My School Memory & Childhood Memory Essay & Paragraph

Here is a collection of essays and paragraphs on ‘My School Memories’ and ‘My Childhood Memories’. Everything changes over time. The school you attended as a child may not exist today, or it may not be as it was then. Some of the games and sports that you played as a child may have been lost in the modern touch today. The change must have caught your eye. How was your school then, how were your childhood days? Write an essay or paragraph describing your childhood memories.

My School Memories Paragraph
I will never forget the memories of my school days.

By: Haque | For class 6-7 | 02-04-’22

Write a Paragraph on ‘Memories of My School Days’. In your paragraph, mention your class, lessons, examination, homework, games and sports, friends, Headmaster, other teachers, etc.

The memories of my school days are very sweet. I often remember the sweet memories of my school days. In our class, there were sixty students. We all loved one another. Our class lessons were very interesting. All of our teachers were experienced. They took special care of the weak students. We never put off our homework. There was a good academic atmosphere in our school. We attended our classes regularly. As a result, we were never afraid of examinations. Tutorial examinations were held every month half-yearly, 2nd terminal and Annual Examinations were held in our school. There were good facilities for games and sports in our school. We played football, cricket, and volleyball in our school. There were also facilities for indoor games. All the students of the class were very cooperative and friendly. We often arranged debates and went on picnics. The teachers were very helpful to us. They helped us both inside and outside the classroom. The headmaster was really an experienced teacher. The teachers were our guide, guardians, and friends. The happy memories of my school days still fill my heart with joy.


Memories of My School Life Essay, 400 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10 | 02-04-’22

My school days were the best days of my life. I still remember my first day at school. My school life is the brightest part of my memory.

I can still feel how warmly my school welcomed me. The affection I received from my teachers and the love I received from my classmates will never be forgotten. That’s why I always consider my primary school memories as the treasure of my life.

Those who are my best friends today, I got from my school. And those teachers of my childhood are still my fatherly guardians. This is how my school life has helped me and enriched me.

I think if I didn’t have the golden memories and valuable experiences of my school life, I would have missed a lot in my life. I did not get my wonderful friends, my experiences, and happy memories. Those days of excitement helped me to appreciate the value of time and to find meaning in life.

My school life has taught me how to be disciplined, responsible, hardworking, and realistic. That’s how my school life made me, so today I’m happy with my career. I believe that what school life teaches a person really affects the rest of his life.

One of the brightest memories of my school was the day I won the prize in the annual inter-school science competition. It was an event of great joy for me and my parents and a moment of great pride for my school. The principal of our school gave me a medal that day.

In my school life, I used to note down all my events in a personal diary. Now when I get a little leisure, I open the diary. In this notebook, I am delighted to discover the memories and experiences of my school life. It fills me with confidence and courage.

I remember how happy my parents were when I got first place in the whole school. They embraced me with joy and love.

It is said that a person always remembers his first day and last day in school. I remember that too. I cried the first day I went to school, the same way I cried the last day of my school life, because of the sadness of leaving. That’s how school days are the most memorable days of my life.

My School Memory and Childhood Memories Essay and Paragraph
Memories of my wild childhood beckon me to back those bright days.

My Childhood Memory Essay, 250 Words

By: Haque | For class 7-8 | 02-04-’22

Introduction: Childhood is the sweetest period of human life. I often remember the days of my childhood. When I remember my childhood days, I feel happy.

My Childhood Memories:  I was the youngest son of my parents. So, all the members of our family loved me very dearly. They bought me nice toys. My grandmother was very fond of me. She told me many interesting stories.

My Days in the Village: I was born in a village. The Padma flows by it. I swam in the river with other boys.

The whole village was my playground. I wandered in the village and played with my friends. The days of summer were the happiest days to us. We plucked mangoes and blackberries from tree to tree and ate them to our heat’s content. I had a great fascination for picking green mangoes during storm.

Education at Home: My learning was not dull. My uncle taught all the children of our family in the morning and at night.

The Village Maqtab: The village Maqtab was another interesting place for me. An old Maulavi used to teach us there.

School Days: The days of my school were very sweet. In school, we were afraid of our teachers.

The Village Hat: Another interesting memory was the village hat. The hat used to sit twice a week. I used to go to the market with my father. I used to buy sweets from the vendors.

Conclusion: How happy I was in my childhood days! The happy memories of those days still fill my heart with great joy. I wish I could have gone to those days again!


My Childhood Memory Essay, 600 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10 | 02-04-’22

Introduction: Childhood days are very special to every person. A human child is born in a very helpless and weak form. Parents raise the child with utmost care and unconditional love. So, that period is a happy period for most people. However, childhood can be full of sorrow and nightmares for some orphans and helpless people. My childhood days were full of happy events. There were some sorrows too. But the happy memories invariably overshadow the sorry recollections. When I think of my childhood days I have a feeling of joy. My childhood days passed at Agrabad in Chittagong town. There we lived in a one-storied building.

Siblings, Parents, and Grandparents: I was the third child of my parents. My two elder sisters played with me and loved me very much. They shared every delicious food item with me. In the mornings and afternoons, I walked and played in the garden and on the roof of our house with my sisters. I asked them every type of question and they replied to my questions with their imaginations and little knowledge. I annoyed my sisters very much and wanted to follow them everywhere. My parents and sisters told me different types of stories. Those stories developed my imagination to full bloom. We had a radio and a cassette player in our house. I listened to different melodious songs on the radio and cassette player with my family. My grandparents also lived with us. I liked to pass time with them and listen to their experiences. Sometimes I made mistakes and when my parents were about to punish me, my grandparents always saved me. My grandparents died when I was seven years old. It was a matter of great shock to us. I still miss them.

Friends and Playmates: I had a few friends. They were our neighbors. At that time television was very costly and very few families had it. There was a color television in one of my friends’ houses. Sometimes I went to his house to watch TV. The programs on TV fascinated me. The number of my friends increased when I got admitted to the school.

The School: I was admitted to school at the age of five. The school was a very short distance from our house. I clearly remember my first day at school. I got up early in the morning, put on a white shirt and blue pants, and went to school with my father. In school, I met my teachers and classmates. My classmates were friendly and nice to me. My teachers also loved me very much.

Market and Park: Sometimes my parents took me to the market. At the market, they bought me dresses, chocolates, toys, balls, and other necessary items. They also took me to parks. We had a merry-go-round and other kinds of rides in the parks.

The Fairs: I also went to fairs with my parents. There is a big fair held annually in Chittagong. It is called ‘Jabbarer Bali Khela’. Many attractive toys and household items are found at that fair. My parents took me to that fair and bought me toys and sweetmeats. We also went to other fairs held on the occasion of Bengali New Year’s Day, Victory Day, Language Day, etc. We also went to different book fairs where my parents bought me books suitable for children.

Conclusion: A happy feeling engulfs me when I think of my childhood days. Then I lost myself in reverie and feel a strong nostalgia and longing for those days. That period has essentially made me the man I am now.

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