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Here is a bunch of paragraphs and essays on ‘My Daily Routine’,  ‘My Daily Life’, and ‘How to Keep A Daily Routine’. They highlight a schoolboy’s daily study, activities, and sports schedule.

My Daily Life Paragraph
My daily life is a routine life.

By: Haque; For Class 9-10/SSC; 22-03-’22

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) Activities in the morning, (iii) Activities in the school, (iv) Activities in the afternoon, (v) Activities at night, (vi) Conclusion.

Introduction: Every man has a daily routine of work. I think, if the daily routine of life is strictly followed, a lot of time will be saved from being wasted. Every work will be finished in time. I have also a routine. I am a student of class X. I always carry out my daily activities according to this routine. My daily life is well regulated.

Activities in the Morning: I get up early in the morning. I know—
“Early to bed, early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

I brush my teeth and have a wash. Then I perform my Fajr prayers and walk in the open air for a while. Thus I get a new and fresh morning every day. I back home at the end of the morning walk and have breakfast. I then enter my reading room and prepare my lessons by studying for two hours. I take bath at 10:00 a.m. I take my meals and start school.

Activities in the School: At 11:00 a.m. I go to school. I am never late for my class. I always try to sit on the first bench and listen to what my teachers say. I am never inattentive in class and do not indulge in idle talks with my classmates. At tiffin, I say my prayer in the mosque and play table tennis and read newspapers and magazines in the common room. The school breaks up at 4 p.m. and I return home.

Activities in the Evening: On returning home I change my dress and take light tiffin. Around 5 pm I go to the field and play football or cricket with my friends. Sometimes I take a walk by the riverside. Before sunset, I come back home. I perform ablution and offer my evening prayers. Then I go to my study and prepare my homework.

Activities at Night: I read till 10 p.m. Then I take my dinner, walk for a while or talk to others in the family and then go to bed.

Conclusion: I spend the holidays revising my lessons. On Friday I visit my friends’ house. I strictly follow the timetable in my daily life. This daily routine of my life always keeps me healthy and active. In fact, life is worth living to me because of the routine of life.


My Daily Life Essay for Class 7-8

By: Haque; Words: 300; 08-03-’22

Introduction: A well-programmed life is important for success. So, everybody should have a good routine in his daily life. I also have a program of work in my daily life. I try to follow the routine of my daily life.

Description of My Daily Activities: I get up early in the morning. Then I go to the toilet and wash my hands and face. I also brush my teeth. Next, I say my prayers. After my prayers, I walk in my garden for a while. Then I study for two hours. After that, I have my breakfast. Next, I take preparation for going to college. At first, I go to my friend’s house and then go to college with him. My college starts at 10:30 a.m. I attend my classes at the college. There I listen to the teachers attentively and take notes. My college breaks up at 2 p.m. Then I return home and have my bath. I have my lunch at about 2:30 p.m. After that, I take a rest for about an hour. Next, I phone my friends. I go to play in the field at 4 p.m. There I play with my friends for an hour. I return home at 5 p.m. Then I have some light refreshments. After that, I study for two hours. Next, I listen to VOA and BBC. I also watch TV for a while. Then I have my supper. After taking supper I walk in my garden for a few minutes. At about 11 p.m., I go to bed.

Conclusion: My daily life is controlled by a rigorous routine. I always try to follow it because I think that such a good routine can lead me to success. But my daily life is different during vacations and holidays. Then I enjoy a lot and do not maintain the aforementioned routine.


A Paragraph on My Daily Life

In 130 words, for class 4 to 7

Write a paragraph on ‘Your Daily Life’. In your paragraph answer the following questions:

  • What is it?
  • What do you do in the morning?
  • What do you do at school?
  • When do you play?
  • What is your activities at night?
  • What is your activities on holidays?

My daily life means the routine of my daily activities. I always get up early in the morning, brush my teeth and have a wash, and say my morning prayer. I walk in the open air. Then I prepare my lesson. I take a bath at 9 AM. I take my meal and start for my school. At 11 AM I go to school. I listen to my teachers attentively. I remain at school till 4 PM. In the evening, I go to the field and play with my friends. At night I read up to 9 PM. Then take my supper and go to bed. On holidays I revise my lessons. Sometimes I visit my relatives and friends. To speak the truth, my daily life is well disciplined.


My Daily Routine Paragraph in English, 200 Words

By: Haque; For class 9-10; 22-03-’22

Write a paragraph in English with 200 words describing your daily routine. The paragraph should cover all your activities from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.

The daily routine is the schedule by which one can regularize one’s daily activities. I’m a student of a secondary school. I maintain a daily routine very strictly. I get up from bed very early in the morning. After getting up from bed I take physical exercise and then I take my bath. After taking bath I sit at the table to study. After one hour of study, I take my breakfast usually at 08:00 AM. After my breakfast, I study for an hour. I start school at 10:00 AM. I have to stay at school from 10:30 AM to 04:30 PM. I take my lunch at 02:00 PM. It is then leisure in the school. After coming back from school I get fresh first of all. Then in the afternoon, I go to the playground either to watch playing or to play games. I sit down for study at 07:00 PM. I continue studying up to 10:00 PM. I generally take my dinner and walk to and from in the corridor of the house. Then I go to bed for night repose. It is generally at 11:00 PM. I never go to bed putting off any work for tomorrow. I feel interested to follow my daily routine very strictly.

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My Daily Routine Essay 150 Words
How to Keep A Daily Routine

150 words, For class 6-7

I am a student in class eight. I want to do well in life. I have a daily program. Here it is. I get up before sunrise. I have a wash. Then I say my morning prayers. After taking breakfast, I sit down to read. At 9 a.m. I have my bath. Then I eat my meal and go to school. Our school breaks up at 4:30 p.m. I reach home at 5 p.m. On coming from school, I put off my shoes and change clothes. I take some tiffin and go to work in my garden. At dusk, I leave it off. Then I have a wash and say my Maghrib prayer. Then I sit down to work on my lessons again. I do never talk when I read. My father comes back home at 9:00 p.m. and then we all take our dinner. At ten I go to bed. As I work hard during the day, I soon fall into a deep sleep.

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