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Rice is the primary crop and the most consumed staple food in the world. This is why students are often asked to write a rice essay, rice composition, or rice paragraph in school classes and exams. Here we present a bunch of 100-500 word essays, compositions, and paragraphs about rice in simple English. These will help students and children practice their own writing.

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By: Haque | Words: 400 | 25-06-’22

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) When grown, (iii) Kinds of rice, (iv) Time of Sowing and Harvesting, (v) Process of Cultivation, (vi) How Rice is Obtained, (vii) Uses, (viii) Conclusion.

Introduction: Rice is our main food. It is also the main item of food for many other people of the world. We take rice regularly as the staple food of our eating. Rice is collected from paddy. But Bangladesh is not capable of growing as much rice as we need. 

Where Grown: The marshy land and hot and moist climate of the Tropical countries are suitable for rice. So, it grows greatly in Japan, China, Myanmar, India, Thailand, the Philippines, and Bangladesh. Rice is also grown in Italy, Russia, Egypt, and some parts of America.

Kinds of Rice: Rice is mainly of three kinds. They are Aush, Aman, and Buro. Nowadays a new kind of rice is found in our country. It is called IRRI. A kind of very fine rice called Khirshabat is grown in Rajshahi and Dinajpur. Apart from this, there are many other kinds of rice available in the market.

Time of Sowing and Harvesting: Aush is sown in Baishakh and reaped in Shravan, Amman in Asharh and Shravan and reaped in winter, Buro in Poush and reaped in Chaitra. Only IRRI is grown all year round. The Aush generally grows in law and most lands. When Amman seeds grow up to one or one and a half feet in height on muddy land, then they are transferred to the main land. Buro and IRRI seedlings are also transplanted on the main land to grow.

Process of Cultivation: First, the land is tilled and manured well, then seeds are sown. When seedlings come out, they are transplanted in rows. If seedlings are properly planted, they grow to a minimum level and bumper crops can be obtained from them.

How Rice is Obtained: When the paddy is seen to be ripe, the plants are cut down. The grains are taken off from the stalks. After it, they are boiled and husked and rice is obtained. Sometimes, they are dried in the sun and then husked for a particular use.

Uses: Rice is the most popular food. Besides, Murhi, Khoi, and delicious cakes are prepared from rice. The straw of the plant is used as fuel and fodder.

Conclusion: Bangladesh is not self-sufficient in rice. So, we should try to grow more rice. Proper steps should be taken to improve farmers’ conditions so that they can feel interested in growing more paddy for all of us.

Essay about Rice, Rice Paragraph - allparagraph.com
Rice is the main food. So writing a paragraph about rice is a common question.
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Rice Essay in English for Class 7

By: Haque | Words: 300 | 25-06-’22

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) Kinds of varieties, (iii) Its Cultivation, (iv) Uses, (v) Conclusion.

Introduction: Rice is the seed of the paddy plant. It has a weak stem and rice grows on its upper end. Rice is the main food of the people of Bangladesh. Half of the people of the world live on it.

Where Grown: Rice grows in a hot and moist climate. Heavy rainfall is necessary for its good growth. In Bangladesh, rice grows in plenty in Sylhet, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Rangpur, and Barisal. It also grows in India, Burma, Thailand, China, Japan, and Sri Lanka.

Varieties or Kinds of Rice: In Bangladesh, there are three kinds of rice called Aush, Aman, and Buro. There is another kind of rice called IRRI. Aush is sown in Baishakh and reaped in Shraban. Aman is harvested in winter. Buro paddy is grown in lower lands. Aman paddy is the best in quality. Now IRRI is cultivated all year round.

Its Cultivation: It is not easy to grow rice. At first, the farmer plows the field well and harrows it again and again. He then sows paddy seeds. Soon little plants come out. The farmer weeds out grass from the field. The Buro is grown by planting seedlings in low lands. Paddy ripens in about four months. It is then reaped.

Paddy is separated from the stalk. Then it is dried in the sun. We get rice when the dried paddy is husked.

Uses: We live on rice. Murhi, Chirha, Khoi are made from it. Polao and Payas are also made of rice. They are made on festive occasions. Many kinds of cakes are also made from rice. The straw of paddy is used as fodder for the cattle. It is also used as fuel.

Conclusion: Rice is our staple food. So, we must try to increase the production of rice.


Rice Essay / Rice Composition in English

By: Haque | Words: 450 | For Class 11-12

Rice is a kind of corn. It is the main food of our people. It is one of the chief agricultural products of the world. It is the most important of all crops in our country.

Four types of rice are grown in our country. These are the Aush, the Aman, the Buro, and the high-breeding rice. Each type has different varieties. As the production of our local varieties is law, our farmers are growing high-breeding rice. Many people are trying to grow high-breed rice to get more production.

Rice grows well in tropical countries. It grows well in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines. It is also grown in some European countries and even in some parts of America. The production of rice is a difficult task. It needs much care, hard labor, and a lot of water and fertilizers. There are two systems of cultivation—sowing, and transplantation. The land is first plowed, manured, and leveled well. Then the seeds are sowed. Another method of rice cultivation is to transplant the seedlings to the main field. The act of transplanting is done carefully in order to get good crops. It is good to transplant in lines. Farmers often use weed-killer to destroy weeds. If weed-killer is not used, farmers remove weeds from the field with their hands. Sometimes they use insecticides to kill harmful insects. When the plants grow to a height of two or three feet, ears of germs appear at the top. After about a month paddy is ready for harvesting.

The harvesting of rice is a difficult task. Ripe paddy is cut, brought home, and separated from the straw with the help of a local agricultural machine or by using cows and bullocks. Afterward, it is dried in the sun. The dried paddy is husked in mills. Thus we get rice. It is called Atap rice. To get Siddha rice one has to boil the paddy before drying in the sun. We make many kinds of food items by using rice. Chira, Murhi, cakes, Khai, etc. are made from rice. Some delicious foods such as Polao, Biryani, Khichuri, etc. are made of it. The straw is used for making the roofs of poor people’s houses. It is also used as food for cattle. The husk is used as fuel.

Our farmers prefer rice to other crops to grow. People fulfill their demand for food by eating mainly rice. So, rice has a great demand. Any failure of rice production causes famine in the country.

So, we should try to increase the production of rice. We can do it by introducing the modern method of cultivation.

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Essay on Rice in English for Class 8

By: Haque | Words: 350 | 24-06-’22

Introduction: Rice is the staple food in Bangladesh. Almost two-third people of the whole world live on rice. We get rice from paddy. So, the cultivation of paddy is very important for us.

Where Grown: Rice grows well in a hot and moist climate. It is grown mainly in Bangladesh, India, China, Pakistan, Burma, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, the U.S.A, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Kinds of Rice: There are mainly four kinds of rice. They are ‘Aush’, ‘Aman’, ‘Boro’ and ‘Irri’. ‘Aus’ is sown in Baishakh and harvested in Shraban. ‘Aman’ is sown in Asharh and Shraban and reaped in Agrahayan and Poush. ‘Boro’ is sown in Poush and harvested in Chaitra. ‘Irri’ is grown throughout the year.

How Grown: At first, farmers plow the land well. They pull out weeds and grasses from the field. Then they put necessary manure or fertilizers on the land. Then they sow the seeds of paddy. They apply a simple sowing and transplantation method in the cultivation of paddy. After about two and half months the paddy ripens and becomes fit for harvesting. Then the farmers cut and carry it home. The paddy is then separated from the straw either by thrashing manually or with the help of a machine. The paddy is then boiled and dried in the sun. The dried paddy is husked and thus we get boiled rice. We get ‘Atap’ or dried rice when the paddy is only dried in the sun and then husked. This process can also be done automatically in automatic rice mills. But such mills are not available everywhere yet.

Things Prepared from Rice: We can prepare different types of food from rice. We eat boiled rice, which is called ‘Bhat’. Chirha, murhi, Khoi, hotchpotch, polau, biriani, etc. are made from rice. Different types of ‘Pitha’ or cakes are also made from powdered rice. Straw is used for making the roof. It is also used as fodder and fuel in rural areas.

Conclusion: The Bangladeshis live on rice. Effective measures should be taken to make Bangladesh self-sufficient in producing rice.

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Rice Composition in 150 Words

By: Haque | For Class 3 | 25-06-’22

Rice is a kind of corn. It comes from paddy. It is our staple food.

Hot climate, rain, and moist soil are suitable for the cultivation of rice. Rice grows in plenty in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and America. In Bangladesh, there are four kinds of rice. They are Aush, Aman, Buro, and IRRI.

Our farmers plow the land well. Then, they sow seeds. The plants grow very quickly. After 3 months the paddy ripens and the plants are cut down. The farmers husk paddy and get rice.

We get Chirha, Murhi, and Khai from rice. Various cakes are made from it. Its straw is used as fuel and food for cattle.

Rice is the most important food crop. We can earn foreign currency through the export of rice. We should grow more rice for our food security.


Rice Paragraph in 100 Words

By: Haque | For Class 4-5 | 25-06-’22

Bangladesh grows plenty of rice. It is the staple food not only of the people of Bangladesh but also of two-thirds of the people of the world. It is the seeds of paddy. The paddy plant is a kind of grass. We get rice from paddy. There are mainly three kinds of rice. They are ‘Aush’, ‘Amman’, and ‘Buro’. Of these, ‘Amman’ is the best. The ‘Aush’, ‘Buro’, and ‘IRRI’ are inferior. Aush rice is reaped in the rainy season. The Amman rice is reaped in November-December. The Buro kind is reaped in April. Aush and Buro are cross rice.

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