Importance of Learning English Essay & Paragraph

English is the international language. That is why there is no alternative to English for communication. At present, English is being taught to students in schools all over the world. It is also common practice for test-takers to make write essays and paragraphs on the importance of learning English. Here we have shared a bunch of essays and paragraphs on this topic . We hope, you find them useful.
Importance of Learning English Paragraph
There is no alternative to English for communication.

By: Haque; For class 9-12/SSC-HSC; 28-02-’22

English is an international language. In this modern age, almost every person needs to learn English in some way or another. So, it is necessary for every one of us to learn English. Some of the reasons for learning English are as follows:

  1. English is the most widely spoken language all over the world. If we want to communicate with a foreigner then we will have to consider English as the means of communication. In our home country, we have to communicate with many foreign businessmen, tourists, consultants, statesmen, bureaucrats, and specialized persons. For such communication, the best choice is English.

  2. Some of us may need to visit a foreign country as a tourist or in connection with our employment, career, or education. There we will need to talk and communicate with the people of that particular country in English. English is so widely used language all over the world that even in a country where English is not the first language, we can convey our feelings and necessity to others in English.

  3. In the field of technology, English is the predominantly used language. Almost all the technical words are in English. If we want to read the manual of a machine, we will certainly find it in English.

  4. Internet is called the superhighway of information. On internet, we will find all the information in English. So, if we want to use the internet and collect information, we must use English.

  5. English has become indispensable in higher education. We will find reference books on every field of learning in English. So, for getting higher education, we cannot do without English.

  6. English can be our first choice as a medium of education if we want to receive a foreign degree. Considering the wide use and store of information, we cannot think of anything else better than English.

  7. We need English for securing a good job and developing our career. It is almost impossible to work in a good firm or in a good position without knowing English because in a responsible post one will need to do certain things such as using computers, communicating with prospective clients and customers, using the internet, etc. which are not possible without English.

If we consider the above points, there could be no disagreement on the fact that English is essential for every one of us.


Essay on How to Learn English Well

In 340 words, For class 9-10/SSC

English is not only the international language but also the most widely spoken language today. That’s why it is considered the world language. Whether our mother tongue is Bangla, Arabic, Persian, or German, we all have to learn a little bit of English. It is essential in various fields like education, research, communication, etc. But most of the students in our country can’t learn English well. Some of them are afraid of their English subject. Here I would like to give some tips on how to learn English well and how to get good marks in English.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to attend his English classes regularly and listen to what his teachers say in the classes. Without listening to the subject attentively, none can find any interest in it.

Secondly, students must first learn to read English with the correct pronunciation, then learn the basic rules of the grammar needed to understand it. If they can read the English text and understand it fairly, then gradually their fears will go away. Then they can pick up English children’s storybooks. Sometimes they should try to read an English daily newspaper. Besides these, students have to make the habit of listening to the radio and TV at the time of English news. This will make it easier for them to learn English.

Thirdly, students have to write frequently what they have learned. To learn a language, it is very helpful to try to write a little in that language. Because writing anything makes a man perfect. If they try to write diaries in simple words and short sentences, they will gradually become familiar with the English language character.

Finally, students should try to speak English with their friends and classmates. This will help them to speak English well. Besides, students have to use the dictionary to know the meaning of the difficult words. I believe, if anybody follows the above methods he will soon feel easy to read, write, and speak English well.


A Paragraph on the Importance of Learning English

In 125 words, for class 5-8

Write a paragraph on the necessity of learning English. Focus the demand of English as an international language. Mention the charms and advantages of knowing good English.

English is a medium of international communication, cooperation, and co-existence. In higher studies, in international trade and commerce, in the international conferences of the UN or SAARC, English plays a vital role. Even to introduce one’s own native literature to the whole world English translation of the literacy work is essential. A pilot has to contact the control towers of foreign airports in English. A postman has to read the address of foreign letters which are written in English. Telephone operators, tourist guides and attendants in big hotels must have a good command of English. To widen the sphere of knowledge and to keep pace with all the developing and developed countries of the world, we have to take up the learning of English as a challenge.


A Paragraph on the Necessity of Learning English

In 160 words, For class 7-10

English is the prime language of the world. The language is being used in most of the countries of the world. Even English is being used as a medium of communication between two countries whose language is not English. That is why it is very reasonable to call English an international language. It is difficult to live at this age without knowing English. No good job can be found without proficiency in English. English is required to be a postman, telephone operator, tourist, tour guide, pilot, nurse, waiter, or receptionist. Even if you don’t know English, you can’t fully operate even a little mobile phone. International and diplomatic affairs of all countries of the world are done in English. English is required in airport management. Foreigners come to quality hotels, so its providers have to know English. In this age of computers and information technology, not knowing English is like being blind. Therefore, we all need to learn English.


A Paragraph on How to Learn English

In 150 words, For class 7-10, 24-02-’22

For learning English we will have to do certain things. First of all, we will have to learn the familiar words, some useful sentences, and the basic grammatical rules. For this purpose, we will need help from an efficient teacher. Secondly, we will have to create a habit of reading English books and newspapers. At first one should study the easy books and regularly learn new words and phrases. Thirdly, we will have to listen to English news and discussions on radio and TV. Then we will have to pronounce the words and sentences as we have heard them. Fourthly, we ought to practice freehand writing on specific topics. We need to find out mistakes in our writing and correct them. At last, we will have to practice our newly learned words, sentences, and grammatical rules in the classroom and with our friends.

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