Digital Bangladesh Compositions for Students

To write a composition about digital Bangladesh, you first must know what it means for a country to be digital. Being a country digital means that it will be an e-state whose activities will be carried out and monitored by computers and the Internet. Today the whole world is becoming a digital planet day by day. The government of Bangladesh also took the plan and program to digitize the country a few years ago. It can be assumed that the plan has been implemented to a large extent since a national database has already been developed on the Internet where the personal information of all citizens has been stored and various citizen services made easier. Here we have presented a bunch of “Digital Bangladesh Compositions” for students of different classes that will help you definitely in your own writing.

Digital Bangladesh Compositions for Students -
Digital Bangladesh made the flow of information free.

Digital Bangladesh Composition for Class 9-10

By: Haque | Words: 400 | 25-06-’22

‘Digital Bangladesh’ has become a very familiar term in Bangladesh nowadays. The Prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina declared that her government will make Bangladesh a digital Bangladesh. Digital Bangladesh means digitalizing Bangladesh by ensuring an ICT-based society. It means that transparency of the government should be ensured by giving people the opportunity to get information from the govt. offices easily. At the same time, people across the country will enjoy the facilities of using computer and internet.

Bangladesh is an independent country. It was the dream of the freedom fighters that Bangladesh will be a developed country in the country. We have many problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, and power crisis. These problems can not be solved without making Bangladesh digital.

If we can make Bangladesh truly digital our country will change drastically. The students of the remote villages will get the facilities of using computers at their schools. In the classrooms, the students will get the opportunity to use the internet and laptops. They will be acquainted with the whole world. Their horizon of knowledge will be enhanced. The students need not go to schools and colleges to collect routine or results of exams. The information about every university will be available on the internet.

The farmers of our country will be highly benefited if the country becomes digitalized. They can get information about crops, seeds, and pesticides by using the internet. They can also know the condition of the market. They can know the condition of agriculture in other countries. The farmers can maintain their bank accounts and get loans from banks using the internet.

The business and commerce of the country will be changed drastically. The banking system and transaction of money have now become a matter of clicking of the mouse. The government notices, circulations, and tender notices are circulated through the internet. The transparency of the govt. offices can be ensured through this digital process.

It is the priority of the present government to make Bangladesh digital by 2022. The development of the country will be accelerated through this digitalization process. But to materialize it, the govt. should emphasize English and computer literacy. At the same time electrification should be ensured. We hope that one day Bangladesh will become a digital Bangladesh and we will raise our heads with dignity in the world.


Digital Bangladesh Composition for Class 11-12

By: Haque | Words: 500 | 25-06-’22

Write a composition about ‘Digital Bangladesh’ by using the following hints.
Hints: Introduction, History of Invention, Functions of the computer, Major components, Uses, Conclusion.

We are now in the 21st century. Our country has already fixed its target of achieving ‘Digital Bangladesh’ by that time. A country going digital means it will be an e-state all its activities having powered and monitored by computers and the internet. The goal of establishing such a digital country would bring success in the ICT sector, which can’t be ignored in this 21st century. Heading towards that target will link every device such as cell phone, internet, computer, e-learning, e-governance, etc. Today the entire world is gradually becoming a digital planet. Almost every state is marching toward a knowledge-based society and Bangladesh can’t stay away from the advantages out of it. Though it is easy to speak about such a dream-making country but at the same time it is very difficult to implement it.

For more than decades, we are in the user level of computers, but we failed to develop a better ICT infrastructure and are not able to provide digital devices to the common people. A very first step for Digital Bangladesh would be to spread ICT education throughout the country. Internet facilities should be made available to the remotest corner of the country at a cheaper rate. The speed of the internet must be made maximum to get the benefit of the time. Boosting up the ICT industry deserves huge investment as well as care by right ICT policy. A comprehensive plan and effort through a holistic approach need to be made. Markets need to be broadened both in and outside the country for software, outsourcing, and programming. Hardware plants need to be established in the country.

Bangladesh as a country with a 150 million population has huge potential, despite having many problems. It is very important to create skilled manpower educated in science and technology. When the whole world is getting developed with the blessings of ICT we remain far away from it. Economic insolvency is the chief cause of it. Due to poverty and illiteracy use of ICT is beyond imagination and some of them consider it nothing but mere a fashion. In the era of globalization, ICT is a cross-cutting issue as well as an essential tool for economic development.

Though late Bangladesh is already connected with SEA-ME-WE4 submarine fiber optic cable connection. The govt. needs to adopt a viable ICT policy and set up a state-of-the-art HI-TECH Park with a view to flourishing the ICT sector. There is a need for bringing the whole ICT sector under a single umbrella.

Now is the time to take initiative to hand over a computer to every child in the country. A holistic approach needs to be taken by all the stakeholders to reach the ICT facilities to the doorstep of the common people of our country. Otherwise, the dream of Digital Bangladesh will become a dead horse. The broadband internet charge needs to be reduced to a minimum level. Therefore, it is the expectation of the common people that the government will take all possible steps to create a smart Digital Bangladesh and establish a knowledge-based society within 50 years of her independence.

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