Democracy & Hartal Paragraph

Democracy is a political ideology. Now the whole world is slowly moving towards democracy. However, it cannot be claimed that this is the best form of government. Democratic government structures have not been shown to be equally effective in all countries of the world. But there are some good aspects to it. How do you evaluate democracy? Write a short paragraph on this. Here we are sharing with you two sample paragraphs of 135 and 185 words.

A Short Paragraph on Democracy
Protesting against oppression is a democratic right.

A Short Paragraph on Democracy

In 164 words, for class 5 to 8

Write a paragraph on the effectiveness of democracy. State how democracy is made successful in the world. Highlight the good and bad aspects of democracy.

Democracy is one of the best forms of government in the world. It is mainly designed to support the demand of all people from every sector. Democracy is the totalities of compromise, tolerance, and evaluation of others’ opinions. The western countries of the world are fond of ruling their countries according to the principles of democracy because they think that democracy can help them to develop their national status and ego. Obviously, they have been successful in utilizing democracy in their countries. In third-world countries, democracy is not properly evaluated because people of this world are totally not capable to make out the realities of democracy. That is why, though these countries have nominal democracy, yet the views of the people are not taken into account. As a result, the people are exploited by the government and the leaders. Democracy will succeed in this world if people are properly educated and civilized. Thus, it is not right to have a one-sided view of democracy.

A Paragraph about Democracy
In a democratic state, the government is elected by popular vote.

A Paragraph about Democracy

In 185 words, for class 6 to 10

Democracy is thought to be the best form of government in the modern world. The principle of democracy is that the government will be governed by the will of the people and will be accountable to the people for its actions. The government cannot do anything against the choice and interest of the people. In a democracy, people have the freedom to express their views, they have the right to criticize and protest against the government. In a democracy, the government is elected by popular vote. Abraham Lincoln put it very bluntly, saying that democracy is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The presence of opposition parties is important in a democratic state. This ensures the direct participation of the people in running the government. Even if a government is elected for a fixed term of five years or so, the people of the country can change the government at any time if they feel the government has failed. However, real democracy exists in very few countries. In most so-called democracies, such as Bangladesh, disguised dictatorships have enslaved the people.


Hartal / Strike Paragraph 200 Words

Sentences: 20, Words: 200, Characters: 1158

Hartal is a democratic way to protest against a decision of a country’s ruling party. But despite being a democratic right, a strike is very harmful to a country. A Hartal day is a day when all the normal activities of urban life are obstructed by the call of political opposition parties. Many bad people and rough take the chance on the day by creating an undisciplined condition. Banks, mills, factories, and firms remain closed and so it is a great loss to our economy. Even the activities of ports, railway stations, and bus terminals standstill. The opposition party brings out a procession which sometimes comes face-to-face with the ruling party and usually, the people turned into an angry mob and there is a clash. The opportunist then breaks and set fire to the vehicles and loot the roadside shops. Sometimes the police apply ‘Lathi Charge’ and sometimes throw tear gas to disperse the mob. Sometimes the day is marked by the death of some unfortunate protestors. A Hartal day is full of evils and badness. It destroys our national interests. So, in the interest of peace and progress of the country, we should control Hartal as much as possible.

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