My School Library Essay & Paragraph

“My School Library” or “Our School Library” is a very common topic for essay and paragraph writing. Also, it is easy for students to write about this. Because it is a place you always go and read books. So, how is your school library, how many books are there, how many chairs and tables—it should be easy for you to write down. Yes, when you write an essay, composition, or paragraph about the school library, it usually contains these things. However, you can add your own experience or something you like. The essays and paragraphs given here about a school library will help you to compose a beautiful one on your own.

My School Library Paragraph
The school library is my favorite place in school.

By: Haque, Words: 400, 30 Nov ’21

Introduction: A library is is the place where various kinds of books are kept for the readers. Those who are students mostly required it to enrich their sphere of knowledge. We have a library within our school compound and it has got a good collection of books. We use them for studying and preparing notes.

Where situated: The school library is situated on the first floor and at the right end of the school building. It is 20 feet long and 14 feet wide with two doors and six windows. It has tube lights and fans too.

Kinds of books: Our school library possesses books of different branches of knowledge, literature, history, philosophy, science, commerce, geography, etc. There are also some excellent books that help students to learn English. The books in the library are arranged on different shelves with labels on the tops.

Method of borrowing: Every student possesses a library card. We can borrow two books at a time submitting the card to the librarian. There are catalog boxes with the names of books arranged orderly. We have to find out the names of our desired books and give the serial number to the librarian, then he finds out the books and issues those. We can keep the books for seven days.

Rules followed: In the library, we all follow discipline. There is an environment of quietness and peace in the library. Without bringing the library card none can enter the library. If someone is late to return the books to the library, he has to pay a fine, and if he loses the book, he has to pay the price of the book.

How helpful / Usefulness: Our school library is very helpful for widening our depth of knowledge. Besides textual books knowledge, it is the gateway to general knowledge. Our school library is also provided with daily newspapers in both Bengali and English. Here weekly magazines are also kept for the student to keep pace with the time. The library provides us with many good and necessary books. This school library makes us a good citizen of the state with all its fruitful information.

Conclusion: We should take the chance to use the library whenever we get the time and open our eyes to see the wonderful ideas available in the books. Students should go through some out-books for gaining knowledge with their selected books. So, every school should have a school library.


My School Library Essay

Sentences: 28, Words: 300, 17 Oct ’21.

Introduction: A library is a room or a building where various kinds of books are kept. It is a part and parcel of an educational institution. Our school has also a good library.

Situation, Size & Equipment: Our school is a well-decorated three-storied building. The library is on the left side of the second floor. The library is divided into two parts. In one part there is the reading room and in the other part almirahs where books are neatly arranged on the shelves. In the center of the room tables and chairs are placed for the teachers and the students.

Numbers & Kinds of Books: The library has more than four thousand books. There are books on literature, Science, Arts, Commerce, etc. Different types of books are kept on different shelves. there are also some rare books in our school library.

Methods of Borrowing Books: Our school library is the property of the school. It is not open to outsiders. Only the teachers and students are allowed to borrow books from the school library. The students are issued library cards. Students are allowed to keep books for a week. In case of delay, they are fined. There is a librarian and a bearer to help the students.

Rules Followed: In the reading room, many teachers and students read books up to their necessity and satisfaction. Here nobody is allowed to speak or read loudly. It remains open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How Helpful: School library is very much helpful to both the teachers and students. It helps a teacher to prepare himself well for his teaching. It helps a student in acquiring knowledge, preparing notes, etc. So, it is like a gold mine to the students of the school.

Conclusion: Our school library is a sacred place of learning. It is a storehouse of knowledge. So, the students and the teachers of our school should utilize it properly. We are proud of our school library.


A Paragraph on My School Library

In 170 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph about your school library. Mention its location, size, number and kinds of books, process of borrowing books and how it is useful to you.

A library is the storehouse of knowledge. A library keeps books for the students and the teachers to read and borrow. Our school has also a rich library. It is situated on the corner of the first floor. Our school library is well-decorated. There are two parts to it. In one part there is a reading room and a counter for issuing books to the reader, on the other side there are bookshelves in which the books are arranged. The reading room of the library is decorated with a few rows of tables and chairs. The students read books sitting here. There are about 2000 books in our school library. These books include stories, novels, dramas, poems, and textbooks. It remains open from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM. There is a librarian to issue books. Each student has a library card. The students are allowed to keep books at home for a week. Our school library is very useful to us. The students read here in the leisure period.

School Common Room Paragraph
A short paragraph on our school common room.

Our School Common Room

In 135 words, for class 5 to 10

  • Where is the common room in your school?
  • When do students use the common room?
  • How many doors and windows are there in the common room?
  • What furniture and things are there?
  • Does the common room have indoor games facilities?

Our common room is a nice room. It is situated on the western side of our school. It faces the north. It is a big and spacious room. The students use it during their leisure period. It is well furnished. It has two doors and six windows. So, air and light can easily enter here. There are chairs and tables here. Daily and weekly newspapers and magazines are kept on the tables. There are books on current topics also. There is an arrangement for indoor games. There are four sets of carom boards. There is table tennis. This common room is very helpful to the students. We read newspapers, books and learn many things here. We also enjoy ourselves by playing different games. Indeed, this common room helps us to make use of our leisure period properly.

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