My Neighbor Essay & Paragraph

Humans are social creatures. That is why they live together. In this way, the people living side by side are neighbors of each other. The human character demands that man take care of his neighbor, love him, and help him. But just as not all people are good people, not all neighbors can be good neighbors.

Here is a bunch of essays and paragraphs on the neighbor and a good neighbor. They highlight what a neighbor’s responsibilities are to those around him and what qualities a good neighbor should have.

A Good Neighbour Paragraph
A good neighbour stands by his neighbour in all times.

By: Haque | For class 9-12/SSC-HSC

Introduction: Neighbors are very important for every human being. As a social being man cannot live alone. He cannot go on even for a single day without the help of others. So he lives with others in society. Those who live with him in the same area are his neighbors.

Who He is: I live in a populous area of Chittagong city. There are about five thousand people in the ward where I live. All of them are my neighbors. I have a good relationship with them. We respect and care for each other. Among all my neighbors one is very special to me. His name is Shahabuddin Ahmed. He is a school teacher. He teaches in B. M. High School which is situated in our ward. He is about forty years old. He is a married person and a father of two children — one son and one daughter. His wife is also a teacher of the same school. I have known him for about ten years.

Qualities of a Good Neighbor: All neighbors are not good. A good neighbor should possess some good qualities. He must be sympathetic, compassionate, frank, honest, polite, and well-behaved. He must have tolerance and fellow-feeling. He should also be honest, sincere, and trustworthy.

Why I Like Him: Mr. Shahabuddin Ahmed is a very polite and courteous person. We exchange greetings whenever we meet. He is very hospitable. On different religious occasions and festivals, my family goes to visit his house. His wife prepares different delicious dishes and entertains us. They also come to our house and we try our best to entertain them. In this way, a strong bond has been created between his family and mine. He is reliable and trustworthy. He is also generous and compassionate. In my need, I can rely on him. At those moments of emergency, he comes forward to help me with all his might. Once my father had to undergo a major operation. That needed a lot of money. At that point in the crisis, he lent us a big amount of money. I also paid him back in time and always try to help him in his need.

He possesses some other social qualities, too. He is frank and sincere. He holds nothing back to anybody. He never backbites or finds faults with others. He is simple and modest by nature. If anybody in the locality falls in any difficulty, he extends his helping hand to him. He also participates in social welfare activities. He always attends to his sick neighbors. So he is loved and respected by all.

Conclusion: My neighbor Shahabuddin Ahmed is a good man and a good neighbor. Over time, he has become my best friend. I share my joys and sorrows with him. If I have any problem I want to consult him. I think he is always sincere and eager to help. Our relationship is one of mutual love and respect.


A Good Neighbor Paragraph for Class 9-10

By: Haque; Words: 170; 10-01-’23

Write a paragraph about your idea of a good neighbour. Think of a particular neighbour you have known. Describe some of his qualities and how he helps others in distress.

A good neighbor possesses some qualities. He stands by his neighbor at all times. A good neighbor must be amiable and considerate. He does not do anything that disturbs the peace of his neighbor. Mr. Abdur Rahman is my next-door neighbor. I have known him for a long time. He is a school teacher. He is very social. He mixes with all his neighbors equally. He is a social worker. If anybody faces any problem, he tries to help him. He never hurts the feelings of anybody. He receives everybody with a sweet smile. He is very cooperative and kind-hearted. In the social and religious festivals, he co-operates with all. He often helps the poor in distress. When he hears the sickness of a man, he rushes to his house and arranges for his treatment. In times of natural calamities, he rushes to the spot with students to render all possible help. So, every one of our locality respects him. A man like Mr. Rahman as the neighbor is a blessing of God.

My Neighbour or Neighbor Paragraph
Relationships between neighbors are strengthened through the exchange of gifts.

My Neighbor Paragraph for Class 6-8

By: Haque; Words: 130; 07-01-’23

Write a paragraph on your neighbour. Mention the qualities that your neighbour possesses of. Take down how he comes to help you in times of your danger.

My neighbor is a nice man to mix and talk with. He is cooperative, amiable, and generous. He mixes with me but still keeps some differences. He believes that ‘good fences make good neighbors.’ So, he has built a strong wall between us. We usually meet each other on a holiday. He comes to see me when I am ill. When we go somewhere far away for work or for a walk, he keeps an eye on our home. He is a teacher with a great personality and all the other neighbors respect him. He is the glory of our locality and I am proud of having a neighbor like him. In fact, every neighbor should do gently to glorify the social demand. As my neighbor does it, he is after my heart.


My Neighbor Essay | Qualities of a Good Neighbor

By: Haque | Words: 300

Write an essay on “My Neighbor” in around 300 words. Under different subheadings, introduce the neighbor, describe his qualities and explain the importance and role of a good neighbor for peaceful co-existence.


My neighbor is an important part of my community. He is someone who I interact with on a daily basis and have come to know quite well over the years. In this essay, I will introduce my neighbor, describe his qualities, and explain the importance and role of a good neighbor for peaceful co-existence.

Introducing My Neighbor

My neighbor’s name is Mansur Ahmed. He is in his early 60s and has been living in the neighborhood for over 20 years. He is a retired teacher and spends most of his time gardening, reading, and spending time with his grandchildren. He is a kind and friendly person who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Qualities of My Neighbor

One of the most admirable qualities of my neighbor is his kindness. He is always willing to help out in any way he can, whether it’s lending a tool, giving advice, or just being there to listen. He is also a great listener and always has time to chat with his neighbors. He is a very hardworking person, he always maintains his garden very well, and the neighborhood looks beautiful because of it.

Importance and Role of a Good Neighbor

A good neighbor is essential for peaceful co-existence in a community. They play a vital role in creating a sense of belonging and community spirit. They are the ones who are there to offer support and help during difficult times. They also help to keep the neighborhood safe and clean by looking out for one another and reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities.


My neighbor Mansur is a great example of a good neighbor. He is kind, friendly, and always willing to lend a helping hand. He is an important part of my community and plays a vital role in creating a sense of belonging and community spirit. A good neighbor is essential for peaceful co-existence in a community, and we should all strive to be the best neighbors we can be.

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