Ideal Student Essay & Paragraph

“An Ideal student” is a common and old topic for writing essays and paragraphs in school exams. How to write a good essay about an ideal student? You would imagine a good student first. Then add two or three paragraphs outlining his qualities, works, and specialties. At last, compose a short conclusion saying the summary and something inspirational. Follow the essays and paragraphs below for example.

Ideal Student Essay & Paragraph
An ideal student studies attentively.

By: Haque | For class 9-12 | 04-04-’22

Introduction: Study is the foremost duty of a student. But an ideal student should not confine all his activities only to his studies. There are some qualities that an ideal student should try to possess and some activities a student ought to get involved in.

Important Qualities: An ideal student should possess good moral character. He should be good in nature and behave well. It is necessary for him to be honest in thought and action. He should be responsible, industrious, brave, and persevering. He has to be obedient to his teachers, parents, and superiors.

Important Activities: Along with studying regularly an ideal student should take proper care of his health. It is said that a sound mind resides in a sound body. If the body is not fit and healthy, he will not be able to succeed in any activity. For this reason, he needs to take physical exercise regularly and have a balanced diet. Moreover, he should have good hobbies and regularly take part in co-curricular activities. Such activities will keep his mind fresh and supply energy for serious study. An ideal student should not confine his range of knowledge to the study of books prescribed by the syllabus only. It is important for him to try to acquire knowledge of current affairs and different subjects of special interest.

Example of an Ideal Student: In my opinion, my friend Rabbani is an ideal student. He is never late for school. He attends his classes regularly and learns his lessons well. He also takes part in different co-curricular activities such as debate, essay competition, recitation of poems, etc. Every day he passes a few hours in the library reading books both academic books and books of special interest.

Rabbani is a good sportsman. He takes part in the sports competitions of the college regularly. He takes physical exercise every day. Besides he takes a balanced diet. That is why his health is good. He has a hobby. It is gardening. Every day he passes sometime in his garden and takes care of the plants. There are many beautiful flowers and plants of rare species in his garden.

Rabbani bears a good moral character. He is polite and well-behaved. He respects his parents, teachers, and superiors. He is active, honest, punctual, diligent, brave, and responsible. He is friendly to other students and never quarrels with others. He also avoids evil company and does not read trash books. He makes proper use of his time.

Rabbani is aware of our social problems and tries his best to contribute positively to removing them. He takes free classes in a night school in his locality for the adults and the working children. Besides, he volunteers in different social activities in the locality. That is why he is much popular in the locality.

Conclusion: We need many ideal students like Rabbani for the development of our beloved native country. So we should encourage others to be ideal students.


Ideal Student Paragraph, 200 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10/SSC | 04-04-’22

Write a paragraph about your idea of ‘An Ideal Student’. Describe his methods of studies, his relationships with teachers and his classmates, his general nature, his results and co-curricular activities.

An ideal student is an asset of our country. An ideal student has some good qualities. He is both intelligent and industrious. He always attends his classes on time and listens to the teachers attentively. He always makes brilliant results in the examination. He never wastes time. He reads not only the text books but also other good books, newspapers, magazines, etc. He knows the proper method of study. He does not memorize only things without understanding. He makes his own notes. He is very serious from the beginning of the session. He is modest and gentle. He obeys his parents and elders at home. He is honest, sincere and dutiful. He is very helpful to his fellow students. He has good relationships with his teachers and classmates. He listens to his teachers attentively. He helps the weak students in preparing their lesson. He is amiable and friendly with them. He is never proud of anything. He takes part in co-curricular activities. He takes physical exercise to keep good health. In fact, he is an example for others to follow. Those of us who are students, should acquire the above qualities and develop ourselves as ideal students.


Ideal Student Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque | For class 7-8/JSC | 04-04-’22

A student who regularly learns his lessons, does well in exams and does not waste time is called an ideal student. He is very polite, kind and humble. He is honest and truthful. He does not quarrel, does not abuse anyone. He reads a lot of books. An ideal student performs many duties. He wakes up very early in the morning and does regular physical exercise for good health. He also does some social work. During natural disasters like floods, storms and epidemics, he comes forward to help the affected people. He inspires the common people against illiteracy, superstition, subculture, ignorance etc. He also participates in co-curricular activities such as debates, cultural events, poetry recitations, etc. He plays sports to maintain good health. He is loyal to his parents and teachers. Every student should acquire the qualities of an ideal student, so that he can reach his life goal through education.


Ideal Student Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque | For class 5-6 | 04-04-’22

An ideal student is a person who is dedicated to his studies. He dreams of being established in life. He goes to school regularly, never being absent from his class. He is hardworking, talented, and honest. He knows that the main task of an ideal student is to study with the mind. So, he learns his daily lessons well. He obeys the rules of his school, society, and country. Occasionally he participates in social activities. In his spare time, he plays sports. He tries his best to help people during natural disasters. That is why everyone loves an ideal student.

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