My Parents Essay, Paragraph & Composition

Here are essays, paragraphs, and compositions, ranging from 100 to 350 words about “My Parents”. What is the role of parents in a child’s life, how parents raise their children, their love and affection for children; and conversely, what are the duties of children to their parents, what is the religious instruction in this regard, and what is the moral demand, why should the parents be obeyed—the following writings answer all such questions.

My Parents Paragraph
The contribution of my parents in my life is immense.

By: Haque; For class 9-10/SSC; 27-02-’22

Introduction: There are five members in my family. They are my father, my mother, my elder brother, my younger sister, and me. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. My parents are the most important people to me.

My father: My father’s name is Mohammed Ayub. He is a businessman. He deals in cloth. He has a cloth store in Khatunganj, Chittagong. His store remains open six days a week. The only off day he gets in the week is Friday. He has to work very hard. On working days he remains at his store from 9 AM to 8 PM. So on weekends, he passes the whole day with the family. He takes us to different places such as the zoo, children’s park, museum, cinema, theatre, etc. Sometimes, we just sit together and chat while taking fruits or snacks like puffed rice with Chanachur, handmade cake, peanuts, cashew, mango, pineapple, etc. He often takes us to the houses of different relatives. He also plays with us, the children. I like my father very much.

My Mother: My mother’s name is Ayesha Khatun. She is a housewife. She remains engaged in her work at home all the time. She gets up very early in the morning. Then she makes breakfast for everyone in the family and prepares us, the children, for our respective school or college. Then she prepares our food for lunch and dinner. My mother has to work till midnight. She endures all the hardship for the sake of our happiness.

Their Sacrifice and Sincere Effort of My Parents: My parents always take good care of me and my siblings. They sincerely try to fulfill all my needs. As they are not rich, they cannot buy me everything I desire, but they try to make me happy with whatever they have. I understand and value their sincere effort.

Conclusion: My parents are best companions to me. They behave with me like friends. I discuss everything with my parents. I consider myself fortunate to have such good parents. I love my parents very much.


My Parents Essay, 300 Words
Obedience to Parents / Duties to Parents

By: Haque; For class 7-8/JSC; 27-02-’22

Introduction: Obedience to parents is a sacred duty. Parents always love their children, think for their bright future, and work hard for their happiness. But the children, in return, forget their parents when they grow up.

Our Duty to Our Parents: We are indebted to our parents for our life. We have seen the light of the world through them. They have brought up us with great care and affection. So, it is our duty to make them happy in their old age. Our parents are our best guides and best friends. They are our best well-wishers. They do not hesitate to sacrifice even their lives for the sake of children. Many full fathers are starving to feed their children. so, it is quite natural that we should obey our parents.

It is the religious duty of every child to obey his parents. Islam says, “to please the father is to please God”. Moreover, it enjoins: “heaven lies at the feet of mother”. The sacred book of the Hindus says that one’s mother is superior to heaven. So, we see that obedience to parents is one of our religious duties.

How to Repay Our Debts to Them: The love, care, and sacrifice to the parents can never be repaid by children. It is, therefore, by good conduct that the parents be best served and pleased. We should not do such things as will make them unhappy. We should nurse them when they are sick.

Benefits of Obeying Them: Obedience to parents brings mental peace and happiness. It teaches us discipline. It makes the life of the children happy, peaceful, and prosperous. It teaches a child to be pious and honest. Children who are disobedient can never be happy.

Conclusion: Children should obey their parents in their own interest. The love and affection of the parents are blessings to the children.


My Parents Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque; For class 5-6/PSC; 27-02-’22

Write a paragraph about your parents, which will answer the following questions:

  • How is your relationship with your parents?
  • What is the role of your parents in your growing up?
  • What are the educational qualifications of your parents?
  • What dreams do your parents have for you and your siblings?
  • Do you feel proud of your parents?

My parents are rich and educated. They are my best guardians, friends and well-wishers. They love me very dearly. They have brought me up with great care and affection. My father is an M. A. and my mother is a graduate. My father is a professor in a college and my mother is a school mistress. My parents are well to do. They have a house of their own in Comilla. My parents are trying their best to educate us. My parents wish that we, all brothers and sisters, will be established in life and be good citizens of the country. I love my parents dearly. I am proud of my parents.

Duty towards Parents Paragraph
We should take care to look after our parents.

Duty towards Parents Paragraph

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph on duty to parents. Prove that performing duties to parents one can be successful in the battle of life. Write the statements in favor of duty towards parents done by the issues.

Our parents are the dearest and nearest ones on earth. They bring us up and teach us many things with great care. So, we have many duties towards them. Firstly, we should take care not to hurt their feelings by our words or deeds. Secondly, we should be obedient to them. Thirdly, we should take care to look after them when they are old and helpless as we were in our childhood. Islam says, “Heaven lies at the feet of mother.” The Hindu scriptures say, “Mother and motherland are superior to heaven”. Similarly, every religion has given stress to the duties towards parents. Parents are the source of all success for the children because the blessing of the parents makes God sympathize with them. If parents become angry with their children, God also gets angry with them. So, to shine in life everybody should be careful of duty to parents.


My Parents Composition

In 100 words, for Class-3

My parents are very dear to me. They are my best friends and well-wishers. I love and respect them very much and always follow their orders and advice. They have brought me up with care and affection.

My parents are well-educated. My father is a banker. My mother is a housewife. My parents maintain our family properly. We live in our own house. My parents are trying their best to make me educated.

My parents want me to be an honest, active, hard-working, and useful citizen of Bangladesh. I am proud of my dear parents.

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