My Favorite Hobby Essay & Paragraph

“What is your favorite hobby” is a common question in essay and paragraph writing. Maybe your favorite hobby is reading books, traveling, playing a game, thinking or gardening. Whatever it is, you should be able to write a paragraph about it. Here, as examples, we’ve shared 5 essays in 200-900 words and 5 paragraphs with 100-150 words on My Favorite Hobby guessing your favorite hobby is gardening and collecting books. The essays and paragraphs will help you to compose a beautiful one on your own.

My Favorite Hobby Essay and Paragraph, Gardening Paragraph
My favorite hobby is gardening, which keeps me cheerful.

By: Haque, For class: 9-10/SSC.

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) Different kinds of hobby, (iii) My favorite hobby, (iv) Why I like it, (v) My activities, (vi) Usefulness, (vii) Conclusion.

Introduction: Hobby means one’s favorite occupation, but not one’s main business. A man does not depend on it for his living, but it is not less important than his main business. It is an interesting way to enjoy our leisure period. In this essay, I will talk about my favorite hobby.

Different kinds of Hobbies: There are different kinds of hobbies such as gardening, stamp collecting, angling, and photography.

My Favorite Hobby: I am a student. I have a hobby too. My favorite hobby is gardening.

Why I like it: My favorite hobby is gardening because it refreshes my body and mind and I can concentrate more on my studies. It is helpful for my health. Exercise is done by physical exertion in the garden and the fresh air of the garden keeps the body and mind strong and cheerful.

My Activities: I have a garden of my own. It is in front of my reading room. I work in my garden in the morning. I make the soil loose with a spade and weed out the grass. I water the plants regularly. I have planted all kinds of flowers in my garden. There are rose, Chameli, Gandharaj, and Bakul plants in my garden. The rose is the most favorite of them. I have put a fence around my garden. I feel a great joy to see the flowers in full bloom. The flowers are like my friends. They take me closer to nature. I think it was the best option to choose gardening as my favorite hobby.

Usefulness: I get many benefits from my garden. Gardening is a good exercise. Before I made this garden, I was a sickly boy. I lost my hunger and became weak. But when I started this garden, my health improved. Sometimes my neighbors take flowers from my garden to decorate their homes on festive occasions. All these fill my mind with joy and pride.

Conclusion: There are so many different hobbies in the world! But my hobby is simple, just gardening. I am satisfied with it. My hobby is a source of health and happiness for me. It creates in me a sense of beauty, purity, and nobleness. I think no other hobbies could give me what gardening does.


Essay: My Favorite Hobby is Gardening, 400 Words

By: Haque, For class: 7-8/JSC.

A hobby is an interesting pursuit other than one’s main occupation. It is usually followed during leisure. It does not give money but it gives immense pleasure and joy. We should try to make our lives happy and enjoyable. Without it, life becomes dull and monotonous.

Different persons choose different hobbies according to their tastes and choices. Some of us like gardening, some like to listen to music, some like to draw, some like to raise birds, some like to go fishing, some of us like to collect coins or stamps from different countries. In this way, a person chooses his favorite hobby according to his own choice. Like everyone else, I have a favorite hobby, and that is gardening.

One would wonder why I spend time and energy on such an unproductive task. One would think that this is just a waste of time and energy. I don’t feel or think it so. The one or two hours that I spend daily in my garden are not useless. It strengthens my body and refreshes my mind. Every day in the morning I feel great pleasure when I visit my garden. My heart leaps for joy as the flowers sway in the gentle breeze. At night when the sweet smell of flowers comes into my room, it makes me happy and fills my mind with heavenly peace. That is why I choose gardening as my hobby.

My garden is in front of our house. Every day in the afternoon I go to my garden and work there for about two hours. I usually dig the soil and make it suitable for planting new plants. I uproot weeds and grass from the garden. I water the plants regularly and take care of them. I have almost all kinds of flowers in my garden, such as the rose, the Chameli, the Shefali, the sunflower, the Daliya, the Beli, the Shiuli, etc.

A hobby gives pleasure and joy. It makes a man active and strong. A person who has a hobby does not spend his leisure time lazily. It leaves hardly any room for evil thoughts to grow and thrive in the mind. Moreover, gardening as a hobby teaches us the dignity of labor. It gladdens our minds and purifies our souls. The original parents of mankind in their innocent state were perhaps placed for this very reason in the garden of Eden.


Essay: My Favorite Hobby is Thinking, 200 Words

By: Haque, For class: 7-8/JSC.

Introduction: My favorite hobby is a little different. I like to think alone. This is my favorite hobby. In my spare time, I think of many things. Most of the time I think about the problem of our education.

Reason: My habit of thinking alone is old. I think there is something better about talking to yourself than talking to someone else. If you think like this for a while, you will get some new decisions or perceptions.

Result: In my spare time, sitting in the shade of a tree or on the bank of a river, I think: What is the use of studying? What is the main difference between an uneducated farmer plowing the field and an educated man doing a job? If the goal of education is to earn more money by doing a good job, then how can ignorant people in society own more wealth?

Conclusion: Many such questions arise in my mind. I don’t know the answer yet. Still, I like to think. Sometimes it seems that one day I will be able to answer these questions. And what will happen knowing so much? I know I like to think. This is my favorite hobby.


Essay: My Favorite Hobby is Reading, 900 Words

By: Haque, For class: 11-12/HSC.


My favorite hobby is reading. I have seen that books can take me into a world I have never seen before. They help me discover new perspectives on the world and open my mind to new ideas. I am an avid reader. I read the book when I get it. I feel so happy when someone from my friends or family lets me read a new book. I think reading books is the best hobby. It helps me grow as a thoughtful person and inspires me to be a good writer. In this essay, I will explain why reading books is my favorite hobby and why it can be your favorite hobby too.

Reading as a Hobby

Reading books is a hobby that everyone should have. For me, reading a book is a way out of my world and into someone else’s world. It’s a great way to escape the monotony of everyday repetition. I feel safe in the land where books take me and where I can explore new ideas and perspectives. By immersing myself in a good book, I can spend hours and hours in joy and excitement.

Reading books helps me to grow as a self-conscious person. It allows me to better understand and interpret the world around me. So, you can consider these reasons to add the habit of reading books to your list of favorite hobbies.

My ability to think has increased since reading books became my favorite hobby and it has enabled me to write my thoughts more accurately and beautifully than before. To be a good writer, one must first be a good reader, and those whose hobby is reading books are undoubtedly good readers. If you want to become proficient in a field, you need to take training and follow those who are already good at the skills you want to acquire. Reading is like writing training. That is why there is no alternative to reading books as a hobby if you want to gain skill and uniqueness in writing.

I always find new novels or poetry books to read. Sometimes my friends delight me by recommending books. Reading books in this way has become such an integral part of my life that I can’t even imagine not having it. Each book is a treasure trove of the thoughts of a great man. That’s why reading books is my favorite hobby.

Why read?

One of the best reasons to read is pure pleasure. When you read, you are transported to a different world, completely different from your own. You can choose to read whatever you like and it will be a whole new experience for you. If you want to innovate in your reading, try reading outside of your genre. You never know what you’ll find!

Do not underestimate the power of reading. This is one of the most important things in life. I have read many books that have opened my eyes to new perspectives, and I have read many books that have given me a new perspective on life. Reading can teach you a lot about the world, about other cultures, about languages ​​and yourself.

Reading has improved not only my vocabulary but also my writing skills. Reading has helped me to be a better person because it has helped me open my mind to new ideas and perspectives. Reading is one of the best things about life because its scope is limitless. It can teach you something new every day.

If you are looking for a good book to start with, I would recommend Humayun Ahmed’s “1971” because it has surprisingly transformed a chapter of the past into a living present.

Get Started with Reading Today!

  Find relevant books for you. If you are interested in poetry, find a book of poetry. If you are interested in business, find books about business. If you are interested in psychology, look for psychology books.

  Sometimes read books outside of your genre. When I read, I usually read poetry or creative nonfiction. However, I found that reading other genres helped me become a better writer.

  Find a book club and join it! A book club is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss the books they have read. Also, be a member of the government public library or a mobile library, so you will get lots of free books to read. I have benefited immensely from being a member of Bishwa Sahitya Kendra, every week thousands of books-loaded cars come to my house and hand over my favorite books.

  Read books for pure joy! Don’t think of reading as a chore. Rather make it enjoyable. If I talk about my experience, I have not found anywhere else what I got in my life by reading books. That is why reading books is my favorite hobby.


As a summary of all this discussion, I can probably say that the best way to spend leisure time is to read books. Reading is not only good for the mind; it is also good for the soul. It gives you a generous and deep vision and an elegant taste. So read books as long as you live. I would like to end this article with the hope that reading will be your favorite hobby like me.


My Favorite Hobby Composition in English, For Class 3

By: Haque, 180 Words, 17-01-’22

Everyone has a hobby. It gives him great pleasure. I also have a favorite hobby.

There are many types of hobbies such as singing, painting, reading books, stamp collecting, gardening, angling, reading newspapers, watching TV series, etc.

My favorite hobby is gardening. It is because I love flowers very much. I am delighted to see the plants growing up and the blooming of flowers. My garden is in front of our house. I have planted the seedlings of roses, tuberoses, sunflowers, and a lot of seasonal flowers. When flowers bloom, the sweet scent of the flowers fills the air. Our house looks very beautiful, too. I feel good when I see new flowers on various plants every day in every morning.

My hobby helps me refresh my mind from the boring daily work. It also makes me think how Allah has made the earth beautiful with various things. It gives me a lot of pleasure.

It makes me fit for more work. Everybody should use leisure period to get pleasure from the hobby. But one should not waste time on his hobby.


My Favorite Hobby Paragraph in English, 100 Words

Sentences: 14. Words: 100, Characters: 486.

Every man has a hobby. It removes the monotony of life. I’ve a hobby of my own. My hobby is gardening. I spend my leisure in my garden. In my garden, there are a variety of flower plants. Early in the morning, I go to my garden. I lose the soil with a spade. I uproot the grass and weeds and water the plants. Every new bud in the garden delights me. Many kinds of flowers grow in my garden. The sweet smells of the flowers give me pleasure. I am very fond of my garden. I like it most.


My Favorite Hobby Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque, For class 4-5.

A hobby is something that we do for pleasure but not as our main profession. Different person has different hobbies. I am a student and my favorite hobby is gardening. I made a garden in front of my home. It is made on a small piece of land. In my garden, I cultivate flowers and vegetables. There are several species of flowers in my garden. The flowers enhance the beauty of my house. Again, the vegetables give me a chance to enjoy fresh vegetables. Whenever I get free time, I go to my garden and work there. Especially every afternoon, I water the garden and take care of it. I am very happy with my garden.


A Paragraph on My Favorite Hobby

In 140 words, For class 5-6

  • What is your favorite hobby?
  • Why is this your favorite?
  • How does your favorite hobby (for example, gardening) benefit you?
  • How do you spend time on your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is gardening. Gardening is my favorite hobby for a number of reasons. It refreshes my body and mind and I can give attention to my studies. Physical labor and fresh air of the garden are helpful to my body. Whenever I get leisure, especially every morning and evening, I work in my garden. I make the soil lose with a spade and weed out the grass. I water the young plants every day. I planted a variety of flowers in my garden. The rose is the most favorite of all. I feel great joy when I see the flowers in full bloom. This gardening has improved my health. I was a sicky boy. I lost hunger and became weak. Now | am a strong boy. This hobby is a source of health and pleasure to me.

My Favorite Hobby Essay Paragraph on Gardening
My favorite hobby is gardening.

My Favorite Hobby Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque, For class 6-7, 07-01,’22

Almost everyone has a hobby. My favorite hobby is collecting books. My family played a role in developing this hobby. As a kid, my parents used to tell me funny stories from storybooks. Listening to those stories, I would get lost in the world of imagination. They often bought me storybooks. This is how I developed my interest in storybooks. Gradually books of novels, poems, and essays also began to attract me. I started collecting books regularly and my book collection gradually grew. Noticing this, my father bought me a beautiful cupboard. I started to put my books in that cupboard. This is how my personal library grows day by day. I still have the habit of collecting books. My library is a source of knowledge and joy to me. My favorite hobby is helping me to think deeply and form the right attitude.


My Favorite Hobby Paragraph in English, 150 Words

By: Haque, For class 6-10

Hobby means one’s favorite occupation. It is not his actual work. People do it in their leisure time. Different men have different hobbies. My friend Karim’s hobby is to be a gymnast. He has formed a club in his college and practices gymnastic regularly. He spends his leisure time in it. Like Karim I have also a hobby and it is gardening. In front of my reading room I have a garden. I planted here flowers and vegetables. I work here only in the morning and the afternoon. I take much care of it. I water it regularly. My father gives me money to bear the expenses because he also like gardening. From my garden my mother collects vegetable and cooks. The fresh vegetables give us energy and the sweet smell of flowers refreshes my mind. When I look over my garden, I become very astonished thinkin that I myself have made such a beautiful garden.

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