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Here is a bunch of long and short essays and paragraphs on picnics. School students from all over the world go for picnics once or twice a year under institutional management. That’s why questions like ‘Write a paragraph / short essay about a picnic you enjoyed’ are very likely in their test. The following paragraphs and essays on picnics are ranging from 100 to 500 words, suitable for students of class 4-10.

Picnic Paragraph
A picnic increases the knowledge of students.

By: Haque, For class 9-12, 05-03-’22

1. A pleasant diversion. 2. Kinds of picnics; (a) family party; (b) a party of friends. 3. Stages (a) planning; (b) arrangements; (c) the picnic itself – our participation; (d) the return journey. 4. What makes a picnic so enjoyable. 5. Personal experience.

Picnics are a pleasant diversion. They break the monotony of life and add a touch of variety. They may be said to touch the prosaic life with the charm of poetry. Springs of joy well up, free from the burden of duties and responsibilities. Hence they are often a refreshing tonic.

Picnics are of various kinds. One may have a picnic with one’s family. This is an escape from the dreariness of domesticity. It is likely to be the pleasantest. As the relationship between parents and children and between siblings also often becomes formal and lifeless. An outing in the open air, away from the well-marked convenience that is so necessary to make existence smooth, is in the nature of a pleasant surprise. It lifts us out of our habitual routine; it brings out the very best in each of us. In Satyajit Roy’s ‘Sakha-Prosakha’ there is such a catchy family picnic scene.

Another kind of picnic is with friends. This is far more common with us. Students of schools and colleges as well as members of clubs and institutions often organize these outlines like picnics. It must be fun for a group of friends to go out together and enjoy some kind of novelty.

A picnic has four stages. The first stage is planning. The selection of the spot, of the party, and of the nature of the outing give ample scope for discussion and makes things lively. The joy of a picnic often lies in the discovery that something has been left behind, something has been mistaken and the plan was not fool-proof. But things are taken lightly, in a good-humored spirit.

Next, come preparations. One must arrange conveyances, collect utensils and eatables. Usually, there is a division of labor and responsibility. Some bring one thing other bring something else. It is a lesson in acquiring organizational skills. The leader has to see if everything is OK.

Then we have the picnic itself. Going around with mismanagement is not a picnic. If there is a mistake or a misadventure it has to be met with humor and laughter.

My experience of such a picnic is pleasantly memorable. There were ladies with us to supervise the cooking. But they stood aloof to enjoy the day, on the plea that the Dhenki (a wooden husking device) should not husk even when in heaven. So we merrily ate the underboiled rice and charred fries. We played cards, carom, and sang to our heart’s content, amidst punctuated gossip.

Finally, there is the return journey. Things have to be packed up carefully. FOn the way back there is a lot to talk about, a lot to think about and remember.

A picnic is not for those who want everything to be as tidy and orderly as home. People go on picnics for the new environment and adventure out of the monotony of daily life. So, only those who are able to easily adapt to the discomfort and minor errors really enjoy the picnic.

Essay on A Picnic I Enjoyed, 450 Words

By: Haque, For class 9-10/SSC, 05-03-’22

Introduction: I have had many picnics in my life. Almost all of them were very enjoyable. Among them, one is very favorite to me.

Preparations for the Picnic: The picnic took place when I was a student at the University of Chittagong. The classes of our third semester BBA course had just started. The teachers and students were feeling the need for rejuvenation. For achieving that goal, it was decided that there could be nothing better than a picnic party. Bandarban was selected as the place of the picnic. At first, a committee was formed with participation from students and teachers for collecting contributions and making all necessary arrangements for the picnic. The committee collected contributions from every one of the classes. Two big chair coaches were hired and other preparations were finished in time.

Description of the Picnic: On the appointed day we gathered at the university campus early in the morning. There was a festive environment. Everyone was in a jolly mood. All of us got on the chair coaches. All necessary goods and food items were also taken on the buses. We took with us rice, ghee, meat, fish, sauce, jam, fruits, spices, bread and other necessary things for cooking. There were also necessary pots, plates, kerosene stoves, spoons, and forks. As soon as all the students reached, we started our journey. It was about 8 AM. We had a microphone and loudspeaker with us. The members of our picnic party were made to perform one after another. Some recited poems, some sang songs, some cracked jokes, some played music, and some gave speeches. We had fifteen honorable teachers with us. They also participated in the performances. Every performance invoked much applause. Some of the performers received standing ovations. We had breakfast on the coaches at about 9 AM with bread, apple, banana, boiled egg, and tea. At about 11 in the morning, we reached Bandarban. We selected Meghla Tourist Spot as the place for our picnic. We all got down and arranged our materials for cooking. We had some expert cooks with us. They took the charge of cooking. The others helped them. Meghla was a very beautiful place. It had a beautiful lake, hills, and a hanging bridge. We were enjoying the natural beauties very much. We had a meal at about 2 PM. Then all of us set out to visit Bandarban city. We went to Shaila Propat, Balaghata Buddhist Temple, the king’s house, and other places of Bandarban. After the sunset, we started our return journey.

Conclusion: It was a very enjoyable event in my life. The memory of the picnic will remain ever fresh in my mind.

A Picnic Paragraph in English, 150 Words

By: Haque, For class 6-7

Write a paragraph about a picnic. Include the following information:

  • Date of the Picnic.
  • Place of the picnic.
  • How you went there.
  • Who accompanied you?
  • Starting.
  • The things you carried.
  • Food and other enjoyment.
  • Return journey.

We, a group of students of class VI went to a picnic on 10-01-2021 at Mainamati Buddha Bihar. We set off from the school campus very early in the morning with a bus reserved. 40 students from our class and four teachers of our school joined the picnic. We took cameras with us to take pictures and utensils and a cook for cooking. We took breakfast on the bus. We reached Mainamati at 10 AM. I toured the sights with some of my friends. We enrich ourselves by seeing many ruins of ancient Buddhist civilization there. When we feel tired and hungry while walking around, we all rest and have lunch in the shade of a big tree. Then we played some games. Some of my friends sang songs and danced. After an hour we started our return journey. We returned home at 6 PM with a happy heart. Indeed, we enjoyed a pleasant picnic.

A Picnic Paragraph
Picnics bring both joy and learning.

A Paragraph on How to Arrange A Picnic Party

In 100 words, for class 4-5

Arranging a picnic party is not a difficult job. But my younger brother Faruq does not know how to arrange a picnic party. So, I gave some suggestions about picnics. Call a meeting of your classmates and select the place and date. Settle amount of expenditure and collect it. Make a list of shopping items and have shopping done. Make a schedule of the day and take steps to ensure its implementation. Manage the means of transport and cook before the scheduled time, make arrangements, eg. music, cultural competition, lottery. Finally, start for a picnic at the fixed time from a particular place.

Picnic Paragraph and Essay
picnics are a great idea to get rid of the boredom of repetitive living.

A Short Essay on the Experience of A Picnic

In 200 words, for class 9-10/SSC

It was spring. I decided to have a picnic in the countryside with my friends. I felt that it would help us to forget the monotony of city life and refresh our minds. So, on a holiday we go out on a picnic.

As soon as we reach our destination village, we start walking on the green fields, meadows and river banks. We take deep breaths to fill our lungs with clean and fresh air.

The name of the village was Ratanpur. Nature surrounded by trees makes us happy. The green fields under the blue sky and the beautiful view of the calm river overwhelm us. The sun spreads its golden rays across the meadows and rivers. We enjoy the chirping of birds in the trees. Butterflies fly from one flower to another. We see these scenes and feel cheerful.

When we feel tired and hungry while walking, we rest under a big tree. We dig holes in the ground to make ovens and cook by burning dried stalks. Traveling and eating in a secluded place inside a forest gives us a different feeling. Occasional picnics are a great idea to get rid of the boredom of repetitive living.

A Short Essay on the Experience of a Picnic

In 150 words, For class 5-6

A picnic is very enjoyable for all. It refers to go to a far place, eat some special food there, and enjoy a lot. There are many picnic spots in our country where people go for a picnic and enjoy themselves. In our textbook, we find that Laila and her father had a picnic in the hills. One morning Laila and her father started for her uncle’s house up in the hills. They packed their bag and took some food and drinking water with them. They crossed the river and walked up into the hills. There were many tall trees there. Every hour they stopped and drank some water. Then they stopped by a small river and ate their chicken biryani and cakes. It was a very enjoyable picnic for Laila. After the picnic, they took a rest and went to her uncle’s house. They were fascinated by the beauty of the hills and the river.

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Picnics are a pleasant diversion. They break the monotony of life and add a touch of variety. They may be said to touch the prosaic life with the charm of poetry. Springs of joy well up, free from the burden of duties and responsibilities. Hence they are often a refreshing tonic.

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