My Family Paragraph & Composition

The family is the most basic institution of human society. When families are beautiful and peaceful, a society can also become a beautiful society. Here we have compiled 3 paragraphs about the family, titled “My Family Paragraph” and a “My Family Composition”, ranging from 65 to 175 words.

Me and My Family Paragraph
A family is formed in the bond of love.

In 65 words, for class 3

My name is Sadia. There are four members in my family. They are my parents, my elder sister, and me. My father is a businessman and my mother is a homemaker. My elder sister is in class 8. We all love and care for each other. My mother helps me with my studies. Sometimes, my sister helps me, too. I love my family very much.


A Paragraph on Me and My Family

In 175 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph introducing Yourself and Your Family. Mention specially the first ten years of your life, the school you went to and the person who loved you most.

Our family is a small family. It consists of five members. I am the second son of our family. My name is Monirul Islam. I am a student of Class X. I am fourteen years old. In my boyhood I was attacked with typhoid. At the age of five I went to the primary school of our village. I read there for five years and then I got myself admitted into the high school where I am reading now. Both my father and my mother are school teachers. So, our home is known as Master Bari. My elder brother is a college student. I have only a sister who reads in Class VI. In my childhood, I used to listen stories from my grandfather. He was a good story-teller. He loved me most. He left this world a few years ago. I am proud of my family indeed. My father is an ideal to us. Though we have no affluence we are happy. It is an ideal family. All the members of our family love one another.

My Family Paragraph
I think my family is an ideal family.

My Family Paragraph

In 125 words, for class 4 to 7

Write a paragraph on your family. Don’t forget writing about the strong family tie.

My family is a happy middle-class family. It consists of four members: father, mother, sister, and me. I am the second child of the family. My father is a school teacher and leads an honest life with great hardship. My mother is an economic and tolerant mother who also shares the hardship of life maintaining our family smoothly. She is a hardworking and patient woman, she does all the housework herself and never complains. We, brother and sister, are very naughty always. In our family, we are all under our father’s control and guidance. We have formed a strong family tie and it always inspires us to live happily and peacefully. Really we are all keen on making our family an ideal one.


My Family Composition

In 100 words, for class-3

I am Farhan. I am in class three. I have a family.

There are five members in my family. They are my parents, my grandfather, my younger sister, and me. My father runs a business and my mother teaches in a primary school. My grandfather is a retired government employee. My younger sister is three years old. All members of my family love and care for each other. We eat together. Sometimes, we go to a picnic or go out for dinner.

We share our joy and sufferings with our family members. I love my family very much.

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