Essay on Computer 300 Words

In 300 words, for class 9-10/SSC

Introduction: The computer is a fairly recent invention. It has now become an essential part of modern life. It has greatly benefited us and brought about revolutionary changes in our life.

Its Invention: Charles Babbage, a British professor of mathematics, first designed the modern computer. His idea was put into practice in 1944 by professor Howard Aiken of Harvard University. The first electronic digital computer was completed in 1946.

Description: Any device that helps people perform mathematical calculations may be called a computer. In this sense, the Abacus is also a simple computer. Today, however, the term computer refers to a special kind of electronic machine. It can perform mathematical calculations and process large masses of information at a great speed.

Utility: In a few minutes a computer can perform calculations. The fastest computers can handle millions of problems in a few seconds. It can solve complicated mathematical problems quickly and accurately. It can also perform many operations at one and the same time without any confusion. The computer promises to free men from many monotonous and routine tasks. Nowadays, it can run a business, play chess, or even compose music. This is why people call the computer and electronic brain.

Nowadays computers are most widely employed in data processing, handling the vast paperwork of industry, commerce, and government. The modern banking system would be impossible without computers. Computers keep accounts, process bank checks, carry out fund transfers and other operations. They check income tax returns. Computers have brought new speed and accuracy to weather forecasting. Space exploration would be impossible without computers. The computer can play a vital role in the defense system of a country.

Conclusion: The computer is indeed a great wonder of the modern age. It is hoped that computers will be able to think and act independently.


Write a Paragraph on Computer

In 120 words, for class 4 to 7

Write a paragraph on the importance of computer. Mention the influence and the working procedure done by a computer.

Computer is a gift of modern science which saves time and hard labor because it can solve many difficult calculations and arrange many data within a few seconds. It’s actually a combination of hardware and software. Hardware is structure and software is system. This invention of science has changed men a lot. Now-a-days, there are no sections where computer is not using. Bank, insurance, educational institutions, air space control etc are using computer in their daily functions. In communication, it is playing the vital role than others. In entertainment, it has contribution beside making the work easy and swift. It’s internet that makes man nearer to any distance. And it is made possible with the help of computer.

A short Essay on Computer
Computer is a wonderful scientific invention.

A short Essay on Computer

In 160 words, for class 6 to 10

Write a short essay on computer. Include in your essay what you know about when the computer was invented, what can be done with it, how many types of computers there are now, etc.

The computer is a wonderful scientific invention. Charles Babbage offered a primary concept of the computer. The first automatic electronic computer based on his ideas was invented in 1946 and hence he is called the father of computers. It is such an electronic machine that gives decisions very swiftly by receiving messages of data and analyzing them automatically. Computers can be divided into three categories according to the way they work. They are analog, digital and hybrid computers. According to form and formation computers can be divided into four classes. They are supercomputer, mainframe computer, minicomputer, and microcomputer. The microcomputer is also called a PC (Personal Computer). However, there are great uses for computers in diagnostics, entertainment, games and sports, transportation, education, research, and many more. Computers have put the whole world in the hands of people by providing e-mail and internet facilities. Nevertheless, present lives cannot be led without computers. Truly speaking, we are dependent on computers.

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