Load Shedding Essay & Paragraph

Here are a bunch of essays and paragraphs on load shedding. These contain the basic information and answers to common questions about load shedding. What does load shedding mean, why does this occur, what are its harmful aspects, and what is the way to solve the load shedding problem—all these are discussed. The post includes a load shedding essay in 500 words and two load shedding paragraphs of 100-200 words.

Load-shedding Paragraph
Load shedding means the suspension of electricity for the time being.

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Load Shedding Essay, 500 Words

By: Haque॥ For class 9-12 ॥ 09-02-’22

Introduction: Load shedding is a big problem in Bangladesh. The magnitude of load shedding has intensified continuously over the recent years. Load shedding occurs when the demand for electricity exceeds the supply.

What it is: According to the electric term load-shedding is to withdraw electric supply from one place in order to distribute to other areas as per a rotational chart.

Reasons behind Load Shedding: There are some reasons that are responsible for this problem of load shedding. They are described below:

  1. The population of Bangladesh is increasing at a very high rate. With the population, the demand for electricity is also increasing. Production of electricity is increasing at a much slower rate. As a result load shedding is increasing day by day.
  2. Due to the inefficiency of PDB (Power Development Board), old power plants, turbines, and power lines have not been replaced duly. As a result the power distribution system often breaks down and causes power shortage.
  3. Sometimes lack of enough rain causes the water level of the Kaptai Hydro-Electric Project to go down the required level making it impossible for the turbines to operate. Thus shortage in the production of electricity occurs.
  4. Due to the corruption in the Power Development Board, some of the power plants have been set up with low qualities machinery. Those power plants often go out of order and need repairing regularly. It often causes power shortages.
  5. The wastage of electricity for extravagant lighting for unproductive and unnecessary causes such as marriage ceremonies, markets, and on different occasions are also responsible for load-shedding.
  6. Some of the officials of PDB are engaged in corrupt procedures such as issuing forge bills in collusion with the customers showing less than actual consumption it is called system loss. Such practices encourage wastage and cause power shortages.
  7. It may also be said that we are not parsimonious in the consumption of electricity. In many houses, electric devices such as light, fan, TV, air-conditioner, etc. are kept on unnecessarily. Such practices are also responsible for load shedding.

Bad Effects: Load shedding causes untold miseries for people, especially those who live in towns. In villages, its effects are also terrible when farmers cannot irrigate their land with pump machines or the production process has to stop due to load shedding. In houses, students are badly affected for want of electric supply. They cannot study properly without electric lights and fans. Weak and elderly people also suffer much in hot weather. In hospitals, emergency operations cannot be performed for want of electricity. In fact, the overall economy of the country suffers most due to the shortage of electricity. Production in all big mills and factories is fully dependent on electricity. When the electric supply is cut, such concerns cannot operate and they cannot attain their target of production.

Conclusion: Load shedding causes us great problems. It is also the cause of a huge wastage of our resources. So it is necessary to remove the problems and set up new power plants for increasing the production of electricity.


Load Shedding Paragraph

In 170 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph about Load-shedding. Mention its causes, especially bad effects and the way of solving the problem.

Nowadays load-shedding is a regular affair in the cities and towns. It means the suspension of electricity for the time being. Load-shedding occurs mainly in the big cities and in industrial areas. The causes of load-shedding are many. There is a shortage of power supply in proportion to our need. With the increase of population, the number of homes and buildings has increased. More mills and factories are set up in the country. But the supply of power has not increased. As a result, load-shedding occurs frequently. The illegal connection of electricity is also responsible for this. Load-shedding paralyzes city life and hampers production in mills and factories. Crimes and antisocial activities happen during the load-shedding period. The cities and towns plunged into darkness due to power disruption at night. The students, patients in the hospital, and businessmen are the worst suffers from load-shedding. Electric goods are damaged due to erratic power supply. In short, people experience great difficulties due to load-shedding. They should be economical in the use of electricity.

Load Shedding Paragraph
Load shedding is a problem that paralyzes modern life.

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Load Shedding Paragraph

In 175 words, for class 5 to 10

Power failure in Bangladesh is a common thing. This failure of Power has made our life unbearable to some extent. Power failure is also known as load shedding. Now write a paragraph on load shedding giving a short description to the causes of it and measures to get rid of this power failure.

Load shedding is a process adopted by the electric authority to shed the load of electricity. The authority does it when there is a lack of sufficient electricity. Load shedding is a burning question in Bangladesh. The production of electricity cannot meet the demand of the present use of electricity. The rural electrification project has ended in smoke for the lack of supply. For the want of production, the supply of electricity of some areas is cut down for a certain period. The urban life stands still for that period which incurs a heavy loss. The total need for electricity in Bangladesh at present is more than 2300 MW. The highest load shedding so far recorded is 500 MW. In the modern social system, electricity is the life of the economy of a country. At present Kaptai Hydroelectricity project produces 230 MW of electricity. So, we can utilize our water and gas resources to be free from the curse of load shedding. The time has come to plan a way out for the smooth progress of the country.

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