My Favorite Hobby Essay & Paragraph in English

My Favorite Hobby Essay and Paragraph, Gardening Paragraph

“What is your favorite hobby” is a common question in essay and paragraph writing. Maybe your favorite hobby is reading books, traveling, playing a game, thinking or gardening. Whatever it is, you should be able to write a paragraph about it. Here, as examples, we’ve shared 4 essays in 200-900 words and 5 paragraphs with 100-150 words on My Favorite Hobby guessing your favorite hobby is gardening and collecting books. The essays and paragraphs will help you to compose a beautiful one on your own.

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My Favorite Game Essay, Composition & Paragraph

My Favorite Game Essay & Paragraph

Life requires entertainment, entertainment requires games and sports. Football is the most popular, exciting and famous game in the world. People of almost all nations play football. Playing football is a good physical exercise. This is why students at school are often asked to write essays, compositions, and paragraphs on my favorite game. Below we have written some essays and paragraphs about your favorite game.

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Air Pollution Essay & Paragraph

Air Pollution Paragraph and Essay

Air pollution is one of the major concerns of the world today. The world’s population growth is on the rise. New factories are being set up to meet the new demand, and the use of chemicals is also increasing. It is harming nature and the environment. The air is being polluted. It causes water pollution too. People are suffering from various diseases. Therefore, in order to keep the earth habitable in the future, air pollution must be prevented.

This is why it is very possible to ask students to write a paragraph or an essay on the causes and remedies of air pollution in school exams. Here we have written five paragraphs and essays of different values ​​and lengths for you.

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Television Essay & Paragraph in English

Television Essay & Paragraph in English

Television is the most popular device for information and entertainment. That’s why it is a common subject for writing essays and paragraphs. Here we have written a bunch of Essays on Television in English, as well as a short paragraph on TV. The role, importance, uses, abuses, advantages, and disadvantages of television are explained in these articles. In addition to general readers, the essays about television may especially help the students and examinees.

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My Classroom Paragraph & Composition for Students

My Classroom Paragraph

For junior class students, “my classroom” is a common topic for composition and paragraph writing. It does not require difficult words and sentences, so students studying at primary and secondary levels often have questions in local and central exams that you write a short paragraph or composition about your classroom.

Here are 4 consecutive paragraphs and 1 composition on “My Classroom” ranging from 100 to 200 words.

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Village Doctor Paragraph & Composition for Students

Village Doctor Paragraph & Composition for class-10 Students

This is a bunch of paragraphs and compositions about a village doctor, for students and examinees. How a village doctor lives his life, how he serves the sick people of the village at low cost, why the role of a village doctor in a village is important, all are explained in simple words in the following essays and paragraphs.

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Using A Dictionary Paragraph 100, 150, 200 Words

Using a Dictionary Paragraph

Here are three paragraphs on using a dictionary. What is a dictionary, why is it important to use it, what are the benefits of using a dictionary, all these things are highlighted in these paragraphs. The following paragraphs about using a dictionary are ranging from 100 to 300 words.

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School Teacher Composition & Paragraphs

A Primary School Teacher Paragraph

We’ve written one composition and three paragraphs here, about a school teacher and his role. In a student’s statement, they highlight the social importance of a primary school teacher, his teaching methods, how he treats students, his responsibilities, and other human qualities. The school teacher composition is in 100 words, and the 3 paragraphs about a school teacher below contain 130, 140, and 200 words.

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Milk & Healthy Man Paragraph

Milk Paragraph

Here are two paragraphs on milk and one about a healthy man. The first two highlight the nutritional value of milk and its role in human health. The last paragraph presents the qualities and habits of a healthy man. They are short paragraphs, containing only 100 & 130 words and written for primary and lower secondary students.

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