Patriotism Essay, Composition & Paragraph

Patriotism is a great virtue. A nation or country can be developed and prosperous only when its citizens are patriotic. Patriots love their country and devote themselves to its welfare. But there are also bad aspects of patriotism. In the past, it has caused bloody wars. Even today the governments of some countries are using the patriotic sentiments of the people to perpetuate their dictatorial rule. It cannot be allowed to happen. Since students are often asked at school to write an essay on patriotism, or a paragraph or composition, here is a bunch of essays and paragraphs on patriotism, which shed light on all these aspects of patriotism. Hope, they will help them in their own writing.

Patriotism Essay & Paragraph
For a nation to move forward, its citizens have to be patriotic.

Patriotism Essay in English, 450 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10/SSC | 23-05-’22

Introduction: Hazrat Mohammed (sm.), the Prophet of Islam, said that Patriotism is a part of one’s belief in Allah. According to the Sanskrit proverb, one’s mother and motherland are greater even than heaven. “Patriotism” means “Love for one’s native country”. It is one of the great human virtues. Sir Walter Scott, the famous English Poet, wrote:

Breathes there the man with soul so dead
Who never to himself hath said,
“This is my own, my native land”
Whose heart hath ne’er within him burned
At home his footsteps he hath turned
From wandering on foreign land.

Who is a Patriot: A patriot is one who has patriotism. In other words, one who loves and serves his country is a patriot. A patriot has certain qualities:

  1. He loves his country more than his own life.
  2. He is ready to serve his motherland in every possible way.
  3. He is a grateful man who is willing to repay the debt of his homeland by sacrificing even his life for the welfare and emancipation of his mother country.
  4. He is a man of a superior breed who possesses sacrificing attitude and devotes himself to truth, justice, and freedom.

The Necessity of Patriotism: Every nation or country needs patriots for its progress and prosperity. Patriots love their country and devote themselves to the welfare of their country. Ours is a poor and undeveloped country. It is beset with many problems. For solving these problems and turning this country into a prosperous one we need to have and practice patriotism. Supreme sacrifice and devotion are required on the part of the citizens of this country.

Demerits: Patriotism beyond the limit of reason and justice can lead to wars with other nations. World War II broke out as a result of Hitler’s aggressive patriotism. In one of his letters to his friends, George Washington wrote. “A great and lasting war can never be supported on this principle (patriotism) alone. Great writer and philosopher Bernard Shaw said, “You will never have a quiet world till you knock this patriotism out of the human race.” Patriotism may also make us unfair and ungenerous in our estimation of other people. Every nation or country has its distinctive characteristics and specialties. Every nation has a valuable contribution to the progress of human civilization. It is foolish and unjust to belittle a nation though it is very small.

Conclusion: Patriotism is a desirable virtue but it should not overcome our love for all humanity. It should be ensured that patriotism is not used by criminals and scoundrels for evil purposes. In the past, we have seen many cities to be ruined and many nations to be destroyed in the name of patriotism. Such things should never happen again. We should remain alert about it.


Patriotism Composition for Students, 350 Words

By: Haque | For class 7-8/JSC | 02-06-’22

Write a composition about ‘Patriotism’ by using the following hints.
Hints: Introduction > What is it? > Our indebtedness to the motherland > Patriotism is a natural quality of man > Should not lead to hatred of other people > Fate of an unpatriotic > Conclusion.

“My country is my country
Right or wrong.”

Every man, be he rich or poor, literate or illiterate, has a genuine love for his country. This natural feeling for the motherland is called patriotism. A patriot is loved and respected by his countrymen. He is also honored all over the world.

Patriotism is the love of one’s own country. It is one of the finest and noblest sentiments of the human heart. It is our duty not only to love our country but also to ensure that we have done something for its betterment. A true patriot is always ready to sacrifice his name, fame, comfort, happiness, and even his life for the good of the country.

Naturally, every man is in debt to his motherland. We get our food and drink from her. She supplies us with families, friends, and acquaintances in order that we may live a civilized social life. Our education and culture also take their direction. In short, everything we enjoy in life, everything that makes human existence superior to all other existences, we owe to the land of our birth.

This love of country is almost natural to every man. We may not be conscious of it in normal times but we feel it when the call of the country reaches our ears. The eagerness with which every man living in a foreign land hankers after the society of fellow countrymen is also another proof of this instinctive patriotism of mankind.

But love for our own country should not make us think ill of foreigners. Unfortunately, however, there is a tendency among the people to advance the cause of their countries at the cost of others. This is responsible for so much bloodshed and trouble in the present world.

An unpatriotic man is a wretched fellow. He is not loved and respected by anyone. In spite of his riches, he leads an obscure life. People hate him. His memories are forgotten and he turns into vile dust after his death.

Bangladesh needs the services of true patriots. But only patriotism is not enough. We should serve our country to the best of our ability. We should love all having no distinction between caste and creed.


Patriotism Paragraph in English, 150 Words

By: Haque | For class 6-7 | 02-06-’22

Patriotism is one of the great qualities of human beings. Patriotism is necessary for the progress and prosperity of every nation or country. Patriots love their country and devote themselves to the welfare of their country. Our country is a poor and underdeveloped country. It is plagued with various problems. To solve these problems and make this country a prosperous country, we have to have patriotism and practice it. The citizens of this country need maximum sacrifice and devotion. Patriotism is a desirable quality but it should not exceed our love for all humanity. It must be ensured that patriotism is not used by the fanatics and scoundrels for evil purposes. In the past, we have seen many cities and nations being destroyed in the name of patriotism. Even now the governments of some countries are using the patriotic sentiments of the masses to perpetuate their dictatorial rule. We have to be careful that no one can do such a bad thing under the pretext of patriotism.

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