My Favorite Season Essay & Paragraph

Asking to write an essay or a paragraph about your favorite season is very common in schools. This is an easy topic, in fact, to write about. In it you have to write about what you see with your own eyes, to tell why your favorite season is more beautiful or prominent than others. Here is a bunch of essays and paragraphs about your favorite season. They may help you write your own.

My Favorite Season Essay & Paragraph
My favorite season is the flowering spring.

By: Haque, Words: 225, For class 6-7

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. One of them is the spring. The season which I like best is spring. It comes after the winter season. The spring months are, in fact, Falgun and Chitra. These two months are warm by day and cool at night.

The cuckoo heralds the advent of the spring. As days warm up, nature begins to river. Fresh grass grows and gives a green look to meadows and unploughed fields. Trees and plants put forth new leaves. Mango trees burst into blossom in this season and so do a number of other trees and bushes. They charm both the eyes and nose. They attract butterflies which add more color and charm. The air becomes heavy with their fragrance.

Spring is the most melodious of all the seasons. The cuckoo is of course, there with its, sweet song. Other birds, too feel a fresh pulse of life and look more lovely. They fly from branch to branch and from tree to tree in pairs and coo with liveliness.

Spring is a charming and refreshing season, but its pleasure is sometimes marred by this outbreak of some dreadful diseases like smallpox and cholera.

The spring is really the best season of all. The weather is favorable and nature is colorful. This season is not cold or hot. These are some reasons why I like spring most.


Essay on My Favorite Season Winter,
The Season I Like Most

By: Haque, Words: 400, For class 11-12/HSC

Bangladesh is a darling child of nature. There are six seasons in this country. Each season has its own color and beauty. We welcome the seasons and enjoy their change and diversity.

The six seasons, like in Bangladesh, are not felt so intensely anywhere else in the world. The six seasons of Bangladesh are Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Hemanta, Winter, and Spring. Of all the seasons I like the winter most. It comes after the late autumn.

The late autumn or the Hemanta is followed by the winter. The Bengali months Poush and Maagh comprise the winter. It comes wearing a coat of cold. It is a season of fog and mists. This is also the season of freshness.

Winter comes with a lot of fog and mists with her. The winter mornings are full of mists. In the morning dew-drops fall on the grass and look like glittering pearls. The rays of the sun fall on the dew-drops and create a beautiful sight. The sky is clear and blue. Children and old men bask in the Sun. In the winter season, cold wind blows off and on and men cannot even dare to go out of doors.

Winter is the season of plenty of crops, vegetables, and many other kinds of nutritious foods are available in this season. Cabbages, cauliflowers, tomatoes, and potatoes are found in large quantities. Oranges are cheap in this season. In the villages, date juice is collected from date trees. Children take date juice with great joy.

Winter is comfortable in Bangladesh. In this season people prepare different kinds of cakes and we eat them to our heart’s content.

Students of various institutions and other people also go out for a picnic mostly in this season. Above all, winter is the season of enjoyment and pleasure.

The season of winter is not free from its demerits. In this season, trees become bare of leaves. They lose their beauty owing to the bitter cold, men suffer a lot. It is a terror to the poor. They do not buy warm clothes to put on. Some persons even die in severe cold. In winter, nature looks dead and gloomy.

In spite of having some demerits, we cannot neglect this season. This creates an ever-lasting impression on our minds. After all, it heralds the advent of spring.


Essay on My Favorite Season Rainy Days, 300 Words

By: Haque, For class 9-10/SSC, 16-01-’22

Introduction: Bangladesh is a country of six seasons. The rainy season is the second season in this country. The monsoon season consists of the months ‘Ashar’ and ‘Shravan’ in the Bengali calendar. However, sometimes the rainy season starts a little earlier and lasts longer. Of the six seasons in Bangladesh, the rainy season is my favorite season.

Reason: Monsoon comes due to monsoon. The wind that blows over Bangladesh from the Bay of Bengal brings a lot of clouds. That is why it rains heavily here and the rainy season begins.

Description: The sky is cloudy during the rainy season. Sometimes so many clouds float in the sky that the sun cannot be seen all day long. It is raining heavily at this time. Even sometimes it rains continuously for several days. Then the roads became muddy. Rivers, canals, and ponds overflow. The fields go underwater.

Advantages, Merits, Importance: Monsoon is definitely a blessing for our country. Because Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Most of the crops in this country are dependent on rainwater. Rainwater makes the soil fertile. In addition, rainwater washes away all the dirt from the earth’s surface. It also purifies the atmosphere. The people of the village can then easily go from one place to another by boat.

Trouble, Demerits: But the rainy season is not always a blessing for all of us. As a result of rain, the roads become muddy and slippery. The poor day laborers suffer in this. They can’t go to work. Due to the inundation of grassland, there is a food crisis for cattle. Besides, it spreads various diseases like cholera, typhoid, etc. Floods damage our crops and submerge many homes.

Conclusion: Despite these detrimental aspects of the monsoon season, it enriches our country’s production and economy. It gives a new life to nature. So, we always welcome the rainy season and enjoy its beauty.

A Rainy Day Paragraph
My favorite season is the rainy season, the most massive and lively.

My Favorite Season Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque, For class 4-5/PSC, 13-01-’22

My favorite season is spring. It is the queen of seasons. Spring is a calm and beautiful season. This season is not as hot as summer, not as rainy as monsoon, not as cold as winter. Flowers bloom in spring. The heads of Shimul and Krishnacura turn red with the abundance of flowers. The mango forest is filled with the fragrance of buds. Cuckoos sing, butterflies fly. In the spring I go for a picnic with a group of my friends. The weather in spring is very friendly. That’s why it’s the best of the six seasons. This is the reason why spring is my favorite season.

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A Paragraph on My Favorite Season Monsoon, 100 Words

By: Haque, For class 4-5/PSC, 13-01-’22

I confess that by nature I am somewhat lazy. So, the rainy season is my most favorite season; carried on the wings of imagination in this season, I roam in the realm (kingdom) of fancy, in the dreamland as patter—patter the downpour goes on outside. In this season Tagore’s dulcet sweet tunes on monsoon—its invocation, adoration, and valediction (farewell)—are most pleasing to hear. As a matter of fact, there is a sort of affinity (kinship) between the rainy season and Bengali temperament. So, the monsoon is the special favorite of Bengalees in general and my humble self in particular.

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