A Railway Porter Paragraph

We have given two paragraphs here about a railway porter. Rail passengers carry large bags and luggage, often. Porters are needed to load and unload these heavy goods on trains. The job of a porter is extremely laborious, but not honorable. Therefore, railway porters are looked down upon in a backward society. The following paragraphs highlight the character of a railway porter.

A Railway Porter Paragraph
The job of a railway porter is hard, but not honorable.

A Paragraph on a Railway Porter

In 160 words, for class 5 to 10

Describe the life of A Railway Porter. Mention specially his dress, his appearance, his activities and his way of living.

A railway porter is a common sight in the railway station. He wears a red shirt. He is usually seen wearing on his arm a brass plate which bears his number. It is given to him by the railway authority. He is strong and active. He is swift in moment. He has enough strength to carry heavy loads. He carries luggage and bedding of the passengers. He loads and unloads the goods train. He is very clever. He knows the art of exploiting the passengers. When there is a crisis of porters, he demands a much higher charge. He is not gentle but quarrelsome. He likes to bargain with passengers to get as much wages as possible. Sometimes the passengers are harassed by the porter and his associates. His work is hard and difficult but his income is very low. He has to live with his family from hand to mouth. His service to people is very great indeed.


A Railway Porter Paragraph

In 140 words, for class 5 to 8

A railway porter is a person who, for a small sum of money, carries heavy luggage to and from the train. Earnings are very low compared to hard work in this profession. That is why railway porters have to live a very difficult life. Moreover, their social status is also at the lowest level. It’s a sad thing. But the hope is that employment is higher now than in the past. As a result, porters are rarely seen at railway stations today. Now the passengers carry their own luggage. I think the profession of railway porter should be completely abolished. At the same time, other disrespectful and inhumane occupations, such as the work of a rickshaw puller, need to be eradicated. Instead, a new profession should be created, through which one can earn enough and which is not considered disrespectful.

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