My School Essay | Our School Essay & Paragraph

Here is a bunch of essays and paragraphs about my school, or our school, and a village school. They focus on how a school lights the lamp of education in the darkness of illiteracy, what is the current state of my school, what are its advantages and disadvantages, what should be done to improve the quality of my school / our school and especially the importance and role of a village primary school.

My School Essay & Paragraph
'My School' is a common topic for essay & paragraph.

By: Haque; Words: 400; 08-03-’22

Introduction: My school is a century-old school. Its name is Muslim Education Society High School. It was established in 1921. It is located at Anderkilla under Kotwali Upazila in Chittagong. My school has a long tradition and reputation. So, writing an essay about my school is a pleasure for me.

Description of My School: At present, the school is housed in a big five-storied building. It faces the north. The original four-storied building became dilapidated and was reconstructed in 1985. There are thirty-five classrooms, three science laboratories, one boys’ room, one girls’ common room, one teachers’ common room, and one office room in my school. The Headmaster and the Assistant Headmaster sit in two separate rooms. There is a big library in the school. The library has a big collection of books. Students can read and borrow books from the library. There is a pond on the south and a mosque on the north in our school. There is also a garden in front of it. Students take proper care of the garden. It is always full of flowers and looks very beautiful.

Teachers and Students: There are 1650 students and 34 teachers in my school. All the teachers are efficient, qualified, and experienced. Our Headmaster is a renowned scholar and a very good administrator. He has been selected as the best teacher of Kotowali Thana many times. We respect him very much. He always takes good care of us.

Results of My School: My school is well known for its brilliant results in different competitive public examinations. Almost all the students pass the SSC Examinations with good grades and the results of the Junior Scholarship Examination are also quite satisfactory.

Games & Sports in My School: There is a big empty space in front of my school where the students play football, cricket, badminton, and other games and sports. One of the teachers looks after the games and sports and coaches the students. The achievements of our school in different sports competitions are excellent. Every year our students win a lot of prizes.

Ceremonies observe in My School: Every year my school observes different religious and national events such Sirat An-Nabi, International Mother Language Day, Victory Day, Independence Day, and other events. The school also holds Annual Prize Giving Ceremony, Sports Day, Cultural Day, etc. On those days special programs are organized with participation from the students and teachers.

Conclusion: My school is one of the best schools in the area. I am proud to be one of the students of this school.


My School Essay for Class 7-8

By: Haque; Words: 300; 08-03-’22

Hints: Introduction, Site and Description, Results, Games and Library, Other Facilities, Conclusion.

Introduction: The name of our school is Singra High School. It is in the district of Natore. It is one of the best schools in the district of Natore.

Description of My School: My school stands in an open place. Our school is housed in a nice one-storied building. A small river flows to the west of the school. It faces the South. It has twelve spacious rooms. The headmaster’s room stands in one corner of the school. Next to his room, there is a teacher’s common room. The teachers meet here before and after classwork. There is another room for the office. The clerk sits here and collects tuition fees. There is another room for the library. The classes are held in the rest of the rooms. Our school has a well-equipped science laboratory.

There are five hundred students and twenty teachers in our school. The teachers are well educated and trained. They love us very dearly. The headmaster is an M. A. Our school sits at 10:30 a.m. and breaks up at 4:30 p.m. We get leisure for half an hour at 1 p.m.

Results: The results of our school are always good. Every year many students pass the SSC examination in the first division. Some boys get junior scholarships every year.

Games and Library: There is a playground in front of our school. We play football, cricket, volleyball, and other games there. We also play Carrom and table tennis in the common room. Our school has a rich library. We read books and magazines there. The students borrow books from it.

Other Facilities: Our school publishes a magazine every year. The poor students enjoy free scholarships. Sometimes we go on picnics.

Conclusion: I love my school. I am proud of my school. my school is an ideal seat for learning.


My School Composition for Class 3

In 150 words, for Class 3-4

The name of our school is Rampura Primary School. It is situated in the district of Dhaka. It is one of the best schools in Dhaka city.

The school is a brick-built house. It is a two-storied building. There are twelve rooms in our school. The headmaster’s room, office room, teachers’ common room, and the library are on the ground floor. The rooms on the first floor are used as classrooms.

About two hundred and fifty students study at this school. Ten teachers teach us. Our headmaster is an M. A. Other teachers are also well qualified.

There is a playground in front of our school. We play outdoor games like football, cricket, and badminton in the playground. Our library is big. There are valuable books in it.

Our school is a famous school for its discipline and good results. The students are also polite. We are proud of our school.


My School Paragraph

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph on ‘MY SCHOOL’ including the following information:

  • The name and its location,
  • shape of the school,
  • rooms,
  • number of students and teacher,
  • description of the Headmaster,
  • result,
  • facilities,
  • why do you love your school?

The name of my school is Rupnagar High School. It is in the district of Khulna. A small river flows by the northern side of our school. The school faces the south. Our school is a two-storied building. It is L-shaped. It has thirty classrooms, the Headmaster’s room, a science laboratory, and a library. Most of the classrooms and the library are on the first floor. There are six hundred students and twenty-five teachers in our school. All the teachers are highly qualified. The Headmaster is an M. A. Our school wins Junior Scholarship every year. The results of the SSC Examination are also good. There is a playground in front of our school. We play football and cricket and other games there. The students can borrow books from the school library. The poor students enjoy full free studentship. I love my school very much. It is an ideal seat for learning.

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Village Primary School Paragraph
A village primary school is the foundation of education in rural Bangladesh.

A Village Primary School Paragraph

In 150 words, for class 5 to 8

A village primary school plays a very vital role in spreading education among the students. Now write a paragraph on a village primary school mentioning its present privileges and importance in spreading education.

A village primary school is generally engaged in removing the ignorance and illiteracy of a village. It plays a vital role to wake up our rural Bangladesh. It is usually in a poor condition unless it attracts the attention of the government and is made into a brick-built building. A village primary school has classes from I to V. There are some devoted teachers whose dream is to get rid of illiteracy and build a new realm of peace and happiness. They are the true nation-builders. A village primary school should be kept free from politics and interference of those who are not educated enough to understand its problems and needs. Our country is mainly the country of villages. Our country can be developed with the development of the village primary school. A village primary school must be given certain advantages so that it can work freely to remove the illiteracy of society.

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