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Trees are said to be the best gift of nature and the most beneficial friend of mankind. None of us would have survived without the plants. Therefore, for the life of humans and other animals on earth and for nature, trees are very important. For the same reason, the Importance of Trees or Tree Plantation is a potential question for students in writing essays and paragraphs. Below are a bunch of tree plantation essays and tree plantation paragraphs in 100, 200, 300, and 400 words.

Importance of Trees Paragraph, 100 Words
Green tea gardens in Sylhet promote economic growth as well as the environment.

Sentences: 24, Words: 200, for class 8-9/JSC

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) Usefulness, (iii) Proper Time and Sites of Planting, (iv) Conclusion.

Introduction: Trees are gifts of nature. Trees are our great friends. trees are useful to us in many ways.

Usefulness: We need trees for different purposes. Trees give us food and shelter. They make the land fertile. They save the land from erosion. We get timber from trees. This timber is used in making houses, boats, ships, furniture, etc. They save the house from the cyclone. They also give shade.

Many trees give us fruits. The mango trees, coconut trees, blackberry trees, etc give us fruits as well as timber. Trees help to cause rain. They prevent a region from becoming a desert. Trees provide shelter to birds and beasts. Trees are things of beauty, too. The green rows of trees in the forest soothe our eyes. Trees are essential to human life. Trees prevent air pollution.

Proper Time and Sites for Planting: The months of June and July are the proper time for planting trees. Trees should be planted by every people near his home. Shady and fruit trees should be planted on the sides of the roads, ponds, dams, and railway lines, in the schools and colleges.

Conclusion: Trees are part and parcel of our life. So, it is our duty to plant trees and take care of them.


Essay on the Importance of Trees

By: Haque, Words: 400, for class 9-10/SSC

About the essay: The essay we are starting now sheds light on the importance and value of trees in protecting human life and nature. In fact, since the beginning of creation, trees have provided humans with food, clothing, shelter, oxygen, medicine, and tools. Trees benefit us in every way. They play an important role in curing environmental pollution caused by humans. Trees are the best friends of mankind. But sadly, human behavior is not friendly at all to such a genuine friend.

Plants are becoming the victims of human greed. The rate of deforestation is increasing day by day. People are forgetting the contribution of trees in their lives. Therefore, we have named this essay on trees as: Essay on Importance of Trees.


There are trees on earth long before human birth. They have been making the earth habitable for ages. To quench the hunger of the people, the trees have provided grains and fruits, they have given shelter and shade. They are absorbing toxins from the air and supplying oxygen.

The trees have made the land fertile with their fallen leaves, the green foliage has made the environment cool. In this way, plants continue to make an important contribution to human life. So, trees are our life, our soul mate. They have given us shelter, medicine to cure diseases, necessary furniture, musical instruments for entertainment, and cool shade to the weary traveler. Plants protect us from floods, prevent soil erosion. We and all other creatures on earth have survived by accepting their immense gifts.

Trees, the Foundation of Civilization:

Forests are the birthplace of all the ancient civilizations of the world. Forests have made human civilization possible. They have surrounded the fauna of the world with deep love. So whatever is alive on earth, everyone is indebted to the trees. Every living thing begins to receive donations from plants before it is born, and continues to do so even after death.

Life is completely impossible without plants. Not only for food and shelter but also for clothes and flowers too. On top of all this, there is no substitute for trees in maintaining the balance of the environment. So there is no room for doubt about the importance of trees in protecting human life and nature.

Trees in Disaster Prevention:

Almost every year different types of disasters strike our country. Such as floods, storms, cyclones, tidal surges, river erosion, etc. This causes a lot of damage to the country. In this case, different types of trees control the balance of the environment, making the land suitable for growing crops. They prevent river erosion, slow down cyclones. Protects croplands from drought. Moreover, trees play an important role in disaster prevention in coastal areas like the Sundarbans.

Deforestation and its Remedy:

Although trees are the best friend of mankind, people are cutting down trees indiscriminately. Some people are cutting down trees to get cooking wood, some for money, and some to build houses and furniture. It is depleting our forest resources. We must stop deforestation. If we need to cut down one tree, we should plant ten more at the same time. ‘Creation, not destruction’—we all have to come forward to protect the tree with such a mindset. Then it will be possible for us to create the required amount of forest to protect our environment.


Tree Plantation Essay in English

By: Haque, Words: 400, For class: 9-10/SSC.

On considering the past history of human civilization it is clear to us that human civilization has been exposed encircled by deep forest. Since the dawn of civilization, man has had a close relation with nature. In other words, he was fully dependent on nature for his life and livelihood. Trees of the forest play a vital role in this regard.

Trees are the best friends of human beings. They provide us oxygen in the photosynthetic method and take carbon dioxide. We cannot live without oxygen. They also provide us with various kinds of tasty fruits and wood. Doors, windows, chairs, tables, and various household furniture are made from wood. Trees also protect from floods and cyclones.

According to the specialist, it requires a minimum of 25% forest land for a country to maintain its ecological balance. But it is a matter of great regret that Bangladesh has only 17% forest land in respect of its total land area. It is really a measurable situation for us.

Trees bear a great impact on the climate. But we are destroying this valuable asset at random. If we continue cutting trees and destroying forests then one day the country will turn into a great dessert. The country will bear the fatal consequences of the greenhouse effect. Again, there will be no rain and for this, the country will face a great food crisis. So, it is clear to us that the necessity of tree plantation is great.

Bangladesh is a lower riparian country. So, high lands are the best suitable places for tree plantations. We can plant trees in the bare lands, on both sides of the highways and railroads, on the bank of the ponds and canals.

In our country, June and July are the best time to plant trees. At this time the soil becomes moist and more fertile. Therefore, the tree plantation program should be extended to remote areas of the country in this season every year. The annual Sapling Week, which is held every year to save our land from destruction, also helps to motivate people to plant trees.

Trees are part and parcel of our life. So it is our secret duty to plant trees and take proper care of them. It is hopeful that our government has also launched a massive and ambitious program regarding tree plantation. All of us should plant trees more and more to represent a more purified earth to our next generation.


Tree Plantation Paragraph, 100 Words

Sentences: 14, Words: 100, Characters: 577

Write a paragraph in 100 words highlighting the importance of trees. Include answers to these questions in your writing:

  • What do the trees give us?
  • What can we make from tree wood?
  • Where do we get fruits and vegetables?
  • Where does a tired traveler rest?
  • Life is not possible without trees, why?

Trees give us oxygen. We could not survive without trees. So the importance of trees to save our lives is immense. Trees are nature’s best gift to us. They give us food. Not only fruits but also the rice and bread we eat comes from trees. Plants keep the environment beautiful. We make houses, chairs, tables and other furniture with wood. That wood we get from the tree. Vegetables also come from trees. The weary traveler rests in the shade of a tree. Trees are man’s best friend. Trees also provide food for other animals on earth. Life on earth is impossible without trees.

Importance of Trees Paragraph, 150 Words
Not just fruits, all our food we get from trees.

Tree Plantation Paragraph, 150 Words

Sentences: 16, Words: 150, Characters: 869

Write a paragraph about Importance of Trees. Don’t forget to mention what trees give us, how they contribute to our way of life, how they maintain the balance of nature, and why we should plant more trees.

Trees are very important for life. Our existence without trees cannot be imagined. They play a role in our daily lives in different ways. We need oxygen to survive. Trees provide us with oxygen. Trees give us food and fruit. Grains and vegetables from trees are our main food. We also get wood from trees. With wood, we make houses, beds, chairs-tables, chests, doors and windows, boats, launches, ships, and many more. Trees are planted on the banks of water bodies, rivers, and the sea to prevent soil erosion. Plants help maintain the balance of the environment. Without trees, the world would turn into a desert. Many medicines are also made from the leaves, roots, and bark of trees. Plants and forests are inadequate compared to land in our country. So tree planting is very important for us. The more trees, the better our health, the more beautiful our environment.

Importance of Trees Paragraph, 200 Words
It is not possible to survive on earth without trees.

Tree Plantation Paragraph, 200 Words

Sentences: 19, Words: 200, Characters: 1229

Write a 200-word paragraph about the importance of trees. Answer the following questions in your paragraph:

  • What is the importance of trees in nature?
  • What do trees provide us?
  • What is the use of wood?
  • What if there are less trees and forests?
  • What to do to prevent deforestation?

Trees are an important gift of nature for our life and environment. They provide us with life-saving oxygen. All our food comes from trees, directly and indirectly. The wood from which we make our homes, furniture, and other things are given by trees. Plants balance our environment and prevent soil erosion. They play an important role in preventing natural disasters such as droughts, floods, and cyclones. Desertification will occur if there are not enough plants and forests. Natural disasters will also increase. The amount of oxygen in the air will decrease. The soil will become barren. There will be food shortages. Biodiversity will be destroyed. Forests should cover at least 25% of the total area of ​​a country. But in our densely populated country, trees and forests are much less. Even day by day it is decreasing. Therefore, it is necessary to increase tree planting to maintain good public health and protect the environment. Effective measures must be taken to stop those who cut down trees and deforest indiscriminately. Public awareness activities also need to be increased. If we hope to see our country as a habitable land in the future, there is no alternative to continuing the massive afforestation campaign.

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