Air Pollution Essay & Paragraph

Air pollution is one of the major concerns of the world today. The world’s population growth is on the rise. New factories are being set up to meet the new demand, and the use of chemicals is also increasing. It is harming nature and the environment. The air is being polluted. It causing water pollution too. People are suffering from various diseases. Therefore, in order to keep the earth habitable in the future, air pollution must be prevented.

This is why it is very possible to ask students to write a paragraph or an essay on the causes and remedies of air pollution in school exams. Here we have written a bunch of paragraphs and essays of different values and lengths for you.

Paragraph on Air Pollution
Increasing air pollution has put the earth at risk for habitation.

In 120 words, for class 4 to 6

  • Why is air pollution dangerous?
  • What causes air pollution?
  • Which area has the highest level of air pollution?
  • What should be done to prevent air pollution?

Air is life and one of the most essential elements of the human environment. It is not possible for us and the rest of the animal kingdom to survive without air. Smoke from our kitchen, vehicles burning petrol and diesel, brickfield, melting pitch for road construction pollute the air. Severe air pollution is mainly seen in industrial areas, where toxic fumes are emitted by various chemical reactions. Sometimes leakage of poisonous gas causes serious sickness of the workers and even death. Air pollution is a big threat to our health and nature. To protect our health from poisonous smoking, proper measures should be taken. If not, national health can never be saved. We should make joint efforts and take long-term measures to prevent air pollution.

Air Pollution Paragraph & Essay
The use of firearms causes air pollution.

Air Pollution Paragraph

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

  • What does air pollution mean?
  • Why do we need to be careful about air pollution?
  • What are the significant causes of air pollution?
  • How do plants prevent air pollution?
  • Mention a few things to do to prevent this problem.

Air pollution means the mixing of harmful gases and fumes with the air. This is a threat to our health and environment. So, we need to be aware of air pollution and warn others as well. There are many reasons for air pollution. It occurs when bad gases, harmful fumes, or dust mix with air. Life-saving air then becomes dangerous for humans and animals. Black smoke from cars, brickfields, and factories causes air pollution. Plants absorb harmful gases from the air and keep it clean. But many people do not understand it. They cut down trees as they want. So, forests are declining and carbon dioxide is rising in the air. We should plant trees more than we cut. Garbage should be buried in the ground. The use of solar energy should be increased instead of chemicals. I hope this way will be able to prevent air pollution.

Air Pollution Paragraph for class-5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.
Dust and smoke pollute the air.

A Paragraph on Air Pollution

In 190 words, for class 5 to 10

  • Why is air vital?
  • What is the problem if the air is polluted?
  • Why is this problem more in the city?
  • What diseases can occur in air pollution?
  • What are your recommendations to prevent it?

Air is an essential element for life. Animals take in oxygen and plants get carbon dioxide from the air. If the life-giving air is polluted, then the living nature of the earth is endangered. Thus, air is an essential element of our life and environment. Nowadays the problem of air pollution has created global concern. Air pollution occurs in many ways. It’s much more in urban areas, as the city has a lot of vehicles and mills which emit carbon monoxide gas and smoke and pollute the city air severely. In addition, burning of garbage and indiscriminate discharge of waste into the open air is also a cause of serious air pollution. Increased dust in the air is also a cause of air pollution. Breathing in polluted air causes us to suffer from various respiratory diseases including bronchitis, asthma and allergies. Therefore, it’s very important to prevent air pollution. Excessive smoke emitting vehicles should be banned. Lead-free petrol and eco-friendly fuels should be used in cars and factories. Emphasis should be placed on controlling the number of private vehicles, increasing the multifaceted use of solar energy, plantation and caring trees as much as possible.

Air Pollution Paragraph | A Paragraph about environmental pollution.
Breathing in polluted air can cause various diseases.

A Paragraph on the effect of Air Pollution

250 words, for class 9-10/SSC

Air is an important element of our environment. All humans and other animals need fresh air to survive. No one can live without it. Air is a combination of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, neon, and hydrogen. Among them, oxygen is important for humans and other moving animals, and carbon dioxide is important for plants. There are many causes of air pollution. Mainly industrialization, urbanization, vehicles and mills are responsible for air pollution. Machines and appliances use fossil fuels that produce black smoke. This smoke mixes with the air and pollutes our environment. Throwing dead animals, human waste and rotten things in the open can spread bad odors and pollute the air. Brick kilns, tanneries and chemical products factories are responsible for severe air pollution. Polluted air is very dangerous for human health. It can lead to chronic asthma, lung infections, heart disease, nervous system diseases, lung cancer, allergies, deafness and various psychiatric disorders. Every country should enact and implement special laws to control air pollution. Cars and machines that produce black smoke should be banned. Large factories should be moved to a safe distance from densely populated areas of the city. It is necessary to gradually increase the use of solar energy by reducing the dependence on biofuels. Increasing tree planting by preventing arbitrary felling of trees is the best way to prevent air pollution. It is important for the government and social organizations to take effective steps to make the people aware of the dangers of air pollution.

Air Pollution Paragraph and Essay
We must control smoke emission from brick kilns and factories to prevent air pollution.

An Essay on Air Pollution

300 words, for class 11-12/HSC

Air pollution occurs when harmful substances are mixed in the air. At present air pollution is one of the major problems in the world. In many countries, air pollution poses a serious threat to public life.

Thousands of people are getting infected with various diseases every day by consuming polluted air. So, in order to keep the earth habitable, we must control the intensity of air pollution as much as possible. To do that, it is important to know the main causes of air pollution.

Garbage dumping in open places, use of fossil fuels and lead gas, vehicle, brick kiln and industrial fumes and wastes, chemical and mineral wastes cause air pollution. Indiscriminate felling of trees, forest fires, and deforestation pollute the atmosphere. The use of pesticides and chemicals in agriculture and other fields also causes air pollution. The use of bombs, missiles, and ammunition in warfare and the experimental use of destructive weapons cause serious pollution.

To get rid of air pollution, we need to plant trees at a higher rate, build environment-friendly brickfields, vehicles, and factories, stop and ban the use of fuels that emit harmful fumes and toxic gases into the air, and gradually reduce the use of harmful chemicals. Regular watering should be done to stop dust in the air, dead carcasses, garbage, and debris should be buried in the ground, masks should be used while outside and road construction and repair work should be completed as soon as possible.

First of all, it is necessary to create awareness among the masses to prevent air pollution. We need to create an eco-friendly attitude among all. It is hoped that it will be possible to control air pollution if international organizations, government, and people work together.

Air pollution paragraph for JSC SSC HSC students' exam.
Factories should be moved away from densely populated areas of the city to reduce air pollution.

Air Pollution Paragraph

120 words, for class 6-7, 07-01-’22

Air is the most important element of the environment. No living thing can survive without air. We inhale air and take oxygen for living. Polluted air can be very harmful. People can develop different diseases and illnesses by inhaling contaminated air. Air can be polluted in different ways. The main thing responsible for air pollution is smoke. We create smoke by burning wood, gasoline, coal, etc. In villages, people burn wood for cooking and create smoke. In towns, Mills and factories burn coal and oil. Vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, etc. burn gas, diesel, and petrol. These activities create a huge amount of smoke. Moreover, many mills and factories emit toxic and hazardous fumes and chemicals into the atmosphere. As a result the air gets polluted.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Did you know that indoor air quality can be five times worse than outdoors? While it’s pretty challenging to improve the air quality outdoors, you can always do it with air quality in your home.
    The main cause of poor indoor air quality is dirty air conditioner filters.

    1. Thanks for your valuable comments. You are right that the quality of indoor air in our house can be worse than the outside air due to our ignorance or carelessness. So, we should keep an eye on whether the indoor air is healthy or not.

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