My Last Day at School Essay & Paragraph

A student’s last day at school is an emotional day. It is a day that cannot be forgotten. Here are some essays and paragraphs about one’s ‘last day at school’. They reveal the memories of an outgoing student about his school, his devotion to teachers, and his love for his fellow and young students. If you would like to write an essay or paragraph on “my last day at school”, the following examples may help you.

My Last Day at School Essay & Paragraph
My last day at school was a very emotional day.

My Last Day at School Essay in English, 300 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10/SSC | 08-04-’22

Introduction: It was the 15th of February, 2006. Our test examination was over and the result was announced duly. Then we, the SSC candidates, were given a formal farewell by the school. It was the last day at school for us.

Description of the Farewell Function on My Last Day at School: For this purpose, a gorgeous program was organized in the school. The seminar room of the school was decorated for the program. The function started at 11 AM. The headmaster presided over the farewell meeting. Some of the outgoing students delivered speeches describing their experiences and appreciation of the teachers, students, and the whole school. Some of the students of the school also delivered speeches showing their love and respect for the departing students. A student of class nine recited a ‘letter of honor devoted to the outgoing students. The outgoing students were presented with flowers and books. The Headmaster made the concluding speech. After the end of the function, we, the outgoing students, met the headmaster and took the dust from his feet. The Headmaster advised us on what to do and what not to do in the examination hall. He also gave us advice on what to do at the last moment of preparation and how to write on the answer sheet to obtain higher marks. Then we went to meet with our honorable teachers. We took dust from their feet one after another. They blessed us and prayed for our success in the examination as well as in our future life.

Conclusion: The day made us sad. It marked a turning point in my life. After long five years in that high school, I was going to part with the school. Tears ran down our cheeks. Tears also welled up in the eyes of our teachers. That day we returned home with heavy hearts.


My Last Day at School Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10/SSC | 08-04-’22

My last day at school was an emotional day. I will never forget this day. That was on December 20, 2006. I went to my school as a last day. It was Chhanbari High School. There was a farewell ceremony at the school for those of us who have studied at this school for the last five years. On that occasion our teachers gave us advice and prayed for us to be successful in life. A few of us also spoke out expressing our love for our school and our young students. Finally we said goodbye to our fatherly teachers with tears in our eyes.

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