Qualities of A Good Leader Essay & Paragraph

A leader is one who leads the people. Leadership requires certain qualities. What qualities make someone a good leader? Here are a bunch of essays & Paragraphs about the Qualities of a Good Leader for students and examinees, which shed light on this question.

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Maulana Bhashani was an example of a good leader.

Qualities of A Good Leader Essay, 350 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10/SSC | 25-06-’22

A leader is someone who leads. Generally, by the word ‘leader’ we understand a political leader.

Everybody cannot be a good leader. It is said that a great leader is born, not made. The statement is debatable. But one thing is certain: A great leader must have certain qualities that make him great. And such great qualities rarely develop in a man. It requires a proper environment and the call of time.

Some of the important qualities of an ideal leader have been described below:


    1. A good leader must have the ability to take the correct decision at the perfect moment. There are times when one has to make a decision instantly. Without the ability to identify the correct moment and proper decision no one can be a good leader.


    1. A leader has to be determined. He should have the determination to follow his decision unwavered.


    1. A leader must have full command over his followers. Without being able to convince his followers to follow his decision, he cannot be a successful leader.


    1. An ideal leader invariably has the speaking ability. A strong, forceful, and convincing speech can make people follow him without any doubt.


    1. A leader must be compassionate to his followers.


    1. A leader should be well informed about the strengths and weaknesses of his team and should take corrective measures to overcome those weaknesses.


    1. A leader should be honest to himself as well as to his followers.


    1. A leader should be truthful. Everybody hates a liar. So, no liar can be a good leader and earn the respect of his followers.


    1. A good leader should be sincere in his effort. Without sincerity, he will not be convincing to people.


  1. Courage is one thing a good leader must-have. Without having courage a person cannot command the respect of his followers.

There are many other virtues and qualities a person needs to have to be a good leader. Some of them are courtesy, perseverance, good behavior, moral character, punctuality, patriotism, sacrificing attitude, and so on. To be a great leader a person has to try to acquire these qualities.


Qualities of A Good Leader Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque | For class 7-8 | 25-06-’22

The one who leads is called a leader, whether he is a political leader or a leader of an ideological movement. But we usually mean a political leader by the word ‘leader’. Not everyone can be a good leader. To be a good leader, one must possess certain qualities that take him to the forefront of the people. First, a good leader must have the ability to make the right decisions at the right moment. Second, a good leader will be a determined person. He is firm in his decision. Third, a leader must have the ability to influence his followers. Fourth, a good leader is an eloquent speaker. Because the ability to deliver a good speech helps a lot to be successful in leadership. In addition to these, a good leader is endowed with many other qualities such as courage, honesty, courtesy, keeping promises, punctuality, patriotism, selfless attitude etc.

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