Using A Dictionary Paragraph 100, 150, 200 Words

Using a Dictionary Paragraph

Here are three paragraphs on using a dictionary. What is a dictionary, why is it important to use it, what are the benefits of using a dictionary, all these things are highlighted in these paragraphs. The following paragraphs about using a dictionary are ranging from 100 to 300 words.

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School Teacher Composition & Paragraphs

A Primary School Teacher Paragraph

We’ve written one composition and three paragraphs here, about a school teacher and his role. In a student’s statement, they highlight the social importance of a primary school teacher, his teaching methods, how he treats students, his responsibilities, and other human qualities. The school teacher composition is in 100 words, and the 3 paragraphs about a school teacher below contain 130, 140, and 200 words.

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My Family Paragraph & Composition

Me and My Family Paragraph

The family is the most basic institution of human society. When families are beautiful and peaceful, a society can also become a beautiful society. Here we have compiled 3 paragraphs about family, titled “My Family Paragraph” and a “My Family Composition”, ranging from 65 to 175 words.

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Value of Time Essay & Paragraph

Value of Time Essay & Paragraph

Here we’ve written three essays of 300 & 400 words and a paragraph with 150 words about the value of time. We’ve used simple language in these articles keeping in mind the usefulness for the students of schools and briefly mentioned why each of us should value time.

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Girls’ Education & Educated Woman Paragraph

Girls' Education Paragraph

These are the two paragraphs about “Girls’ Education” and “An Educated Woman”. In the first paragraph, the importance of educating girls and women is highlighted in 175 words. And the second paragraph of 165 words sheds light on how an educated woman can play a role in building a happy family, how she can raise her children and how she can take care of her husband.

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My Home Essay & Paragraph

My Home Paragraph

Writing essays and paragraphs in all classes in school is a part of language practice. There is a common question: ‘Write a paragraph on your house’, or ‘Compose a short essay about your home’. For the purpose of student cooperation, we have written a short essay with 200 words titled “An Essay on My Home” and two paragraphs of 100 words named ‘A Paragraph on My Home/House’.

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Democracy Paragraph

A Short Paragraph on Democracy

Democracy is a political ideology. Now the whole world is slowly moving towards democracy. However, it cannot be claimed that this is the best form of government. Democratic government structures have not been shown to be equally effective in all countries of the world. But there are some good aspects to it. How do you evaluate democracy? Write a short paragraph on this. Here we are sharing with you two sample paragraphs of 135 and 185 words.

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Milk & Healthy Man Paragraph

Milk Paragraph

Here are two paragraphs on milk and one about a healthy man. The first two highlight the nutritional value of milk and its role in human health. The last paragraph presents the qualities and habits of a healthy man. They are short paragraphs, containing only 100 & 130 words and written for primary and lower secondary students.

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