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The postman plays a very important role in our society. Communicating between relatives and friends who live far away from each other is the work of a postman. This is why students are often asked to write a postman essay or postman paragraph in school classes or exams. The job of a postman is very laborious indeed, but not very profitable. Despite the modernization of the postal system, the standard of living of those involved in the profession has not improved as expected. Here is a bunch of essays, compositions & paragraphs on a postman in 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 words for students, highlighting the life & work of a postman.

A Postman Paragraph
A postman is the courier of happy and sad news.

By: Haque | For Class 6-7 | 26-06-’22

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) His dress, (iii) His duty, (iv) His popularity, (v) His monetary condition, (vi) Conclusion.

Introduction: A postman is known to all. He is a small government servant. He is a familiar figure in villages and towns. He is known as “Dak Peon”.

His Duty: A postman has many works to do. He attends the office first. He sorts the letters, money orders, and parcels. Then he goes from house to house with letters, parcels, and money orders, and delivers them to the owners. He walks in the street under the hot midday sun. In the village post office, he also sells postcards and envelopes. He has to walk a long distance to finish his duties in time.

In a town, a postman hardly mixes with the people. He drops the letters in the private letterboxes in the gates.

His Popularity: He is dutiful and sincere. He is regular, honest, and conscious of his duties. He knows that if fails in his duty, it will be a great loss or harm to people. The postman has a cheerful face. He serves everyone smilingly. He brings both good and bad news. So, everyone likes him.

Monetary Condition: The postman gets a low salary. He lives from hand to mouth. He should be given a higher salary.

Conclusion: A postman is an important person in society. He is a great friend of people. He carries news for all but nobody cares for his news.


A Postman Composition, 300 Words

By: Haque | For Class 7-8 | 26-06-’22

Write a composition about the postman by using the following hints.
Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) Who is a postman, (iii) His life, (iv) His qualification, (v) His duties, (vi) Importance of a postman, (vii) Conclusion.

The postman is a very familiar person in both cities and villages. He generally works in the post office. He performs the duty of delivering postal things such as letters, money orders, parcels, etc. to the concerned people. He is a familiar fellow.

The postman is one who is employed by the postal department to deliver postal matters like parcels, letters, money orders, etc. according to their addresses.

The postman begins his daily work in the post office at 9 o’clock in the morning. He works till the afternoon. He leads a busy life.

The postman is a fourth-class government employee. He is a low-paid government servant. He is not so qualified. Though ill paid the necessity of his service to society is great.

Formerly, every postman had to put on a Khaki dress and carry a bag across his shoulder. Hanging bag in his shoulder, a postman goes from house to house on foot over great distances in sun and rain to deliver postal matters. In delivering money orders and registered matters etc. he has to take the addresses, signature on the acknowledgment forms. His sense of duty is very great. During the rainy season, he gets a raincoat of waterproof from the government to perform his duties perfectly and smoothly.

In old days people mostly lived at home with their families. But with the spread of civilization men now live far from their families and friends. So, it is natural for them to be anxious for news from one another. Post and telegraph offices have come into existence to supply this need. Though he brings both good and bad news for us, yet every time he is welcomed by us. We always wait for him. He is more welcomed when he comes with a money order or some good news.

A postman is an important person in society. He has to perform highly responsible duties. The reputation of the department entirely depends on his service but he is ill-paid.


The Postman Essay, 350 Words

By: Haque, For class 8-9, 04-01-’21

Introduction: Every day at a particular time he is seen passing through the streets. A postman delivers letters, parcels, and money orders to us. He is a man of duty in the field of communication. He is a familiar figure in the country because of his duty. We all expect him greatly.

Description: The postman wears a ‘Khaki’ uniform and carries a bag on his shoulders. It contains letters and others. Many of them have to walk to deliver letters but some postmen have bicycles. Nowadays they are seen with motorcycles for speedy disposal.

His Functions / Responsibilities: A postman is a man of hard work. When he is on duty, he remains busy doing his job. He begins his work in the morning. He sorts out letters and stamps them with receiving date. Then he sets out to deliver them to the addresses. His daily round at duty covers a wide area, and he has to walk a long distance laboriously to finish his duty without complaint.

Quality: The qualities of a postman are very great. He maintains time table to do anything. He gets a poor salary, but he is sincere with his work. Really his role in our society is very great.

The Hardship of the Postman: The hardship of a postman knows no bounds. Every day he is to abide by his duty. Even in the rough weather, he is bound to do his duty. On hot days, he sweats heavily. He cannot take any rest. He cannot expose his hardship to anybody walking on the road. He thinks that he has no time to take a rest. He knows that there are valuable letters, parcels, money orders in his bag. He must reach those things to the proper addresses. Because the addresses are waiting for him eagerly. Although the postman does a lot for society, he is a law salaried servant. So, the government should give him just right to his hard work.

Conclusion: A postman is a symbol of duty, sincerity, and honesty. He helps our society in the field of postal communication. Indeed, he is expected by all of us for getting the news.


The Postman Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque | For Class 5-6 | 26-06-’22

Write down a paragraph on the importance of A Postman. Mention his daily routine work. You are required to include the service procedure of a postman.

The postman is a very familiar figure in the cities and in the villages. He is a long-awaited person especially to those who expect letters from their dear and near ones. He carries letters, parcels, and money orders from door to door. He has no time to waste because he knows a delay may cause a great loss to the people. He links the world through letters. He is the courier of happy and sad news. He gets a poor salary but his responsibility is great. Although he does an important job, he is not given as much privileges as he requires. As a result, sometimes he becomes corrupt. However, the postal system has now been digitized. That is why there has been a fundamental change in its management. If we want to get the desired service from the modern postal system now, we have to increase the salaries and other benefits of the employees associated with it.

A Postman Paragraph
A postman often has to travel a long distance with a letter.

The Postman Paragraph for Class 6-7

By: Haque | Words: 160 | 26-06-’22

Write a paragraph on ‘The Postman’. Write about his uniform, his duties and the importance of his work.

A postman is one of the most well-known government employees. We eagerly await his arrival every day. He wears a khaki uniform. He has to do a lot of duties. He attends his post office first early in the morning and starts his work. He sorts out the letters, parcels, money orders, and other valuable things. After collecting them, he goes out and moves from house to house and office to office. He carefully delivers the letters to the recipients. For this, he often has to walk a long way. He is not highly educated but carries a great responsibility. He is very punctual, dutiful, sincere, honest, and hard-working. In spite of getting a poor salary, he does his duties sincerely. His duty is very useful and important. He brings important news both happy and sad from our friends and relatives. We can’t think of a civilized society without his services. So, we should look upon him with great love and sympathy.


The Postman Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque | For Class-5 | 26-06-’22

The postman is a very familiar figure. He is known for his dress. He puts on a khaki dress with a bag across his shoulder. He carries letters and goods from our friends and relatives living at home and abroad. So, everybody waits for him and welcomes him. He delivers letters, money orders, parcels to the proper addresses. He is always busy with his job. Everybody knows him. He works hard but his small pay is not enough for his livelihood. Nowadays the usage of paper letters is falling off. So, the postman is also losing importance day by day.

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