Girls' Education & Educated Woman Paragraph

These are the two paragraphs about “Girls’ Education” and “An Educated Woman”. In the first paragraph, the importance of educating girls and women is highlighted in 175 words. And the second paragraph of 165 words sheds light on how an educated woman can play a role in building a happy family, how she can raise her children, and how she can take care of her husband.

Girls' Education Paragraph
Educating girls is important for our national development.

Girls' Education Paragraph

In 175 words, for class 8 to 12

(a) Are girls neglected or maltreated in our society? (b) What are the effects of their being neglected and uneducated? (c) What is the importance you think of girls’ education? (d) How do women contribute in nation building activities? (e) What should be our attitude towards girls’ education?

The progress of any nation depends on its education. About 50% of the total population of our country is female. But girls are tremendously neglected and maltreated in our society. Even sometimes they are deprived of education. As a result, the nation suffers terribly. In no way we can expect our prosperity avoiding half of our population. Education is the prerequisite of any development. Therefore, educating girls is important for our national development. Girls’ education improves the health and nutritional status of the country. It also reduces population growth, increases economic productivity. The contribution of women in nation-building is immense. But it is very shocking to note that even today many parents are unwilling to educate their daughters. Religious and social prejudices are responsible for this. Now is the time to remove these artificial barriers and open the door for our girls to be educated. For this, first of all, we have to change our outlook towards girls’ education realizing the importance of educating girls. All necessary steps should also be taken to encourage girls’ education.

Educated Woman Paragraph
An educated woman can build a happy family.

A Paragraph about an Educated Woman

In 165 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph about your idea of ‘An Educated Woman’. Think of a particular woman you have known. Describe her education, her sense of duties, her peaceful and happy conjugal life.

An educated woman is one of the most important people in society. I know an educated woman in our locality for a long time. She is Mrs. Ayesha Akter who is my friend’s mother. She is an M. A. in English. She is sincere, honest, truthful, dutiful, and hard-working. She does her duties to her husband, her children, and society properly. She loves her husband profoundly and looks after him carefully. She takes every care of her children and works hard to establish them in life. She knows that if a son becomes a great man, all the credit goes to his mother. She carefully brings up her children and never allows them to mix with bad boys. She is able to lead a happy conjugal life. She can understand her husband’s mind and works accordingly to please him. Again she is a woman of social status. Everybody loves and respects her. In fact, she is an ideal woman and so an asset to the country.

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