My Favorite Teacher Essay & Paragraph

In school, a student has to come in contact with many teachers. One of them may differ from others in quality and merit. He/she is a good teacher and the favorite teacher to his/her students. So, who was your favorite teacher? Who do you consider a good teacher? Write a paragraph about him. How did he teach? What were his behavior and personality? What kind of clothes did he like to wear?

As examples, we shared here a bunch of essays and paragraphs on My Favorite Teacher and a good teacher. You may find similar writings in: “A Primary School Teacher“.

My Favorite Teacher Paragraph
Write a 150 word paragraph about your favorite teacher.

By: Haque, Words: 350, For class 7-8/JSC

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) His academic qualification and efficiency, (iii) Why I like him, (iv) His relationship with the students, (v) Conclusion.

Introduction: A good teacher is an important man of the society and the country. He gives us proper training. He is a potential nation builder. In fact, teachers are the guardians of civilization. Every student loves a good teacher. Mr. Nurul Islam is my favorite teacher. He is a good teacher in our school. He is very popular with the students. I like him most.

His academic qualification and efficiency: My favorite teacher Mr. Nurul Islam teaches us English. He is an M. A. He has also a B.Ed training. He is very intelligent and can discover the hidden treasure inside each student.

He creates interest in the minds of the students. He wants them happy and keeps them busy at work. He tries to understand the weakness of the students. We get from him something new every day. All the students participate in his lesson. His voice is sweet and we all listen to his lecture with attention. We never miss his class.

Why I like him: To me, Mr. Nurul Islam is an ideal teacher. So, I respect him and like him most. He has left a permanent impression on my mind through his qualities of love and affection. He is very beautiful, punctual, and gentle. He is a great scholar, but he is never proud of his learning. He leads a simple life. He believes in the ideas of plain living and high thinking. He is very honest and sincere. Above all, he is a man of spotless character which the students may follow. That’s why he is my favorite teacher.

His relationship with the students: Mr. Nurul Islam behaves well with the students. He helps them prepare their lesson. He is never angry with the students. If any student asks him questions, he does not feel disturbed. He always cooperates with the students. He is not only a favorite teacher of his students, but he is also their best friend. He plays with the students. He takes part in other extracurricular activities of the students, too. He accompanies the students on the picnic and study tour. He behaves like a friend of the students. He even helps the poor student. So, every student loves and respects him.

Conclusion: Mr. Nurul Islam is a successful teacher. Students are always benefited by his teaching. He is our favorite teacher, best friend, and careful guardian. So, I like him most.


My Favorite Teacher Essay in English

By: Haque, Words: 400, For 9-10/SSC

Knowledge is a divine light on the dark horizon of the human mind. The person who dedicates himself to spreading this divine light among others is called a teacher. A teacher is regarded as the mirror of a nation as he is also considered as the builder of a nation. He is the selfless preacher of knowledge.

As the newly rising sun disperses the darkness of the night and scatters its calm and solemn light on the earth, so a teacher removes the darkness of ignorance from the minds of his students and spreads the light of knowledge in it. He helped his students develop their latent talents and develop them into honest and good people. No knowledge can be attained without a teacher. A teacher is the most valuable asset to his students.

My favorite teacher is Shahina Kabir, who is an ideal teacher. She possesses all the qualities needed to be an ideal teacher. She is divine to me. She is our English teacher. I think of her as a philosopher, a poet, a novelist, and a religious saint. On all sides, she is very outstanding, experienced, and skillful. Her smiling face is like a book of a sweet and interesting story, her tongue is the ocean of language, and her heart is the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.

When my favorite teacher teaches us in the class, we become spellbound and fascinated. She has special attracting power. She is esteemed highly and her modesty is beyond description. She is a very simple but deep-thinking woman. All the students are greatly devoted to her and she also loves us cordially. She enters the class punctually and exchanges greetings with us for a very short time. Her teaching style is very nice. Scientific, well-planned, and highly effective. Her method of teaching is very dear to us and we are all being attentive listen to her heartily. Any complicated problems she simplifies to us.

When someone fails to understand something, she explains it in detail without being bothered. She is not only a teacher but also our best friend. Teachers like her are rare to us. She is an honest woman. She never condones injustice. Despite being a very soft-hearted woman like the petals of flowers, she is as steadfast as a mountain against corruption. She is a teacher to be proud of. I will admire her as my favorite teacher all through my life.


My Favorite Teacher Essay, 500 Words

By: Haque, Words: 400, For 9-10/SSC

Introduction: A teacher is a very important person in one’s life. A teacher imparts us valuable knowledge and prepares us for future life.

Who He is: I have come in contact with many good teachers in my life. I like all of them very much and remember them with gratitude. I have learned many things from them. I will always remain indebted to them. To mention only one as the most favorite is really difficult. Still, I can distinctly mention Mr. Sulaiman Ahmed as he occupies a very special position in my heart.

How I Met Him: I came in close contact with him when I was studying in class eight in M.E.S. High School, Chittagong. He was our English teacher. He lived adjacent to the school.

Why I Like Him: At that time English was a dreadful subject to me. I was facing much trouble with English and passed the annual examination of Class Seven with very poor marks in English. In such circumstances, Mr. Sulaiman Ahmed opened the door to a new world for me. His style of presentation was so charming and his knowledge of the English language was so deep that I got much attracted to the study of the English language. He was never late in his class. He even took some extra classes for the weak students. He instilled a love for learning English in the students. His classes were so enjoyable that the attendance rate was very high. The students were very responsive in his class. When he asked any question almost all the hands in the class went up. He, himself, was like a butterfly within the four walls of the classroom. While taking classes he walked in a dancing motion, his eyes glowed with emotion and enthusiasm. It was a joy to attend his classes. He told us many great stories of English literature. While giving lectures he sometimes acted the scenes of his stories. His classes were not less enjoyable than dramas, movies, or soap operas. Still, his influence on us was not confined to the classroom. The doors of his house were always open to the students. He encouraged us to go to his house whenever we needed to know something. On Fridays, he had dinner with the students. Students could join him as long as there were empty seats at the dining table. We enjoyed the system very much and a specific number of students always had dinner with him. His generosity, selflessness, sincerity, and affection for the students were beyond the limit.

Conclusion: The time I passed with him has left a lasting impact on me. The knowledge he imparted to me has served as a foundation for my English study. His qualities as a human being have encouraged me to be good to others and have strengthened my belief in human beings.


My Favorite Teacher Paragraph

In 150 words, for class 4-5

Our parents brought us into this world, and our teachers made us human. We take lessons from teachers to become good and worthy people. Thus teachers give birth to us for the second time in the world of knowledge. We respect all our teachers, but some of them have a profound effect on our lives. Such a teacher occupies a big place in the mind of his student. He became her favorite teacher. My favorite teacher is Mr. Rafiq Ahmed from Chhanbari High School. He is shining like a pole star in my heart. He loved me like his own child. His teaching style was extraordinary. He could easily explain any difficult thing. He always encouraged me to read books on various topics so that I could spread my knowledge beyond the textbooks. Rafiq Sir was a very big-minded person. He inspired all his students to dream big. That’s why he’s my favorite teacher and of so many other students, too.

My Favorite Teacher Paragraph
My favorite teacher inspired me to dream big.

My Favorite Teacher Paragraph

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph on ‘Your Favorite Teacher’ with special mention of the following things: Name, appearance, age, dress he wears, his teaching, his mode of teaching, his behavior with the students, some other qualities.

Mr. Azizur Rahman is my favorite teacher. He is our class teacher. He is a healthy man. He is slim and has a lovely appearance. He always puts on a simple but clean dress. Most of the time he wears a full pant and a shirt. He teaches us English. He knows the modern method of teaching. He is never angry with the students. He helps the weak students with difficult lessons. If we ask him questions, he does not feel disturbed. He co-operates with the students. He makes the lesson interesting to us. His voice is sweet. He is sincere, dutiful, and honest. He takes special care of the weak students. He makes us confident. He is also a good sportsman. He often plays with us. He is really a teacher, a friend, and a guide to us. We like him very much. Such a teacher is the glory of the nation.

A Good Teacher Paragraph
A good teacher is an artist who can mold the students.

A Good Teacher Paragraph

In 130 words, for class 5 to 8

Write a paragraph mentioning the qualities that a good teacher possesses. Focus the contribution made by a teacher towards the development of a nation.

Education is the backbone of a nation. A teacher is a person who guides the students to the future leaders of the country with the prescribed ideals and values. After parents, they are the best guides of the students. A good teacher makes his students’ active partners rather than passive receivers. He/she discovers the hidden qualities of the students and inspires them to develop. He made them aware of their own abilities and made them confident. He makes the lessons interesting, easy, and thought-provoking so that they become keen to learn. A good teacher also undergoes teachers’ training college to develop himself. Teaching is an art that can be developed through sincere endeavors and a good teacher is an artist who can mold the students with his ideals.

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