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Physical exercise is important to keep the body healthy and the mind sound. It strengthens the limbs of the body, helps digestion, and keeps diseases away. There are also many other benefits to physical exercise. At school, examinees are often asked to write essays and paragraphs about physical exercise. This is why we have shared a bunch of articles and paragraphs on physical exercise here. These range from 100 to 350 words, suitable for students of all classes.

Benefits of Physical Exercise Essay Paragraph in English
There are many benefits to physical exercise. It keeps the body healthy and the mind sound.

By: Haque, Words: 350, For Class 9-10/SSC


Physical exercise means the movement of the limbs of your body. It is good for health. Without it, none can enjoy good health.

Various kinds of Physical Exercise:

There are many kinds of physical exercises. All of them are not suitable for everybody. Those who are strong in the body can take all forms of exercise. The old and weak should not take hard exercise. Walking, swimming, rowing, and gymnastics, etc. are some good forms of exercise. Different kinds of games such as football, cricket, hockey, etc are kinds of healthy exercise. We must take physical exercise regularly. We must take it in the open air.

Benefits or Importance:

Physical exercise preserves and improves our health. It makes a man strong, active and keeps him free from diseases. Our body is like a machine. It can be kept in good condition by taking physical exercise. There is a close connection between the mind and the body. “A sound mind in a sound body” is a proverb. Physical exercise promotes our health and brings peace to our minds. Physical exercise is the key to good health. It is a cure for many diseases. For good health, it is not enough to eat only good food. The food must be digested. For this reason, some kind of physical exercise is necessary.

Its Importance for Students:

The students need to exercise much. They use their brains in their studies. Physical exercise refreshes their brain. It makes them cheerful.

Evils of not taking Physical Exercise:

Those who do not take exercise fall victim to many diseases and become unfit for any work. A man of ill health can’t enjoy life. He is a burden to the family and society. He losses all interest and happiness in life.

Effect of Over-exercise:

It should be remembered that excess of anything is bad. Exercise is good. But over-exercise is injurious to our health. Moreover, after physical exercise, one should take a rest.


Health is the root of all happiness. So, we should take physical exercise regularly. It keeps the body fit and healthy.

Benefits of Physical Exercise Essay Physical-Exercise Paragraph in English
Cycling is a great way to do physical exercise.

Physical Exercise Essay, 250 Words

By: Haque, For Class: 7-8, 11-01-’22

Introduction/Definition: Regularly taking exercise physically is called physical exercise. It helps to have a fit body and sound mind and also saves from diseases. An unhealthy person is always uncomfortable with his body, he cannot concentrate on studies or any other work.

Various kinds of physical exercise: There are different kinds of physical exercise such as walking, riding, swimming, and all kinds of outdoor games. All of them are not suitable for all. Football, cricket, hockey, badminton, etc. are good for a healthy man and walking, swimming, riding, racing, gymnastics, etc. are good for an unhealthy man and an old man.

Usefulness/ Importance: A healthy man is a happy man. A man who has no health is unhappy and is out of all the joys of life. He finds no pleasure or interest in anything. Life is a burden and a curse to him. One needs the blessing of life in order to enjoy. So, he should make good health by taking physical exercise regularly. It should be taken as far as possible in the open air.

Evils of not taking physical exercise: Those who do not take exercise regularly lose their health very soon. They do not find interest and happiness in life.

Conclusion: Health is the root of all happiness, So, a word goes, ‘Health is wealth’. That is why we should take physical exercise regularly to keep the body fit and to have a sound mind. To take over-exercise is harmful to weak or old men.


Physical Exercise Essay, 300 Words

By: Haque, For Class: 9-10/SSC.

Write a composition about physical exercise by using the following hints: Introduction, Kinds of exercise, Importance of physical exercise, Effects of neglecting physical exercise, Conclusion.

Physical exercise means the regular movement of the limbs of our body according to certain rules. Keeping our body fit and our mind healthy is essential for viable life. Physical exercise keeps our body healthy and our mind refreshed. So, we should take physical exercise regularly. It helps to develop the growth of different organs of the body properly. Without it, none can enjoy sound health. It makes a man strong, active and keeps him free from the curse of idleness.

There are various kinds of physical exercise. Running, walking, and swimming are good forms of exercise. Gymnastics and wrestling are also good kinds of exercise. Modern outdoor and indoor games are also known as physical exercise. However, not all types of exercise are beneficial for everyone. Those who are strong can easily take all forms of exercise. But the weak and the old can’t take hard exercise.

Exercise is very important. The body and the mind are closely related. A proverb says, “a sound mind lies in a sound body”. It is a physical exercise that enables us to build good health and it is the key to success. It helps proper blood circulation in our body and increases the power of digestion.

There are people who do not take physical exercise. They are soon seen to decline in health. They fall a victim to various kinds of diseases. Life becomes dull to them. They do not find any energy. They cannot enjoy their life. In a word, life becomes meaningless to them.

Our body is just like a machine. It can be spoiled if not taken care of regularly. So, without regular exercise, we cannot expect to enjoy good health. We should take some kinds of exercise every day to improve our health and mind. It keeps our mind away from the drudgery of work and fills it with joy.


Physical Exercise Essay, 250 Words

By: Haque, For Class: 7-8/JSC

Physical exercise is a practice of parts of the body usually in an open place for keeping one’s body in good condition. It is necessary for every person to keep him fit and active. It preserves and improves our health.

There are various forms of physical exercise. Most games are good forms of exercise. They serve a double purpose – physical exercise and amusement. The playing of football, cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton, Ha-du-du, Daria-bandha, Gollachut, Kabadi, etc are good forms of physical exercise. Walking, racing, boxing, swimming, riding, cycling, wrestling, gymnastics, etc. are very common forms of physical exercise.

All forms of exercise are not suitable for people of all ages. The old can take part in light forms of exercise like walking. The women in our country have little scope to take part in physical exercise. So by doing household work like washing clothes or sweeping the floor they can keep their body fit.

Regular physical exercise gives us strength, courage, vigor, and energy. It keeps us fit, active, and mentally alive. It activates our thinking, feeling, and willing faculties. It is truly said that a healthy person processes a sound mind in a sound body. That is everyone should have good physical and mental health. The persons who do brain work need physical exercise more. A farmer or a day laborer does not need extra physical exercise because he is always engaged in physical labor. But the persons who do brainwork have little scope to do physical labor. So physical exercise is a must for them. In some cases, physical exercise prevents as well cures diseases. We depend on it for the restoration of health. Generally, it is good for digestion. It is the best medicine for some diseases. While taking exercise, one gets fresh air in open fields. It is conducive to good health. If one neglects physical exercise, he is attacked by various diseases. Life becomes a burden to him.

Nowadays our educational institutions and the government have realized the importance of physical exercise for the students. But still very much remains to be done. More facilities should be given to the students so that they can practice physical exercise.


Physical Exercise Paragraph, 150 Words

Sentences: 16; Words: 150; For Class: 5-6.

Physical exercise means moving the parts of a body in a special way. It is the precondition of good health. It is as important for good health as food and rest. There are different/various kinds of physical exercise. We can do them indoors and outdoors. We can stretch different parts of our bodies. But we need to go out for playing, swimming, or simply walking. All forms of exercise are not suitable for all. The hand form of exercise like swimming, running, playing, jumping are suitable for the young, not for the old. Physical exercise does a lot of good to us. It helps to circulate our blood correctly. It increases our digestion power. The greatest work it does is to keep us fit for work. It gives us energy, makes us strong and cheerful. It teaches us regularity and discipline. We must take physical exercise regularly to preserve our sound health.


Physical Exercise Paragraph, 100 Words

Sentences: 8; Words: 100; For Class: 4-5.

Exercise means the movement of body parts. It is a great way to maintain a healthy body and sound mind. It preserves and improves our health. So, it is important to exercise regularly. There are many ways to exercise, such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, rowing, playing, jumping, and weightlifting. Students and teenagers who play football, cricket, Hadudu, etc., or swim often, get their exercise through play. Similarly, through hard work, farmers and workers also stay healthy and strong, without exercising separately. But it is important to exercise regularly, especially for those who are lazy or do not do physical labor.

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