My City Life Essay & Paragraph

Here we shared “A paragraph on urban life” and “An Essay on City Life and Rural Life”. Suppose you live in a city. Write a paragraph describing the advantages and disadvantages of living there compared to rural life. Here we have written a paragraph of 160 words and an essay of 320 words as a sample, which shed light on both the good and bad aspects of living in the city and village in the eyes of a student.

My City Life Paragraph
City life has many more benefits than a rural life.

A Paragraph on My City Life

In 160 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph describing your city life experience. Include what you enjoy most about city life and its disadvantages.

I live in Sylhet City with my parents. My urban life has some interesting and fun things of its own. Here I was able to attend a good government school. I think city school teachers are more qualified and sincere than rural ones. The city has paved roads, making it easier to cover long distances in less time. People living in the city can enjoy good facilities in terms of transportation. There are large and advanced hospitals, where quality medical services are available. The city has a stadium and a few playgrounds where I can play football, cricket, and badminton with my friends. There are also a variety of entertainment programs. I also get fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables here. There are many brickfields, mills, and factories around the city. These pollute the air. Buildings in the city are overgrown, so air can’t enter freely. These are the troublesome aspects of city life. Still, I prefer to stay in the city.

Essay on City Life and Rural Life
There is not much in village life, but peace and silence.

Essay on City Life and Rural Life

In 320 words, for class 8 to 12

Write an essay comparing village life and urban life. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of rural and urban life.

Leading life in an urban area is known as city life. On the contrary, leading life in a rural area is known as rural life. There is no want of job opportunities in the city as there are more mills and factories there. On the contrary, there is severe want of job opportunities in the rural areas as there is want of mills and factories there.

There are more educational and medical hospitals in the city area. So, students can easily take higher education there. Besides, city dwellers can easily get medical treatment. On the contrary, there is severe want of educational and medical hospitals in village areas. Consequently, village people have to come to the city to take higher education and medical treatment. Sometimes they face harassment while taking education as well as medical treatment.

There is no want of criminals in urban areas. Crimes are often committed in city areas. City life is severely hampered because of different heinous crimes. On the contrary, crimes are rarely committed in village areas. So, rural life is comparatively peaceful and happier. Food adulteration is severe in city areas. Taking adulterated food and drinks, city dwellers often become sick. On the contrary, village people get the opportunity to take natural food and drinks. Food of different types in village areas is almost free from adulteration. So, village people do not sick frequently.

Environmental pollution is severe in city areas. By taking polluted air and water, city dwellers often get sick. On the contrary, environmental pollution is less in rural areas. Village people can take fresh air and be healthier and happier.

There is no want of amusement centers in the city area. But they are artificial and commercial. On the contrary, there is no amusement center in the rural area. But village areas are full of natural beauties and charms. Village people can refresh their minds and mentality by enjoying natural beauties and charms. Thus, they can remain hale and hearty.

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  1. City life is very modern life. There are a lot of facilities for people in the City. City life is more comfortable then vallage life. Life in a city is full of competition and they have more opportunities for making money. People living in city are very busy and do not have time for any. The education system are well developed in city then the village. There a lot of facilities available in the school of cities. People in the city have better transport facilities than the village. There are also better health care facility in the City. In city providers lot of opportunity of jobs, works, better education . Jobs is easily available in a big city.

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