A Journey by Bus Essay & Paragraph

A journey by bus is a very simple journey. Since we usually travel by bus from one city to another. But sometimes this simple journey can be considered extraordinary. If the surrounding scenery is beautiful then a simple journey by bus can be pleasant and joyful. If you are a student, chances are you will be asked to write an essay or paragraph about a journey by bus in your school exams. Here are a few examples that will help you.

A Journey by Bus Essay & Paragraph
Sometimes A Journey by Bus can be a wonderful experience.

A Journey by Bus Essay in English

By: Haque; Words: 400; For class 9-10/SSC

Introduction: A journey by bus is a very pleasant one. Though there are many modes of transportation, I prefer a journey by bus as it is faster than other vehicles. I had a journey by bus last month this year.

Time & Occasion of the Journey: It was the month of March. One of my uncles was transferred to Rangamati. He told me that the place is very beautiful. Every day many domestic and foreign tourists go there. So he invited me to visit him on one of my vacations. I have also heard praise for the beauty of Rangamati. So, I am glad to have the opportunity to see the place. One day I prepared for Rangamati with my five best friends. We decided to go there by bus.

Description of the Journey: On the appointed day we gathered at Muradpur Bus Terminal at about 6:30 a.m. Then we boarded a bus for Rangamati. The bus started its journey around 8 in the morning. When the bus started running, the passengers of the bus got busy with various activities. Some of the passengers were reading the newspaper, some were talking, some were reading books, some were eating nuts or juices, and most of them were enjoying the natural beauty by looking outside. The view from both sides of the bus was eye-catching. Most of the time the bus was running on a winding hilly road. There were steep hills of red soil on both sides of the bus. When the bus is near Rangamati, I see a river flowing along the steep side of the hilly road on the right. It offered an exquisite beauty to me. On the other bank of the river stood the lofty, hazy mountains. I could see the mountain tops covered with fog. It seemed to me that the mountains were ejecting steam. I was quite spellbound. In the river below I found many sailboats and barges plying up and down the river. They were carrying different goods. I also found many rafts of bamboos. People sitting on them were carrying them to different places for selling. At last, our bus reached Rangamati. It was about 11 a.m.

Destination: When the bus reached the station, we got down from the bus and hired three rickshaws to take us to my uncle’s house. It was about ten minutes’ journey to my uncle’s house. My uncle was overjoyed to see us.

Conclusion: Before that, I had no idea how beautiful a bus journey among the hills could be. The journey was a quite new experience for me. It will always remain fresh in my mind.


A Journey by Bus Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque; For class 7-8/JSC; 14-03-’22

A journey by bus is a very simple journey. We usually travel by bus from one city to another. But sometimes this simple journey can be considered extraordinary. I have recently had such a wonderful bus journey experience. I went to Srimangal from Dhaka with some of my friends. The area is famous for its hills and tea gardens. We left at 8 in the morning and reached our destination at 2 in the afternoon. As soon as our bus entered Moulvibazar district, we saw rows of hills on both sides of the road. The road is crooked like a snake with mountains on both sides. The hills are wrapped in green tea plants. There was a natural waterfall not far from where we got off the bus. We wandered from hill to hill through the tea garden till evening. When the scenery around is beautiful, a journey by bus can be very pleasant, I realized that while visiting Srimangal.

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