Wonder of Science Essay & Paragraph

Wonders of Science Essay - Wonders of Science Paragraph -

This is the age of science. We face the discoveries and wonders of science every day. That is why everyone needs basic knowledge about science. As part of this, a common question in school exams is to write an essay or paragraph on science. The titles may vary, such as: ‘The Wonders of Science’, ‘The Importance or Contribution of Science’, ‘Marvel of Science’ or ‘Science in Everyday Life’, ‘Blessings of Science’ or ‘The Triumph of Science’. The importance and contribution of science in human life are beautifully highlighted in the following essays and paragraphs.

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My Favorite Teacher Essay & Paragraph

My Favorite Teacher Paragraph

In school, a student has to come in contact with many teachers. One of them may differ from others in quality and merit. He/she is a good teacher and the favorite teacher to his/her students. So, who was your favorite teacher? Who do you consider a good teacher? Write a paragraph about him. How did he teach? What were his behavior and personality? What kind of clothes did he like to wear?

As examples, we shared here a bunch of essays and paragraphs on My Favorite Teacher and a good teacher. You may find similar writings in: “A Primary School Teacher“.

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Life of a Garment Worker Essay & Paragraph

Life of a Garment Worker Essay & Paragraph

A garment worker has work in her life, but no rest or recreation. She works hard, from dawn to dusk, but earns very little. She provides her country with a lot of foreign exchange, but her own life is full of needs and sorrows. The following essays and paragraphs depict the life of a garment worker for students and examinees.

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Chikungunya Essay & Paragraph

Chikungunya fever paragraph

Here is a bunch of essays and paragraphs about chikungunya fever. In densely populated urban areas, Chikungunya is widespread during the monsoon season. In the following essays and paragraphs, we’ve discussed the causes and symptoms of Chikungunya fever. At the same time, we’ve highlighted how to prevent the spread of mosquitoes that carry the virus.

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Dengue Fever Essay & Paragraph

Dengue Fever Paragraph class 10

Dengue fever is currently a cause of global concern. Statistics show that every year 400 million people are infected with dengue fever and 40,000 die. That is why students in the schools are often asked to write essays and paragraphs on the causes of dengue fever and how to prevent it. Here is, as examples, we shared a bunch of essays and paragraphs about dengue fever, its symptoms, and the ways to prevent it.

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Street Beggar Essay & Paragraph

Street Beggar Essay and Paragraph

A street beggar is often a very old, crippled, disabled, or weak person who begs from people in public places like mosques, temples, courts, markets, railway stations, bus stations, launch terminals, etc. The street beggars live a life of great hardship and sorrow. The essays and paragraphs here depict the life of a street beggar and discuss ways to curb begging.

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Street Hawker Essay & Paragraph

Street Hawker Essay and Paragraph -

A street hawker is a traveling vendor who sells a variety of necessities—utensils, clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, food, etc.—in the streets of the city and from house to house in the village. Nowadays, due to the improvement of communication systems, peddlers are not seen as much as they used to be. Here are a few descriptive essays and paragraphs about Street Hawkers, depicting their life and livelihood.

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Expository Essay Writing: Structure, Tips & Example

Expository Essay Writing Structure, Tips & Example

This is a complete guideline on how to write an expository essay. Here we discuss the structure and features of an expository essay, share 10 effective tips for successfully writing an essay, and finally give a sample of an expository essay.

An expository essay is not merely a collection of information, but rather it establishes a particular decision by providing adequate data, reasoning, and evidence with the information. If you want to learn how to write an expository essay, these guidelines and tips will help you.

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Essay & Paragraph on Discipline

A Short Essay & Paragraph on Discipline

Students are often asked to write an essay on discipline, a paragraph on discipline, or to compose an essay titled ‘The Value of Discipline’ or ‘The Importance of Discipline’. To help them, mainly, we’ve shared a bunch of essays/compositions and paragraphs here, ranging from 150 to 350 words, for students in all classes.

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My Favorite Hobby Essay & Paragraph in English

My Favorite Hobby Essay and Paragraph, Gardening Paragraph

“What is your favorite hobby” is a common question in essay and paragraph writing. Maybe your favorite hobby is reading books, traveling, playing a game, thinking or gardening. Whatever it is, you should be able to write a paragraph about it. Here, as examples, we’ve shared 4 essays in 200-900 words and 5 paragraphs with 100-150 words on My Favorite Hobby guessing your favorite hobby is gardening and collecting books. The essays and paragraphs will help you to compose a beautiful one on your own.

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