Fisherman & Fish Market Paragraph

Here are three paragraphs about the life of a fisherman and a fish market. They depict the daily life struggles of a fisherman and the state of a fish market. The context of these paragraphs is Bangladesh, where millions of people still make a living by fishing and selling fish. The profession is not very pleasant. Often they have to get wet in the rain and fight the storm. The lives of fishermen in the coastal areas are really dangerous. That is what is highlighted in these paragraphs.

A Fisherman Paragraph
A fisherman always has to fight for a living.

A Paragraph On A Fisherman

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

  • Who is called a fisherman?
  • Where do fishermen usually live?
  • How does he fish?
  • What are the risks in this profession?
  • Is the life of a fisherman a happy life?

The man who lives by fishing is a fisherman. He generally lives near the river. He is called Jeley in Bengali. He is hard-working and painstaking. He is not a trader in fish. His primary task is to catch fish and sell them in order to earn his livelihood. He catches fish in the rivers, sea, haors, beels, canals, ponds, and ditches all over the country. Sometimes he fishes with groups. His fishing in the sea and the rivers is risky and challenging because there may have storms and cyclones at any time. When he goes to the deep sea, his family becomes anxious for his safe return. A poor fisherman has only one small net and no boat. He works day and night. In spite of being hard-working, he can hardly make both his ends meet. His job is very important and useful. Proper steps should be taken to change the sad lot of a fisherman.

Life of a Fisherman Paragraph
The life of a fisherman is a life of struggle.

The Life of a Fisherman Paragraph

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph on the life of a fisherman. Mention the general features of a fisherman in our country. Don’t miss writing the importance of a fisherman.

A Fisherman is a person who lives by fishing and provides us with our chief protein diet. He lives in a fishermen’s village on the bank of a river or by the sea coast. He catches fish and sells them at the fish market. He has a net and a boat. In Bangladesh, about half a million people live by fishing. Most of them are very poor. A poor fisherman has to work for others. While fishing in the big river or in the sea he has to join a group with a big boat and big nets. Although he works day and night, he earns a little. He sometimes even repair boats and nets. Dry fish, what is done by them, is exported and we earn a lot of foreign exchange. The painful labor of a fisherman should be evaluated. Their social and economical condition should be upgraded. If they are developed, ultimately our nation will be developed.

A Fish Market Paragraph
The haggling makes the fish market the noisiest place.

A Fish Market Paragraph

In 130 words, for class 5 to 8

  • Where is a fish market usually located?
  • How do the sellers sit in a fish market?
  • What causes fish market to be noisy?
  • Why is the fish market dirty?

A fish market is a market where various fishes are sold. It attracts a large number of customers. It is generally situated in a corner of the market. In a fish market, the fishermen sit in rows. Some fish markets have shed. But most of the fish markets are held under the open sky. The fishermen sit with their big baskets full of fish. The customers talk and haggle with the fishermen over the prices of fish. The haggling makes the market the noisiest place in the whole market. The noise of a fish market is heard from a distance. It is the dirtiest place in a market. The rotten fishes and other dirty things give bad smelling. In spite of these, a fish market is an important part of a market.

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