My Garden / Gardening Paragraph

Do you know how to create a flower or vegetable garden? Then write a paragraph on gardening. In fact, gardening is an easy task, even easier is to write a paragraph or essay about gardening. Here are 5 examples to illustrate the benefits of gardening and how to grow a garden. They are written in 100-200 words. Reading them will help you to write an essay or paragraph yourself.

Follow the 4 steps to write a good paragraph about a garden or gardening:

  1. Think first about what you have to say about a garden or gardening. Paragraphs are always short, so exclude extra or less relevant words from your idea.
  2. In your first sentence, say what a garden is. Then write down why gardening is an important or beneficial practice. Mention whether it is usually a hobby or a matter of human interest.
  3. Explain where, how, and why you have created a garden, whether it is a flower garden or vegetables, what are some of the significant flowers or vegetables, and how you protect and care for your garden.
  4. Finally, write about how gardening helps you in your physical exercise, how it makes you happy, and why you want to encourage people to garden.
My Garden Paragraph
Is gardening your hobby? So, write a paragraph about it.

My Garden Paragraph in 100 Words

Sentences: 12, Words: 100, Characters: 555

A flower garden is one in which various kinds of flowers are grown. There is a flower garden in front of our home. It looks very beautiful. The garden has a strong fence. We work in the garden regularly. We root out grass and weed. We water the garden in time. Various kinds of flowers such as the rose, the jasmine, the chameli, the marigold, the Gardenia, the Kamini, the Jui, and many other flowers bloom in our garden. The garden is never without flowers. Each flower has its own color and scent. Everyone loves flowers. Its beauty fascinates people.

My Garden Paragraph in 100-200 Words
I like to spend my leisure taking care of my garden.

Paragraph on How to make a Garden

In 150 words, for class 5-6

Gardening is a popular hobby. You can fill your leisure time with fragrance and joy through gardening. It will ward off laziness, be an easy way to exercise and express your beauty. Your desire to have a small garden is enough since it is a very simple task. The steps to make a garden are: First choose a piece of land where there is enough sunlight and where rainwater does not stagnate. Remove all the weeds and clean the plot. Then loosen the soil with a spade, keeping a certain distance in rows, where you will plant the seedlings. Now mix some fertilizer, compost, or dung well in the loose soil. Then start planting seeds, seedlings of flowers, fruits, or vegetables of your choice. This is how to make a garden. Irrigate the seedlings regularly, so that the plants grow faster. Lastly, put a strong fence around your garden. In just a few days, your garden will be in full bloom.

How to make a Garden paragraph
Write a paragraph describing the steps of creating a flower or vegetable garden.

Paragraph on My Garden

In 184 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph about ‘Your Garden’. In your paragraph answer the following questions:

  • Where is your garden?
  • When do you work in it?
  • How many varieties of flowers do you have in your garden?
  • How do you feel when the garden is full of flowers?
  • Why is gardening your hobby?

I have made a small garden in front of my house. In my spare time, I work in the garden. I loosen the soil with a spade and uproot the weeds. I water the plants regularly. I nurse the plants with care. I have put a fence around my garden. So, cattle and naughty boys cannot do any harm to my garden. I have planted different kinds of flowers like rose, chameli, marigold, Shefali, Gandaraj, and Bakul in my garden. But I like the rose very much. There are three types of roses in my garden. My garden is a source of pleasure to me. When flowers bloom in my plants, what a pleasure it is for me! The color of the flowers pleases my eyes. Its fragrance cheers up my mind. I feel proud when I can present a bouquet of flowers to my friends. In fact, gardening is my favorite hobby. It is helpful to me in many ways. It refreshes my body and mind and I can give attention to my studies. I take a keen interest in working in my garden.

Gardening Paragraph
Gardening brings a man closer to Nature.

Gardening Paragraph

In 160 words, for class 5 to 8

Write a paragraph on gardening highlighting the pleasure of gardening. Write the benefit of gardening.

Gardening is a delightful occupation and a hobby. Many people plant gardens for their needs, such as a vegetable garden. Those who are fond of Nature only get pleasure in the garden. Gardening brings a man closer to Nature. It increases a man’s love for beauty. It offers peace of mind also. It is a source of pleasure and profit. When a garden is adorned with flowers, it really presents a sight to behold. Both color and perfume fill the environment. When you work in your garden, you get an excellent opportunity to exercise. Physical exercise keeps the body fit. The natural beauty of a garden keeps the human mind cheerful. There are many kinds of gardens. They are namely kitchen gardens, fruit gardens, botanical gardens, and zoological gardens. Gardening is very important for our country. A garden is not only a beautiful thing, it is also a source of income for many people. It is better than any other hobby.


Gardening Paragraph
How to Make a Garden

In 130 words, For class 5-8

Your younger brother is interested in gardening but does not know how to make it. Write a paragraph instructing him how to make a garden. You may use the following keywords:

first, then, next, after that, finally.

My younger brother, Joy, is a student in class VIII. He does not know how to do gardening. I gave him the idea of how he can do so. First, you have to find out a suitable piece of land. Then it is necessary to loosen the soil with a spade. The big pieces of soil have to be broken into small ones and the ground has to be made level. Next, plant the seeds, put manure in the soil, and fence the garden. When the seedlings grow up, take special care of the garden. Beds have to be made of various seasonal flowers separately. After that, the garden is to be weeded out from time to time. The garden is also to be watered frequently. Finally, when the flowers bloom, your heart will fill with joy.

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