Fraction Kinds That You Should Keep Learning

Fractions are one of the most significant concepts in the field of mathematics. Yes, because of the involvement of ratios in almost every simple to advanced computation, the fractions have become crucial to get a grip on. But do not worry the best subtracting fractions calculator by has overwhelmed the issue. Now whatever the type of ratios you are indulged with, this free multiply fractions calculator will always be there to expedite you.

Anyway, coming to the point of discussion. In the read below, we will discuss various fraction types that you must learn to comprehend mathematical calculations.

Let’s move on!

Types of Fractions

Following are the most basic types of fractions that the free fraction calculator also resolves.

Proper Fraction:

A fraction in which the numerator is always less than the denominator is known as the proper fraction.

12, 59 and 27 are examples of the proper fractions that you could also simplify with the assistance of the bets subtracting fractions calculator.

Improper Fraction:

Contrary to the proper ratio, a fraction with a greater numerator than that of the denominator is termed the improper fraction.


82, 92, and 73 are examples of such fractions kinds.

Equivalent Fractions:

A set of a couple or even more fractions that yield the same result in the form of a ratio while got simplified are known as the equivalent fractions.


The fractions 1/2 and 2/4 are termed equivalent fractions to each other. Here the interesting fact to consider is that you could also subtract these fractions by using the online fraction calculator by

Unit Fraction:

A fraction kind containing the numerator of 1 always is known as the unit fraction.

1/8, 1/3, and 1/6 are the best examples.

Mixed Fractions:

These are also known as mixed numbers and can be easily simplified by using the fraction calculator online. Coming to the definition, the fraction containing the whole number along with the proper fraction is called a mixed number.


1 2/7, 2 3/5, and 5 8/9 are the best examples of such fractions kind. You can solve them by the aid of the free subtracting fractions calculator.

Note: you must remember that every mixed fraction converts to an improper fraction on simplification.

Like Fractions:

The fractions having the same denominators are considered as the like ones.


2/5, 8/5, and 1/5 are examples of the like fractions that you can instantly reduce by using the best online multiplying and dividing fractions calculator.

Unlike Fractions:

Against that the like fractions, the ones with opposite denominators are known as the unlike fractions.

The ratios 2/8 and 2/4 are unlike fractions.

Wrapping It Up

In the guidepost, we had a discussion regarding fractions types and how you people could simplify them by using the fraction calculator by

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