A Journey by Boat Essay, Composition & Paragraph

A Journey by Boat is a common topic for essay, composition and paragraph writing, especially for students in riverine countries. In fact, boat travel may be considered the best way to travel, as it allows you to enjoy the close proximity of nature. If you are going to write an essay or paragraph on a boat journey, you should keep in mind that an essay, composition or paragraph about A Journey by Boat is basically a narrative writing, it depends on your own travel experience. We have written a bunch of essays, compositions and paragraphs on A Journey by Boat as examples, you can write one of your own with the help of these.

A Journey by Boat Essay, Composition and Paragraph
An essay, composition or paragraph on A Journey by Boat is a narrative writing, it depends on your own experience.

A Journey by Boat Essay for Class 6-10

By: Haque, Words: 400; 01-03-’22

Introduction: A journey by boat is a very pleasant and interesting experience in this country. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So, it is not difficult to arrange a boat journey. Sometimes it is more convenient to have a journey by boat than by road.

Time for Boat Journey: The best time for a boat journey can be in the rainy season. During the rainy season, all the rivers of the country remain full to the brim and there can be no difficulty in rowing a boat. Most of the areas of the country can be reached by boat during that time. Even, during the rains, many of the parts of the country go underwater and become unsuitable for road communication.

Description of the Boat Journey: During the last rainy season I, along with three other friends, decided to have a boat journey to my sister‘s house. My sister’s house is at Jaisthapura. Jaisthapura is on the river Karnafully and the easiest way to go there is by boat. On the appointed day we went to the Kalurghat river ghat at 7 AM. There we boarded on a passenger boat bound for Jaisthapura. There were five boatmen in the boat. It was an engine boat. There were about fifty passengers on the boat. At the appointed time the boatmen started the boat.

The boat started moving on. It was a big boat. The passengers were sitting on wooden stools on the boat. After the boat started, the passengers got engaged in different activities. Some of them were reading books, some were reading newspapers, some were chatting and some were eating fruits and nuts. We saw many boats, big and small, plying up and down the river. The views on both sides of the river were very beautiful from the boat. The wind was also refreshing. The boat touched some places on its way. People got down and boarded on the boat at those places. The journey lasted for about three hours. At 10:30 AM we reached our destination.

Destination: My sister’s house was a short distance from the place where we got down from the boat. It took us only five minutes to go there on foot. My sister was very glad to receive us.

Conclusion: We enjoyed the boat journey very much. It is one of the most pleasant experiences of my life.


A Journey by Boat Composition for Class 7-8

By: Haque, Words: 400; 02-03-’22

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So it is very easy to enjoy a journey by boat in this country. It is full of charms and joys. It is also a part of education. It brings us close to the natural beauty.

I had recently got an occasion to go from Dhaka to Munshiganj. My elder brother who is a doctor of Munshiganj hospital invited me many a time to pay a visit to his residence. However, a fair chance came to me during the recent summer vacation. My best friend Sumon joined me.

On the appointed day we had our bath and took our breakfast earlier. We reached the river Ghat at 7.30 AM. We found our hired boat ready. The boat was a nice one with two boatmen. We got on the boat. There were hundreds of boats big and small on the Ghat.

On that day the weather was very fine. The river was calm. The sky was cloudless and clear. The sun was visible. As a result, the morning was sunny and fresh.

After a short while, the boatmen uttered the name of Allah and the boat began to move for our destination. It was about 8.15 AM.

When the boat left behind the din and bustle of the town, I enjoyed the varied beauty of nature and other familiar scenes of the countryside. There were endless fields of paddy and wheat, woods and trees. They looked like a green valley. Men, women, and little children were bathing in the river water. Fishermen were catching fish by their nets with boats. All these provided us great amusement. Several launches passed our boat.

We were hearing the Bhatiali song on the tone of our boatmen. When we enjoyed all the charms available on the ways the boat finally stopped at Munshiganj Ghat at about 8 PM. My brother paid off the boatmen’s dues including a tip. We got down off the boat and my brother received us cordially.

Thus our journey came to an end. The beautiful and amazing boat trip won our hearts. The beauty of nature which we often miss unfurled before us that day. I shall even remember the sweet memory of the pleasant boat journey for the rest of my life.


A Journey by Boat Paragraph for Class 5-6

By: Haque, Words: 150; 02-03-’22

We all make journeys. I like a journey by boat the most. So I do not miss the opportunity to travel by boat. Last monsoon, I took a boat trip with some of my friends. That was during the holidays, at the end of our first interim examination. We decided to go to Mulagul from Kanaighat. That’s why we rented a big boat. We started our journey at 7 AM. Two sailors were driving the boat. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. Farmers were planting paddy in the land, fishermen were fishing in the river and children were swimming. At 10 AM we reach the destination. On the way back, it was very enjoyable to see the spectrum of sunset in the river. I will never forget this journey. I think a journey by boat is the most enjoyable way to travel.

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