My Aim in Life Essay & Paragraph

What we want to be in the future, each of us should set that goal in our student life. Because he who knows his goals can prepare himself properly. This is why students have questions in the exam: Write an essay titled My Aim in Life, My Ambition in Life, My future plan of life, or a paragraph about Your life goal. That’s why we have compiled a bunch of My Aim in Life Essay, My Aim in Life Composition, and My Aim in Life Paragraph here. We hope these will help you write your own piece.

My Aim in Life Essay & Paragraph
My Aim in Life is to become a doctor and serve people.
By: Haque | Words: 350 | For class: 9-10/SSC

Write an essay about ‘your aim in life’ in about 300 words. Include the following hints in your writing: (i) Introduction, (ii) My aim and reasons for choosing the aim, (iii) Preparation, (iv) Conclusion.

Essay on My Aim in Life / My Ambition in Life

Introduction: Every man has his aim in life. A man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. No life is worth living if it has no aim. A fixed aim helps a man to shine in life. An aim keeps a man steady in life. I am a student. I have also a definite aim in my life.

My aim and reasons for choosing the aim: The aim of my life is to become a doctor. I shall prepare myself in that way.

The people of our village are poor. They suffer from many diseases. they do not get help and advice from good doctors. So, I have decided to go back to my village and serve them. The service of a good doctor is very important. Most of the people of our country are illiterate. They live in the villages. Good doctors are not available in the villages. As a result, many villagers die a premature death.

When I think of the distress of these poor people, my heart is filled with pity for them. So, I have decided to become a doctor and serve my poor and illiterate villagers. Population growth is the burning question of our country. But illiterate people are not aware of it. I shall also give people the knowledge of health and sanitation and family planning.

Every year we fall victim to natural calamities like floods, cyclones, and many diseases. Then the service of a doctor is very important. A doctor is held in respect in society. It is an honorable profession. Through this profession, I want to serve the people of my locality. My sincere service will bring me name and fame.

Preparation: After passing the HSC examination, I shall get myself admitted into Dhaka medical college for MBBS. I am working very hard to secure good marks in SSC examination.

Conclusion: Success in life depends largely upon the right choice of profession. Through this profession, I shall be able to serve the distressed people of our country. Let Allah give me the strength to fulfill the aim of my life.

My Aim in Life Essay and Paragraph in English
Aim in my life is to ease the way of learning English for students.

My Aim in Life Essay, 300 Words

By: Haque | For class: 8 | 23-07-’22

Essay on My Aim in Life / My Ambition in Life

Introduction: Our SSC exams are knocking on the door. We are worried. Because most of the students in our class are very weak in English. We do not know the rules of pronunciation and cannot write correctly in English due to a lack of an effective English grammar book. I have decided to do something to solve this problem.

Decision: Not only our school, but most of the students in our country’s schools are weak in English. Therefore, a significant number of students fail the SSC exams every year. That’s why I will find an easy way to learn English and serve it to the students. I will be a writer. This is the goal of my life.

Reason: I have already found some problems with grammar, such as (i) there are no specific rules for pronunciation of words in English, (ii) many definitions in grammar books are wrong. (iii) Some principles are shown in grammar books without grammatical explanation. But a grammatical explanation was needed here. Solving these problems, I will explain them step by step in my grammar book in a simple way, which will make it easier for them to learn English. This will increase the pass rate and remove the fear of English from the minds of the students. The book I am going to write about English grammar will be called ‘An Exceptional English Grammar’.

Conclusion: Without progress in education, our nation will not be able to stand tall in the world. Since the terminology of science is English and it is an international language, it is time to make our nation proficient in English. I hope I can contribute something in this case. That is why I have decided that I will try to explain the importance of learning English to the people of this country and will continue to do my best to make English education easier for them. This is the goal of my life.

My Aim in Life Essay, 400 Words
My Future Plan of Life

Sentences: 31; Words: 417; for class: 11-12/HSC

Essay on My Aim in Life / My Future Plan of Life

Introduction: Man aims for his future. To succeed in life, he keeps a future plan from his early life, which is also called aim in life. So, it could be said, one’s aim is one’s future plan for the next days.

My choice what I intend to be: Now I am a student. I believe this period is an opportunity to do something and to become somebody. So, I have decided to be a teacher. I know, it is a very hard task and I want to develop my nation. A teacher can lead the nation to the highest stage of prosperity if he ideally teaches the students.

Reason: My future plan is to be a teacher. I want to serve my nation sincerely through teaching. I think no one else can do what a dedicated teacher does to build a nation. Our nation is a poor one. Illiteracy is a vital cause of our poverty. It is the root of all hindrances. If they are properly educated, they can remove their poor condition. So, I am determined to serve the nation being a teacher.

Preparation / How I will fulfill my plan: In order to fulfill my future plan, I must acquire some degrees. I sympathize with hundreds of students who fail in English. So, I want to be a teacher of English. After passing my HSC examination, I will get myself admitted into the honors class in English. After my honors and master’s degree, I will join a school or a college and try to teach the students with all of my effort. And my working place would be in a rural area with the common people.

How I will serve my country: I like to serve my country with reliable ideas. The condition of English in my country is very poor. I like to make it perfect. If my nation is capable enough to communicate internationally, she can easily reach her destination of prosperity. Though English is a foreign language, we cannot do away with it at this stage. I think I must find out how a student can be taught four skills of language i. e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking within the shortest possible time.

Conclusion: I pray to the Almighty for the success of my future plan. Obviously, I am now reading heart and soul to build up a strong base. If I am strict with my principal, I surely can translate my aim of life or future plan into reality.

My Aim in Life Essay, My Aim in Life Compositon, My Aim in Life Paragraph
My Aim in Life Essay, My Aim in Life Compositon, My Aim in Life Paragraph

My Aim In Life Composition for Class 3

By: Haque, Words: 180; 17-01-’22

My Aim in Life Composition

Every man has an aim in life. It helps a man reach his target. An aimless man is like a ship without a rudder. So, I have an aim in life.

Different men have different aims. Some want to be a doctor, or government service holder or a poet or an engineer or a good teacher or an artist, etc.

Now I am studying in class three. I have an aim in my life. The aim of my life is to serve people by doing business. It may be any kind of business.

Bangladesh is a developing country. It is a small country. But the population is huge. Every year a lot of people remain unemployed. Besides, most people live below the poverty line. It is the only way to create new business sectors to alleviate poverty. Considering all things above, I have decided to serve in the business sector.

I pray to succeed in my life. I am now trying my best to build up a strong base. I believe, if I can continue my work properly, I am sure to turn my aim into reality. May Allah help me.

My Aim In Life Essay, 150 Words

For students in class: 7-10/JSC, HSC

Essay on My Aim in Life / My Ambition in Life

We should all set an aim in life. Because if I don’t know where I’m going, I’ll be lost. That’s why it’s important to set the right goal in life. I have set a goal for my future life. That is, one day I will be a teacher. I have taken this inspiration from my favorite teacher Mr. Sarwar Hasan. He is considered a wise, honest and respected person in society. I want to be like him. I believe it is a great job. A teacher shows the way to many people. The role of a teacher in building a beautiful society is huge. So, my dream is to become a teacher and build the children of my country as the beautiful future of the nation. I will help them to be honest, efficient, and good citizens. It will make me happy. I am confident in my aim in life.

My Aim in Life Paragraph, 100 Words

Sentences: 8; Words: 100; For class: 4-6/PSC

A Paragraph on My Aim in Life

We all have a goal in life. It is important to set a goal for the future in student life. Then one has to try and work hard to reach that goal. Students who can’t set their goals in life, can’t prepare themselves for the future and get lost. My life goal is to be a doctor. Being a doctor will give me the opportunity to contribute the most to the service of humanity and society. I will provide free treatment to poor and helpless patients. By serving humanity I will be rewarded by Allah and earn the love of the people.

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