Good Citizen Paragraph & Composition

Here is a bunch of essays and paragraphs about a good citizen, for students. Who can be called a good citizen, what are his rights and duties towards the country, how he maintains relations with others in the society—all have been highlighted in 100-300 words.
A Good Citizen Paragraph
We should teach children to be good citizens.

By: Haque, Words: 300, For class 9-10/SSC

Write an essay/composition about the duties of a citizen. Use the following hints: “meaning of citizen”, “rules and laws”, “lacking in a civic sense”, “your expectation”.

Citizen primary means one who lives in a city. But the term is usually used to mean belonging to a state in a broad sense.

There are certain rules of conduct for the members of every society so that there is peace and harmony among them. Some of these rules are written laws, and anyone who breaks them is punished by the court. But there are many unwritten rules which are no less binding on every member of society. The peace and happiness of the society depend a good deal upon the proper observance of these rules too. A good citizen follows these unwritten rules of conduct in the way he obeys written laws.

It is a pity that many in our country are indifferent to these unwritten rules of humane and social behavior. We often throw banana peels on the road, which can cause serious injuries to anyone who slips. We spit and throw garbage whenever we want. This makes the roads and the environment dirty. We waste filtered water by leaving the taps open. We have also a bitter experience of the use made of loudspeakers without any thought of the sufferings of people nearby.

All these common experiences show that we are lacking in a civic sense. A good citizen not only avoids breaking the rules himself but also tries to make sure that the rules are not broken by others. We wish to see our society peaceful. But we do not fulfill our responsibility to build a peaceful society. Society cannot do much unless we allow it. So, it is our duty to try to correct people whenever we see them doing something wrong. We will encourage everyone to be polite, courteous and to follow social and state norms.


Qualities of a Good Citizen Essay

Words: 330 | for Class 9-10/SSC

A good citizen is someone who actively participates in the community and works to make it a better place. They are responsible, respectful, and engaged members of society who take an active role in the civic life of their community.

One of the most important qualities of a good citizen is responsibility. This means taking ownership of one’s actions and being accountable for their impact on the community. A responsible citizen pays their taxes, follows the laws, and participates in the democratic process by voting in elections. They also take care of the environment and actively work to improve it.

Respect is another crucial quality of a good citizen. This means treating others with kindness and courtesy, and valuing their opinions and perspectives. A respectful citizen listens to and considers the views of others, and actively works to promote understanding and unity in the community.

Engagement is also an important quality of a good citizen. This means actively participating in the community and working to make it a better place. Engaged citizens volunteer in their community, participate in local government, and work to address issues that affect their community. They also stay informed about local and national issues and use their voices to advocate for positive change.

To be a good citizen, one must also possess a sense of civic duty. This means recognizing the importance of contributing to the well-being of the community and working to make it a better place. A good citizen actively participates in the civic life of their community and takes an active role in making it a better place for all.

In conclusion, a good citizen is someone who is responsible, respectful, engaged, and possesses a sense of civic duty. These qualities are essential for promoting the well-being of the community and working towards a better future for all. By actively participating in the community, being responsible and respectful to others, and staying informed and engaged, anyone can strive to be a good citizen.


A Paragraph about a Good Citizen

In 200 words, for class 8 to 12

A good citizen is a person who abides by the rules of his society and country, and fulfills his responsibilities as a citizen. A good citizen is first and foremost a good person. He wants peace for all and never harms others. He doesn’t quarrel with others, but always tries to resolve the conflicts of others. A good citizen wishes good for his country and loves it. If he is eligible to pay taxes, he pays it regularly, and works as hard as he can for the development of the country. He himself doesn’t waste state resources and doesn’t allow others to do so. A good citizen never thinks of earning in a dishonest way. He makes his living honestly. He tries his best to remove bribery and corruption from the society. To build a better society, he tries to help law enforcement agencies prevent drug addiction. After all, a good citizen is a patriot, he never does anything that degrades the dignity of his country. Thus a good citizen is the main asset of a country. Good citizens are very important in building a developed and peaceful society. Therefore, we should all strive to be good citizens.


A Paragraph on a Good Citizen

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph about your idea of A Good Citizen. Think of a particular citizen you have known. Describe some of rights and duties to the state.

A citizen is a member of state in which he lives and enjoys some rights. I have known a citizen who is my neighbor. His name is Mr. N. Islam. He lives in the country. He is loyal to the country. He never does anything as against the interest of the country. He obeys the law of the country. He exercises his vote in election honestly. Above all, he is patriotic. He loves his country and his countrymen from the core of his heart. His love is not narrow-minded and selfish. He pays his taxes regularly. He also does some other duties. During the natural calamities, he stands by the people. He has set up a night school to teach the illiterate people. He lives in peace and good understanding with others in the society. He is physically healthy. In fact, he is an asset of our country.


A Good Citizen Paragraph

In 130 words, for class 5 to 8

The prerequisite for building a peaceful country is to create good citizens. The identity of a good citizen is that he is a good man. He is honest and kind. He abides by the rules of religion and the laws of the state. He is an educator because he knows that through education people become aware of their responsibilities and rights. A good citizen wants peace and order in the society. That is why when he sees injustice or irregularity somewhere, he tries to resist and protest. He did his best to promote education, health and justice in his area and protect the environment. As a good citizen, he is always vigilant against corruption and waste of government resources. Indeed, a good citizen is the most valuable asset of a society and country.

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