The Liar Shepherd and The Wolf

Shepherd Wolf Story

Once upon a time, there was a young shepherd who took his flock to pasture every day. Since he was extremely bored, he decided to play a joke on the local peasants.

Keep reading. It is one of Aesop’s most famous and popular fables. It contains valuable advice for you.

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Democracy Paragraph

A Short Paragraph on Democracy

Democracy is a political ideology. Now the whole world is slowly moving towards democracy. However, it cannot be claimed that this is the best form of government. Democratic government structures have not been shown to be equally effective in all countries of the world. But there are some good aspects to it. How do you evaluate democracy? Write a short paragraph on this. Here we are sharing with you two sample paragraphs of 135 and 185 words.

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Milk & Healthy Man Paragraph

Milk Paragraph

Here are two paragraphs on milk and one about a healthy man. The first two highlight the nutritional value of milk and its role in human health. The last paragraph presents the qualities and habits of a healthy man. They are short paragraphs, containing only 100 & 130 words and written for primary and lower secondary students.

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