Railway Station Paragraph

Here are three paragraphs about a railway station and railway platform. The paragraphs give an overall picture of a busy station, including information on what rooms a railway station has, what kind of shops it has, and what items are sold. The first paragraph contains 160 words, the second contains 145 words and the third one is with 190 words. These are written in simple sentences, so it seems to be beneficial for students.

railway station paragraph
A short paragraph about a railway station.

A Railway Station Paragraph

In 160 words, for class 9 to 10

  • What is a railway station?
  • How many rooms does a railway station have and what are they?
  • What are the things usually sold at a railway station?
  • What should the railway authorities do to improve passenger service?

The railway station is an important link in the country’s communication system, where trains stop to pick up and drop off passengers. There are waiting rooms for the ladies and gents, the station Master’s Room, the ticket counters, and bookstalls. There are tea stalls too, where the passengers take tea while waiting for the train. There are vendors who sell bananas, bread, boiled eggs, biscuits, tea, and so on. When a train arrives, the porters rush to carry the luggage of the passengers. The ticket collectors are also seen busy. But when the guard waves his green flag and blows his whistle the train leaves and the station becomes a quiet place again. Bangladesh Railway should keep the stations clean. The quality of passenger service also needs to be modernized. Then passengers will be able to travel more comfortably. The more the passengers come to the railway station, the more the income of the railway department will increase.

Dhaka to Chittagong train Schedule
An intercity train run from Dhaka to Chittagong railway station.

A Paragraph on a Railway Station

In 145 words, for class 5 to 8

Write a paragraph about ‘A Railway Station’, Mention specially the site, the place and the area of the station. In this connection make a clear description.

A railway station is a halting-place for the trains. Passengers get on the train or get down from the train here. It has a platform for the passengers to get down and get into the trains. A railway station has a station master’s room, a booking office, a ticket counter, and a waiting room for the passengers. It has also bookstalls and restaurants. It is a busy and crowded place. When the train arrives, passengers try to get into it. When the train leaves, the station becomes a calm and quiet place. Hawkers, passengers, and coolies move in a railway station. Sometimes, people are found in a long line to buy tickets. Trains come and go. Porters move with heavy loads on their heads. The points men move with red and green flags. A railway station is indeed a center of busy activities.

railway station paragraph
A railway platform is an elevated place inside a railway station.

A Railway Platform Paragraph

In 190 words, for class 9 to 12

Write a paragraph about a railway platform that includes answers to the following questions:

  • What is a railway platform?
  • Why are there platforms in railway stations?
  • What are the advantages of a platform for train passengers?
  • What do railway porters do on the platform?
  • Who live on the platform of a railway station?

A railway platform is an elevated place inside a railway station where the passengers stand to get on board the train and also get down. It is a crowded place where the train arrives. There are vendors and porters who wait for the arrival of a train. The porters rush to the passengers to carry their luggage and the vendors begin to shout to sell their wares. Adjacent to the platform there are waiting rooms for males and females, ticket counters, and a station master’s room. There are benches which are fixed to the floor for the passengers to sit on while waiting for the train. On the two ends of the platform, the name of the station is written which can be seen from the railway compartment easily. A railway platform should be kept neat and clean and no banana peels should be thrown here and there because a passenger may slip while rushing to avail himself of the train. A railway platform in our country is also a shelter for the homeless and the shelterless poor people and beggars. In the practical sense, a railway platform is a soul to the railway station.

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