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This age is called the age of information technology. And the most advanced innovation in information technology is the Internet. The Internet has interconnected all the people of the world. It has made communication instantaneous, opened up the flow of knowledge and information, and facilitated all research work. Here is a bunch of school essays, compositions and paragraphs about the Internet, its invention history, its versatile uses, advantages and disadvantages.

Internet Essay & Paragraph | Essay on Internet: Uses, History, Advantages & Disadvantages
Internet has connected people all over the world.

Essay on Internet: Uses, History, Advantages & Disadvantages

By: Haque; Words: 850; For Class 9-12/SSC-HSC


The Internet is one of the latest developments of science. It is called the ‘network of networks’. Many computer networks got connected with each other have created a “World Wide Web”. It has caused a great revolution in the fields of communication, trade, commerce, and information. It has made communication easy, hassle-free, certain, and effective.

Uses and Benefits of Internet:

The uses and benefits of the Internet are manifold. Nowadays Internet is being used in many ways and for different purposes. Some of the uses and benefits of the Internet are described below.

1. Internet and Communication:

The Internet has enabled us to send and receive e-mail. It can be said without any doubt that e-mail is the cheapest way of communication in the present world. What we need to do to send e-mail is just to type a letter on our computers and to send it through Internet. In this way, we can send and receive big documents electronically in an instant. The Internet has also stimulated different types of communication facilities such as chat rooms, voice chats, video conferencing, etc.

2. Source of Information:

The Internet is called the superhighway of information. There are thousands of websites where we can find information about almost everything we need.

3. Mode of Education:

The Internet is becoming popular an essential field of education with the passage of time. Now people can do research and learn things from the Internet.

4. In the Field of Trade and Commerce:

It has facilitated trade and commerce both locally and internationally. As a result of Internet, it has become very easy to find out the intended buyer or seller. Besides, one can contact his counterpart in business through e-mail, video conferencing, chat, voice chat, etc. The Internet has started a new dimension of business and transaction called e-biz or electronic business. Using this system many banks and financial institutions have started online banking and transaction. In this method, money is transferred and the transaction is made electronically. The Internet has enabled people to buy their necessary goods online just by ordering their purchases using computers staying at their houses.

5. Medium of Advertisement:

As millions of people use Internet now, it has become a great medium of advertising. Advertisements on Internet are easy and effective. This medium is getting popular day by day as advertisers can reach their target groups at comparatively less cost.

History of Internet:

The Internet developed out of funding by the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), later renamed the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The target was to develop a communication system among government and academic computer-research laboratories. The first network component, ARPANET, became operational in October 1969. Only 15 non-government (university) sites were included in ARPANET. Then in 1980, U.S. National Science Foundation built a supplementary network, the Computer Science Network (CSNET). It was made available, on a subscription basis, to a wide array of academic, government, and industry research labs. Gradually further networks were added. All of these various networks communicated with one another by two shared protocols: the Transmission-Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP).

In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee and others at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) developed a protocol based on hypertext with a view to making information distribution easier. In 1991 this protocol enabled the creation of the World Wide Web. A team of programmers at the U.S. National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Urbana, Illinois, developed a program called a browser. The program made it easier to use the World Wide Web. Then another company named Netscape Communications Corporation was founded to use the technology commercially. Netscape was an enormous success. URLs (uniform resource locators) became part of daily life, and the use of electronic mail (E-mail) became very common among people. Gradually business firms took advantage of the Internet and adopted new forms of buying and selling in “cyberspace.” (Science fiction author William Gibson popularized this term in the early 1980s.) With Netscape so successful, Microsoft and other firms devoted themselves to developing alternative Web browsers.

Abuses of Internet:

It is a matter of great concern that the Internet is being used by some crooked people in an evil way. Due to the lack of control and supervision, it has become a place for pornography, piracy, and lurid and harmful things. Children and juveniles using computers can easily be attracted by these forbidden things. Some cheats, frauds, and criminals also use it as their field of crime because Internet security is not strong yet and it is quite difficult to track down somebody using the Internet. Hackers (evil programmers) use the Internet for breaking down somebody’s security system, stealing information, or spreading computer viruses and worms.


Nowadays Internet technology has become a very powerful field of trade, commerce, information, education, and communication. It is hoped that this technology will grow to be stronger in the future and become more useful to us. To this end, it must be ensured that crooked and evil cannot misuse this power for their base purpose and cause harm to others.

Internet Paragraph, 200 Words

By: Haque; For class 9-10/SSC; 03-02-’22

The Internet is a wonder of modern science and the latest development in technology. This is called the ‘Network of Networks’. Because it has interconnected millions of computers, mobile phones, and other communication devices around the world and created a “World Wide Web”. The Internet has revolutionized communication, commerce, study, and research. This allows us to send and receive e-mails, other app-based messages, information, photos, documents, and videos almost free of charge. We can broadcast any event or event live on the Internet. During the recent Corona epidemic, we have seen that national and international meetings and conferences around the world have been held via video conferencing. The Internet is called the superhighway of information. It has opened the storehouse of human knowledge and information to all. There are millions of websites where we can get information on almost everything we need. With the help of the Internet, you can buy any product from the comfort of your own home and pay for it using a digital transaction method. So there is no denying that the role of the Internet in the progress of our civilization and in our daily lives is immense. But it is also possible to abuse it and some wicked people are doing it. We should use this gift of science for the benefit of mankind and take steps to prevent its misuse.

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