A Journey by Air Essay & Paragraph

A journey by air is a dream for every child and teenager. It offers a different experience than traveling on a boat, train, or car. Exciting memories of boarding a plane for the first time never fade. Students at schools are often asked to write an essay or a paragraph on A journey by air. The following essays & paragraphs on an air journey may be helpful for them.

A Journey by Air Essay, A Journey by Air Paragraph
A journey by air essay & paragraph in English for students.

A Journey by Air Essay for Class 6-7

By: Haque; Words: 300; 08-03-’22

Introduction: A journey by air is pleasant and comfortable. From my childhood, I had an ardent desire for a journey by air. So, after I had passed my SSC Examination, my father agreed to take me to Dhaka by air with him. I was beside myself in joy to have the opportunity.

Preparation of the Journey: It was the month of July. It was decided that we would go to Dhaka by plane on the 27th of July. Accordingly, father booked two seats and collected air tickets for us.

Description of My Air Journey: On the appointed day, we went to M. A. Hannan International Airport, Chittagong, at 7 AM. The plane was scheduled for 8 AM. Within a few minutes, a plane arrived at the airport and passengers began to come out. We were informed that the same plane would fly for Dhaka with us. The passengers were asked to board on the plane. We got on the plane and fastened our seat belts. The plane took off with us at 8 AM sharp. The plane gained height gradually. Fortunately, my seat was beside the window. I looked out of the window and could see the clouds beside my plane. The houses, mosques, trees, hills, buildings, and cattle below seemed to me like toys. A smart air hostess offered us chocolates, snacks, tasty fruits, and drinks. Then it was declared that our plane was going to land and we were asked to fasten our seat belts. After about half an hour our plane landed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. The passengers got down one after another. After checking our luggage we came out of the airport. Then we hired a taxi and went to Hotel Sheraton.

Conclusion: A trip by air is indeed very interesting. Though it is costly, it saves our time. I enjoyed the journey very much. It will always remain fresh in my memory.


A Journey by Air Paragraph for Class 8-9

By: Haque; Words: 200; 08-03-’22

A journey by air was a dream of mine. I would wait in my mind if I got a chance to board a plane. One day my father realized my desire. Then the month of April. I had a few days off. On that occasion, my father decided to take me to Dhaka by plane. So he collected two air tickets. We arrived at Osmani Airport in Sylhet at 8 am on the scheduled day. After a while, a plane arrives at the airport and the passengers start coming out. We were told that this plane would take us to Dhaka. We got on the plane on time and fastened our seat belts. The plane took off at 8 am. Gradually it began to rise higher in the sky. Outside the window, I saw a mass of floating clouds. Looking down, the hills and buildings seemed like toys to me. I don’t know how long it has been like this. Suddenly it was announced that our plane was about to land. It was as if my dream was over. We fastened our seat belts. The plane landed. I, holding my father’s hand, came out of Shahjalal International Airport.

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