My Pet Animal Essay, Composition, Paragraph

Pets are present in all countries. The favorite pet of the people of the East is the cat, the dog of the West. It is a favorite hobby of many people. This is why students are asked to write an essay, composition, or paragraph in school exams on pets. Here is some writing about pet animals, which will continue to be enriched.

My Pet Animal Essay, Composition, Paragraph
This is Mini, my cute pet.

My Pet Animal Composition 300 Words

By: Haque, For class 7-8/JSC, 01-01-2022

I have a pet cat. I call her Mini. She is my pet animal. I like her very much. She also likes me. Her fur is white and clean. She looks very beautiful.

Mini is good in her habits. She does not steal any food. She does not even touch any food if left uncovered. Whenever I take my food, it comes to me and sits next to me until I finish my meal. Sometimes it mews and twinkles its eyes as a symbol of modesty.

Mini is neat and clean by nature. She does not go out of the house and dust her body. She sleeps on my bed. If I am angry, she can understand. Then she mews softly and looks at me tenderly. So, I cannot beat her and drive away.

Most of the time by day it remains idle and sometimes it sleeps. But it remains awake all night to catch its prey. Sometimes it catches mice and cockroaches. It is a good hunter.

Mini is very fond of taking fish, meat, and milk. When it becomes hungry, it tries to steal fish and milk from the kitchen. For this, my mother is often angry with her.

Mini is liked by other members of my family. It plays with my little brothers and sister. They often walk about taking her in their arms. She never bites or scratches them. So, it is liked by all.

Mini kills rats, whenever she sees a mouse, she chases it and kills it. Thus, she does some good for us.

When I come back home, it becomes very cheerful and utters mews. It sits down under my table when I read in the evening. Sometimes it runs here and there and soon returns. It goes to my bedroom with me and jumps on my lap as if it wanted to sleep with me. After all, I like Mini very much.


Essay on Your Domestic Pet Animal, 200 Words

By: Haque, For Class 6-7, 19-01-2022

Introduction: Allah has created all living beings. The animals that are kept in houses are called pet animals.

My Pet Animal: I have a pet animal. It is a cat. I call her pussy.

Description of My Pet Animal: My pet animal pussy looks very beautiful. It is white in color. I like her very much. Her face is round and her eyes are bright. She has soft fur all over her body. She can walk silently.

Food: Pussy is fond of milk, fish, rice, and meat. It also eats dead mice and small birds.

Nature: Pussy is good in her habits. She is gentle by nature. She does not steal any food. She does not even touch any food if it is left uncovered. When I go to the table, she goes on mewing until I give her food. She is neat and clean by nature. She sleeps on my bed. I do not beat her and drive her away.

My Duty to Pussy: On returning from school, I call her. She comes to me. I feed her. I always take care of her.

Usefulness: Pussy is a good hunter. She preys on rats, mice, and other harmful small insects. Thus she does some good for us.

Conclusion: We are all pleased with pussy. We treat her with great care. I am really happy to have a cat like pussy.


Pet Animal Essay for Class-3

By: Haque, Words: 100, 01-01-2022

There are many animals that we have as pet animals. A cat is one of them.

We love to keep a cat as our pet animal. It lives with us in our house. It sleeps with us. It looks very lazy in the morning. It is very active in the afternoon. It has four legs, two eyes, two ears, and a tail. It can walk without making any sound. It eats rice, fish, etc. It likes milk very much. It can catch rats. Thus, it helps keep our house clean.

A cat is a very helpful pet animal. We should take care of it.

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